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Let's get cooking! [music playing] Hi, I'm good chef Violet. I'm going to show you how to make
some of my favorite healthy snacks from Butterbean's Café! Let's make a Fairy Berry Parfait. You'll need two cups of raspberries, two cups of plain or vanilla yoghurt,
your choice and two cups of granola. Let's start making it. First, start off with two handfuls
of raspberries. I like to do a lot. Good! Next we'll do two spoons of the yoghurt. Next we'll do two handfuls
of the granola. It's already looking good already,
I just wanna eat it. Then again we'll do
two handfuls of the raspberries. That's a lot of raspberries. I mean, you can never have
too much raspberries. Now two more spoons of yoghurt. Then to finish it off,
we'll do some more raspberries. Now for the fairy finish.

Woah! Thanks, Butterbean! I love that, let's start eating it! Mmm! Fairy good! Hi, my name is kid chef Ava. Today I'm going to teach you how to make some of
my favorite healthy snacks from Butterbean's Café! Let's make Tomato Cheese Crackers. First, we need crackers! You can use wholegrain or gluten free. Next, we'll need hummus or cream cheese. Today I will be working with hummus. Now we need some cherry tomatoes
and mozzarella sticks cut into halves. Let's get started now. First, we need one cracker. Then we spread the hummus
or cream cheese, along the top. I'll give you a tip, if you're using cream cheese,
it'll be a bit hard to spread it. You might have some mishaps. Yikes! If you're using hummus
I have another tip, don't add too much because
then it will get all over your hands and you don't want that to happen, right? Now you place a mozzarella stick
on the cracker.

Next we'll need one cherry tomato half. Does this remind you of anything? Because it reminds me of the number ten, because the mozzarella stick
is the number one and the cherry tomato is the number zero. Mm, looks great, doesn't it? Now for the fairy finish. Wow, thanks Butterbean. Mm! Hi, Kid Chef Jesai. And today I'm gonna be teaching you
how to make one of my favorite healthy snacks from Butterbean's Cafe. Let's make ants on a log. So first things first,
we need a log and some ants. Ha-ha, just kidding. We use these celery sticks,
some peanut butter and some raisins. So first, we take a celery stick. Set it down. Then you put some
peanut butter on the top. Need more peanut butter. Alright, and then once you do all that, we add ants, which in
our case are some raisins. One… Two. [laughing] Oh, the fairy finish! Wow, thanks Butterbean. Ta-da! Ants on a log. It's time to taste our creation. [crunching] Mm, this is very good. Now, let's make apple slice cars.

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First, we need grapes, apple slices of any kind, and peanut butter. Here's a tip. If you are allergic or
don't like peanut butter, you can use nut-free butter. So let's begin. First, we'll need an apple slice. Put a teeny bit of peanut butter on the bottom for the wheels to stick. Now we'll take half of a grape, and place it as the tire. Now let's repeat four times to make four wheels. Because cars have four wheels. Vroom vroom, vroom, vroom! Now it's time to race your cars into your mouth! Mm! Tastes great! Guys, you should really try this at home. I had a lot of fun cooking
with you and Butterbean.

See you next time. Bye, bye! Mm, I'm gonna eat this all up. What? It tastes really good. You can find more Butterbean's Cafe
weekday mornings on Nickelodeon, and everywhere you find Nick Jr..

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