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welcome back to my channel and welcome to another episode of cooking with liv and in today's episode we're going to be making a couple of healthy dinners they are so yummy quick and easy to make if you're new I would love you to subscribe it is the red button down below that way you know when i post videos and there's a lot of holiday videos coming up as well and this month on my channel I'm giving away and instax mini 8 camera in the color of your choice you just have to be subscribe and follow the link it down below and then follow me on instagram with like a bonus entry and don't forget to thumbs up this video if you enjoyed it and let's get into the video so this recipe we're making is a Brussels sprout salad which I know you're thinking I love Brussels sprouts this recipe is going to change your mind about Brussels sprouts so we're starting off the pan and I'm going to cook some quinoa so I'm taking a one-part quinoa to two parts water which basically means whatever you do the quinoa double it and have it for the water to go before about 20 minutes or until it gets thick and fluffy with a fork, i'm going to go ahead and get started on the star of the show so I've got a them washed and now its time to start by taking the ends off the little cabbages or little brussel sprouts and then I am just chopping it into little pieces next time I am adding in some pecans you can also use walnuts or cashews if you don't like pecans but i really like them in this recipe and you're just going to coarsely chopped up them and you can put that into your bowl you know your quinoa is done when the waters gone and fluffy like i said i'm going to add to our salad and then everybody is quite a really easy simple dressing for the salad so I'm taking about a tablespoon of organic olive oil and then I'm going to add in about a teaspoon of flash apple cider vinegar and this is like super simple recipe that's easy to make next up you want to roll out your lemons to get the juices flowing and you can use like pure lemon juice if you find that were just squeeze a lemon like I'm doing around using my hands I catch the seeds then i was adding the dressing into our salad and I'm going to be tossing it up with a fork and then sprinkling into some dried cranberries so that means your brussel sprout salad i love this recipe i love the crunch from the brown stuff but the quinoa protein a little bit of fruit a little bit and that's you fall the perfect fall salad next up we're going to making us i'm a fried rice but no ordinary fried rice because we are making cauliflower fried rice so if you're going to need some rice cauliflower I had my freezer but I just blend it up so you can't buy like rice call bar at trader joe's just blended up in your food processor until you get like a nice consistency I'm starting off by adding in a tablespoon of sesame oil into a pan and sesame oil has that like asian characteristic flavor to it and was heated up i'm going to add my vegetable and my cauliflower rice next thing I'm going to add in a clove of garlic and I'm gonna toss this in until like the garlic is fragrant so about a minute or two next up is the star of the show and that is these coconut aminos i love it i put this on everything every vegetable and protein it was just so yummy so I'm putting in a couple tablespoons of a that and I'm just gonna let it sit in the pan look at it gets crispy and absorb all the flavors i love this recipe because it is super quick to make and then you can add in whatever protein that you like you can add like tofu you can add in like if you need me you can you shake it like a chicken kind of like call our fried rice was really on me that I haven't put it onto a plate so that is called bye-bye i love how this turned out i love how quick and easy it is and you can just add it if you wanted a protein with it or something else with it you office at the side it's super quite get super easy to make and I love all the flavors thank you guys for watching this video if you enjoyed it don't forget to give it a good ol thumbs up and enter the giveaway it down in the description box below and also just follow me on like Instagram snapchat because i love to share with you guys like health tips ye today's recipes like many quick ones you can make so you don't follow me out here and that way we can like chat in the comments and stuff here i will see you guys in my next video bye guys

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