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[triumphant music] Hi guys, welcome to 4Wheeler Scooter again & today on a personal request, Alayna is wearing a frock I've given Alayna a massage and a bath and she's ready wearing this frock I've also given Goku a bath and I'm fresh & ready as well Today's topic is something that you guys have requested for, what I feed Alayna and it's recipes I'll share all of that and do not forget to like the video and watch it till the end Alayna, shall we call Goku brother? Wait for it. Goku's had his lunch and dentastick. His food recipe is kibble which is dog food with a dash of coconut oil so that his fur remains healthy and coconut oil is good for them I'll have my breakfast now and share all of Alayna's recipes with you.

Alayna, thumbs up! Let mom eat her breakfast I was feeling so hungry I can't tell you guys So let's talk about Alayna's breakfast Alayna has turned 8 months old now Her eating routine changes everyday as of now But at the moment she takes fruits in the morning like banana But she doesn't like banana these days so I add 4-5 tsp of cows milk It becomes like a thick milkshake, I give her that That is one option. I also give her apple stew. Boiled, steamed and then grounded Third option is papaya. In fruits, you have unlimited options Chikoo as well. Don't keep it coarse, mash it as she doesn't even have teeth Alayna, show your teeth. No teeth, here take your teether. Her teething is also on, a lot of you have noticed her antics are because of teething So fruits and when Alayna doesn't feel like it, I give her porridge as an option How do I make porridge? Take about 30 ml of cow's milk I add rolled oats and boil it, I also use broken wheat sometimes Sometimes I use a combination of millets and oats.

You can try several combinations Another option is roasted semolina in clarified butter, some jaggery sprinkles on top. This is another breakfast option Here's a tip. Since you can't feed an infant sugar or salt, in the porridge I add some cardamom or cinnamon powder to give it that taste & aroma along with almond powder on the top A lot of you have asked why their child is not gaining weight You can add dried dates powder in the porridge to help with the weight gain So that is Alayna's breakfast guys, moving onto… my breakfast It's Alayna's lunch time and today on her lunch menu, rice, yellow lentils, carrots and peas I add some grated turmeric, cumin powder and clarified butter I grind it in this consistency Ok, Alayna is feeling hungry now She's like, stop the video now and give me food As you can see up close, the rice is not finely ground, its a bit coarse so that the baby can get fine pieces of rice, carrot & peas. It shouldn't be too large or the baby at this age might choke on it What are the other lunch options and recipes I give Alayna The second recipe Plain rice, beetroot and carrot I make a mixture using these three things Third option is 'khichri' ie lentils and rice.

Which types of lentils can you use? This is also an important thing So I checked with my doctor. He suggested 3 different types of lentils And nothing else Don't be too adventurous and experiment with something new In 'khichri', one can add green lentils and rice Alayna has started to clap You can mix all the vegetables like carrot, cauliflower and broccoli You can grind them all in this khichri. Next option The next recipe I do is a green khichri which is rice, yellow lentils, spinach, peas and broccoli The constants are cumin seeds, turmeric and clarified butter Thats another recipe Also at this stage, you can also give your baby some yoghurt And another option is 'dal' of yellow or green lentils without salt You can add some small, mashed pieces of roti to make it a combination of dal-roti that is another option Alayna's done with her lunch.

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She wasn't that hungry today And after lunch, I give her 4-5 tsps of water as well Goku wants some sunshine Goku is sunbathing Alayna was sleepy but isn't anymore, she's slept thrice already since waking up But I don't know when can I sleep. Alayna, want to sleep? Oh man I want to sleep, it's going to be evening snack time soon You're having so much fun, not allowing mom to sleep Alayna, go to sleep She's not getting sleep now Done with today's quota of sleep So guys, its 5:30 pm in the evening It's Alayna's evening snack time When your baby is 8-9 months old, you can prepare 4 meals in a day This is mine. Alayna will have banana and milk like I had mentioned I'm going to mash the banana in the bowl and add some milk I've mashed the banana in the bowl Alayna, show everyone some clapping At least a one time clap is called for Ok the banana is mashed Typically, Alayna's evening snack is a fruit but these days she's not liking banana You can try the morning fruit options in the evening as well So it's all safe Check it, if I just give Alayna the banana only..

Always stay with me guys.. Whenever Alayna eats, may be she'll eat better And most importantly, don't give water after the banana, they don't mix well Some say, you can get cough or cold Alayna is clapping, specially for all of you! So Alayna's dinner today is oats, millets, carrot and potato Did you like it? This is one dinner option for Alayna Alternatively, you can also make an oats khichri You can add some vegetables as well.

Also use broken wheat instead of oats Sometimes, if Alayna's evening snack is delayed; I give her sweet potato only And next option is sweet potato, potato and carrot I boil all the three Just add some seasoning on top of this mixture Add a pinch of clarified butter for an enhanced taste Otherwise, even we cannot consume this But babies are resilient So all these are Alayna's dinner options Alayna needs a break in between Alayna has just woken up from her sleep Alayna is still sleepy and not in a mood to eat So we will have to work harder All the recipes for Alayna that I've shared.

Here comes a sneeze….. Annndddddd it's gone!!! So do like the video and leave a comment below God bless you Do let us know if you will try these recipes for your baby. Do add your twist as well Prepare it as per your baby's taste Do try and subscribe to 4Wheeler Scooter. See you later!.

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