Healthy Recipes: 2 Minute Parfait

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[music] [music] Hi, I'm Christine Avanti,
celebrity nutritionist and chef, and today I'm gonna show you
how to make my 2-minute parfait, super simple, super delicious,
loaded with super foods. Okay, for today's super food
parfait, I'm gonna be using some Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt is great because
it's strained three to four more times than regular yogurt,
super high in protein. I'm using some fresh
strawberries, organic, of course. I'm using some pumpkinseeds,
raspberries and some blackberries. All of these are loaded with
antioxidants, very specifically have a compound in there that
have been clinically shown to help reduce belly fat, okay? So you guys ready.

Oh and a banana, I don't
want to forget my banana. Okay, I'm using a banana too. We ready? All right, super simple. Want to slice up your banana. All right, we got
our banana cut up. I didn't lose a finger. That's an important thing. Start with just a little bit
of yogurt on the bottom and you want to make this
pretty, you know? Like I said before, we eat with
our eyes so you want to make this really pretty and fun. Okay, now here we go. I'm gonna put some
strawberries on the bottom. The first layer, maybe only one
to two, maybe three slices of strawberries fit down
there and that's fine. I'm gonna do some blackberries,
change up the color.

A little color factor here. Do some raspberries. So pretty. Now, I'm gonna do just a
tiny layer of Greek yogurt. I love all this fruit in here
because Greek yogurt is a little tart so the fruit
kicks up the sweetness. And I forgot bananas but that's
okay because, you know what? When you cook,
it's never perfect. We're not even cooking,
so why did I say that? When you make non-cooked foods,
there's still room for, you know, just doing your own thing.

We'll put some
pumpkinseeds in here. I love these. These are raw, unsalted
pumpkinseeds, okay? Some banana. We gotta load up the banana
since I forgot the banana on the first layer. That's gonna kick
up the sweetness. Lots of potassium in bananas,
good to reduce bloating. Love 'em. We'll go with our
strawberry slices. Just get them in there. Again, you know, if you want to
just throw all this in one bowl, you can do that.

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I can't help it. The chef in me is saying,
"We need to like layer. We need to make it look pretty." I gotta push this down. So much fiber and bulk in
real food that, you know what? It takes up a lot of room. We got our berries. Did I forget anything? Raspberries. See, double check my layers. All right, these little guys are
so cute and so yummy, organic. They smell really good.

They have a compound in them
called ellagic acid, totally amazing, helps reduce belly fat. I think I already said that but
I can't say it enough because I don't know about you, but I
don't want belly fat and if I had it, I want to
reduce it, all right? More Greek yogurt, again,
the Greek yogurt loaded with protein. We are almost done. Do my last little bit of banana,
might not fit all of it in there, that's okay. I'm so eating this as soon as
the camera goes off, by the way. First of all, I'm starving. Second of all, it smells so
good, I can't even tell ya. Put some pumpkinseeds on top. They are green but they are
pumpkinseeds, I promise you.

Put a little bit of strawberry. I don't think I'm gonna fit
anything else, well, I will 'cause I'm gonna force
it 'cause that's just me. Gonna do a raspberry. And, of course, for a little
prettiness, we'll put a little bit of mint in there. And so if you're friends
pop over and they say, "Oh, I'm hungry. Can you–you have
anything to eat?" You make them this
beautiful parfait. They're gonna think you
are a culinary whiz. And the best, best of all, 308
calories, 22 grams of protein, 46 grams of carbs and
only 8 grams of fat. I shouldn't say only 'cause fat
is good but the fat came from our pumpkinseeds. You can use walnuts in here. You can change this up. You can use pomegranate.

You can use blueberries. Use whatever you see at the
farmer's market, shop local, shop fresh and have
yourself a parfait. Thanks for watching. I'm Christine Avanti. You can find more fun
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