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mango salsa I'm so obsessed with this guy's so of course you're going to need
some mangos so I am just cutting the sides off a mango and then I found the
easiest thing to do is to use a spoon and to scoop it out rather than having
to like use a knife to shave down the skins on the side you just kind of like
use a spoon and scoop it out this works if they're ripe if they're not ripe
they're not going to work to try to find ripe mangoes plus or ripe mangoes are
just going to taste better in this recipe and then you're going to top them
up into little cubes and then you're going to be putting that into a bowl and
I'm doing nice fine because it's going to be a salsa so you don't want it too
chunky but you also don't want it too small and then I'm using a cemetery
Tomatoes kind of like the salsa vibe with the tomatoes and I like the look
bits of small cherry ones in it and the flavor in the small ones
but you can also use big regular Tomatoes as well chopping those up and
putting those into the bowl then I'm adding in some mint I would have put
cilantro but I totally forgot to get cilantro so I'm just using mint in this
recipe which works really well as well as well as a quarter cup of chopped red
onions and then I'm rolling out a lime to release the juices and cutting that
in half and then I'm going to be squeezing with juice of half a lime on
the top of the salsa and lime is key in this that's what gives it this kind of
like salsa flavor as opposed 11 so i really suggest using lime over eleven
and then I'm using some sea salt I love this fleur de sel because it's more of a
chunkier sea salt so it's larger it really works well this recipe so I'm
sprinkling some of that on and then I'm just going to be stirring it up and
making sure everything it gets combined and if you make this like the night
before or you make this and leave it in the fridge all the flavors kind of mesh
together so refreshing you can have it with chips I use these like low salt
corn chips they're more healthier chip but I love putting this on
fish on chicken it's so versatile you can eat as a snack or put it on like
meat or protein next up we're making fudgesicles and oh my god this turned
out so so good so you're going to need half a can of coconut milk and you want
to try to get the biggest part of the coconut milk if that makes sense if
you've ever opened up a coconut jar you know what I mean
but half a cup of that as well as some almond milk and then I'm using some
cocoa powder to give it that rich chocolatey flavor without giving it any
more like sugar as well as some sugar-free chocolate chips which I will
link in the description box the ones that I use in case you guys are
wondering I'm going to whisk that all together until it's all blended and then
I'm going to be pouring that into our little popsicle molds and I just cause
II that's a dollar store you can probably find them at Target or on
Amazon freeze them overnight and then you will have your vegetables they're so
good they taste like vegetables they don't have any weird ingredients in them
super simple and super yummy and lastly we're making this a melon salad so I'm
using 1/2 of a watermelon my watermelon wasn't that ripe that's why it's not
like super bright red because they're not quite in season yet but I want to
get this recipe out for you guys for the summertime or you might just have like
wonderful watermelons where you live so I'm kind of mad up and two small chunks
I love this because it's super refreshing but it's also filling for
like a short period of time because of all the water then I'm chopping up some
cucumber cucumber again watered down so it's going to like fill you up for a bit
and be looking nice in the summer time also add some green color so I'm putting
it that in with my watermelon next up we are going to be making it some avocado
not making cutting some avocado so I'm slicing up half an avocado you can do
more if you like but I find half an avocado works well and then I love how
like when the avocado is ripe it gets like nice and creamy in the salad and it
looks breaks down a little bit with the watermelon chopping up some mint you
guys can see that I just love min so chopping up some it mint and then
putting that on the top and then putting some lime juice lime just really help a
keep the avocado from going brown if you're making this for a longer period
of time or before but also just tastes really good and that is the melon salad
super yummy super refreshing and perfect for the summertime okay guys
I hope you guys enjoyed that video let me know down below what your favorite
recipe is or what you like to eat in the summertime don't forget to subscribe if
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bye guys

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