HEALTHY DESSERT RECIPES: low carb, nut free, vegan

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so if you are looking for some healthy
dessert recipes that are nut free low carb vegan paleo and delicious then
watch this video because I am sharing three recipes that you are going to love
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into it so the first thing we're making our
chocolate chip cookies I've had a lot of requests lately to make a nut free
version and this weren't turned out amazing it might be my favorite
chocolate chip recipe ever so I'm starting off with some coconut oil and
to that I'm using two flax eggs which is basically 2 tablespoons of ground flax
and 6 tablespoons of water make sure you do let it gel for a good 10 15 minutes
before you add it in and then I'm adding some sunflower seed butter and some
maple sugar if you don't want to keep this nut free you can use a normal
almond butter but to keep it nut free I am using a seed butter you could also
use tahini as well just be cautioned that tahini is a little bit bitter so
you might need to add a little bit more sweetness into these cookies if you sub
it out for tahini so mix that all together until everything combines and
it's nice and smooth and then I'm using Kasaba flour as opposed to almond flour
along with a little bit of baking soda and Kasaba flour is a great green free
option it's made from cassava or the yucca root which is similar to potato
but a little bit more starch here and I find it works really really well in
baking and it also has a consistency that's very similar to a white flour so
if you're trying to substitute things out Kasaba flour is a great substitute
then I'm adding in some of these Comino chocolate chips these are by far my
favorite they're unsweetened there are only three ingredients
it's like cocoa mask cocoa and I think cocoa butter very clean and very
delicious so I fold that all together and then I'm
going to press out my cookies using a cookie scoop on
baking sheets that I have lined with a silicone map but you can definitely just
spray it with some avocado oil or use some parchment paper and just gently
press it down and for me this made nine cookies for me so I like to make mine a
good sized cookie but you can definitely make them a little bit smaller or a
little bit bigger and then I bake them in the oven at 350 degrees for about 10
to 12 minutes or until they start to turn a beautiful golden brown and guys
these are so soft chewy and delicious you definitely need to try out this
recipe and then we are making some good ol fudgy brownies using some great whole
food recipes so I'm using a some bananas for sweetness in these brownies and the
trick to getting super sweet bananas is to pop them in the oven for 10 minutes
at 350 degrees until they go nice and black and not only does this help with
the softness before when you mash them up but it also helps to make the bananas
extra sweet so that we get the most flavor out of these brownies so go ahead
and mash that up with a fork or you can definitely blend or use this in a mixer
but a One Bowl trick will work fine and then to that I'm gonna add some seed
butter in so I'm just adding in some sunflower seed butter but again you can
use tahini or if you don't care about nuts you can definitely use any kind of
nut butter here as well so just whisk that in to the bananas until everything
combines and it gets nice and smooth and this is what's gonna make the base of
our brownies and then to that I'm gonna be adding in some cacao I love cacao
it's such a great superfood you just add that in and then we're gonna fold all
that all together until our batter is nice and smooth and what I love about
this recipe is that not only are they gooey fudgy brownies but the sweetness
comes naturally from bananas we're using whole food ingredients you just add in a
little bit of baking soda at the end which will just help them rise and get a
little bit more of a cakey texture and they turn out perfect
so I am using a loaf pan and I'm scooping that out you can definitely use
any kind of smaller pan that you have anything smaller than an 8 by 8 will
work make sure you either spray it with some avocado oil or line it with
parchment paper so nothing gets stuck spread that out bake that in the oven
for about 20-25 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean and you have
these wonderfully delicious fudgy ubi gooey brownies that are full of
chocolatey flavor and then I wanted to show you guys a great quick recipe for a
nut-free berry crisp so I'm taking some frozen blueberries but you can use any
kind of berries that you like and I'm adding in some tapioca flour to them now
what this does is it really helps to make the berries nice and jammy
otherwise I find whether you use fresh or frozen the berries can leach out too
much water and it gets watery as opposed to nice and jammy for the topping I'm
using a blend of shredded coconut coconut flour and coconut oil I'm going
to add in a little bit of vanilla for some flavor as well as a touch of maple
syrup before some sweetness and this is gonna make our very basic crisp topping
all you need to do is stir that together I would recommend not melting the
coconut oil and keeping it a little bit more solid so that it forms more of a
crumbly mixture that we are going to crumble on the top if you melt the
coconut oil it may be more runny and less crumbly so mix that together until
it's all nice and combined and then I am using a mini cast-iron skillet but you
can use any kind of small pan that you have and I'm crumbling the mixture on
the top so this is a six inch cast-iron skillet you can definitely double or
triple this recipe if you want to make a large style crisp and all you need to do
is crumble your topping onto the top I would also feel free if you want more
crumble topping on top of your crisp you can double the crumble topping recipe
and just add that on top of the berries they just kind of depend on the ratio of
crisp to fruit that you like so crumble that on the top then you bake it for
about 20 minutes until it gets golden and you have this wonderful warm
nut-free crisp that is so so delicious so I hope you guys enjoyed
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video and get lots more delicious healthy desserts I hope you are all
staying well and have a great day and I will see you in my next video bye guys

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