Healthy Meals & Recipes for Picky Eaters

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– Hey everyone, I am so glad you are here, today's video is extra special to me because we're talking about
food for picky eaters. It's a topic that I've covered
extensively on this channel, and it's something that I
know a thing or two about since I've worked with
specialists for years to help my kids with picky eating. If you like healthy, family-style recipes and easy yet awesome lunch
packing ideas and tips, go ahead and click the
red subscribe button because, on this channel that's what I share every single week, and, if you have a picky eater or a few, let me know in the comments
below what you struggle with. I wanna hear all about it your thoughts, and we can keep the conversation going. My goal is that by the end of this video you'll walk away with
extra resources and recipes that will help make a
difference at your dinner table, and help you keep your
kids on the right track to eating a balanced diet. I also have a free
ecourse that's a great way to start learning how to
transform your meal times and start making them
more enjoyable today.

I've linked the ecourse right below and we'll talk more about it later, but first let's talk food. Many of recipes that I share
below in the description box are tailored to picky eaters and they'll help you introduce
new foods and nutrients into their diet while enjoying
them in a variety of flavors. The link to the post and all
the recipes is also below so make sure to check that out. For the parents that
wants to know how to know how to get more fibre into their kids diet and for the kid that
always wants chocolate, these chocolate snackbites
are full of fibre, they're made with clean ingredients and still taste like a treat. Now, everything is blended
in a food processor, so the dried plums, the
nut butter, the honey, the cocoa powder, and the protein powder if you choose to add it
are completely combined.

These are perfect chocolate fix that brings that extra nutrition
without the sugar high. While we're on a chocolate kick, this next recipe for my
chocolate smoothie bowl is almost like ice cream
only a lot healthier. This one is a winner with the kids because of a sweet chocolate flavor, and I love it because it's
also high in fibre and protein, so it makes a great breakfast
or an afternoon snack. Speaking of breakfast, my
blueberry baked oatmeal is a delicious and hardy breakfast that the entire family is going to love. It's way better for you then
eating a blueberry muffin because it's full of fibre and minerals and it's just what you need
first thing in the morning. Now, this next one is gonna be
hard for anyone to turn down because who does not want to
have a pizza for breakfast? This ham and cheese pizza
is one of my kids favorite because it uses pre-made pizza crust topped with cheese,
scrambled eggs and ham. It's cheesy and super
satisfying for a morning meal or a breakfast for dinner option.

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Now this next recipe takes
every kids enemy, broccoli, and turns it into nuggets. This is no steam broccoli
recipe, they are so much better. Because kids adore tater tots and nuggets, I thought I'd try to replicate
the shape and texture with broccoli, with cheese
and a few breadcrumbs. They come out crispy on the
outside and soft in the inside and they are flavorful. And unlike steamed broccoli,
kids will actually eat them. Now those broccoli nuggets are an example of how to get your kids
to eat a green food or a type of color that they
typically don't like to eat, and I go into further detail
in the free ecourse for you. If you have a child like mine who does not like to
eat green foods at all, you are going to learn how to
continuously introduce them in different ways in the free course. These pizza mini quiches
are quite possibly one of my most popular lunch ideas both at home and on this channel, because you can pack them ahead of time, warm in a thermos or at room temperature.

They can also be meal
prepped so kudos to us. My kids love the pizza
flavor of pepperoni, black olives and cheese, but you can make them with leftover bacon, veggies, taco night extras,
possibilities are endless. I'll link a few more of
these mini quiche recipes right below this video for you. Then, one of my family's
all time favorite meals, the cheesy beef goulash. I remember the first
time I made this recipe, everyone, kids included, cleared their plate and asked for seconds, whaaat, a first. It was a total win for me because it only took 20 minutes to make with a pound of ground beef or turkey, pasta, canned tomatoes,
spices and cheese, it's epic, and, something you'll
wanna make again and again. So if these recipes are making you hungry, and there's something
that you may want to make, check out the links right below this video along with access to the free ecourse. It includes six videos
talking about everything from why kids don't try new foods, from what to do when you
fight at the dinner table, word by word scripts on how to talk to your
kids about eating better.

On top of the videos, you'll also receive
activities and printables like the Lunchbox
Builder to help your kids try and become comfortable
with a variety of foods. Every week on this channel I
share family-friendly recipes that you can use to introduce
new flavors at meal times, so make sure to click
that red subscribe button because a new video comes
out every single week. See ya next time. (lighthearted music).

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