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subscribe and click on the bell icon to never miss a video on India food Network My daughter is not a fan of Sprouts But as a mother I know it's important for her to eat the sprouts the challenge is how do I make them interesting? Hi , my name is Saee Khandekar and along with India's most loved chefs we're going to bring you 200 different recipes for 200 school days Welcome to Kissan tiffin timetable So gear up with me to make a really yummy Moong Sprouts Chila recipe Because we know it very well how to make " Har Din Naya Tiffin Har Din Empty Tiffin " I'm going to start by making a really simple batter for the Chilla I have with me some moong sproutes that were ground very coarsely in the mixer Into this I am going to add 2 tablespoons of gram flour and along with that I'm going to add about a quarter cup of dahi or yogurt We will mix it well You might need to add a little water to this to bring it to the Dosa consistency Once it is nicely mixed.

I'm going to add one small onion very finely chopped 1 small tomato again, very finely chopped I also, have about two tablespoons each of various colored bell peppers you can add whatever you have handy I have some green bell peppers , some yellow and red 2 tablespoons each and to this we're going to add some Kissan tomato ketchup I'm going to add about 2 tablespoons of ketchup to this and what this is going to do is , you know generally a chilla gets a very boring color This is going to give friendly , lively fun color I'm going to mix it all in and finally I'm going to season with salt and add a few green chilies , which you can easily skip if your kid is not very fond of them and we're going to keep it aside for just 5 or 10 minutes to rest a bit Now we'll pour some oil on a non – stick pan and Just like you make Dosa's and Uttapam's , about 1 small ladle spoon on the pan and spread it out Not too thin , not too thick and we're going to give this about 1 minute on each side , so that it cooks nice and crisp and in about a minute when the underside is slightly brown , we're going to flip it like this Okay , this one is all done .

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We'll move it in a plate Nice and smooth and we make one more and now it's time to pack the tiffin I'm going to roll up the chilla's 2 chilla's are just right for one person and In addition to that I am going to put some almonds and some freshly chopped kiwi fruit So 4 days of the week are done But there is 1 more day to go Don't forget to like and share this video and don't forget to subscribe to India Food Network Because I am going to come back tomorrow with one more recipe And I am going to show you how to make " Har Din Naya Tiffin Har Din Empty Tiffin " This show is packed and powered by Kissan

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