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with valentine's day just round the 
corner would it not be apt to bake   a rich chocolate cake for this special 
someone with chocolate being the star   you can indulge in this simple chocolate cake 
without having to deal with the weight but how it has no sugar no flour no oil no butter 
you don't even need a whisk or a beater   it's a gluten-free recipe and it's going to 
help people who have gluten sensitivities hey   everyone I'm elizebeth and welcome to my channel 
els alchemy in this video we are going to prepare   a gluten-free cake made of chickpeas or garbanzo 
beans along with chocolate an ounce of serving   provides about 3 grams of protein which promotes 
fullness and keeps your appetite in control   ok enough of this nutrition talk let's get 
started with this flourless chocolate cake I have taken 100 grams of dates 
whose seeds have been removed   I know what you're thinking it does sound odd 
that chickpeas can be used in this recipe but   it really does work butter the cake pan so that 
the parchment paper can stick to it here's a   tip please rinse your chickpeas at least twice 
or thrice to remove the smell of the chickpeas one teaspoon baking powder then add 
in half a teaspoon of vanilla extract   one and a half tablespoon of instant coffee liquid   which is basically your instant 
coffee powder dissolved in water   we then add in 2 eggs initially we will 
blend everything except the chocolate the chocolate can be melted using double boiler 
method or microwave now if you're using microwave   ensure to do it with 30 second breaks as 
cooking it longer can burn your chocolate   also try to pick the 60 to 70 
cocoa content dark chocolate brand   blend it until the chocolate has combined 
with the chickpeas dates and the egg another tip is for vegan options you 
can replace the egg with flaxseed gel preheat the oven to 360 Fahrenheit or 180 
centigrade and then bake this cake for about   30 minutes or until your toothpick or your knife 
comes clean if you think that you've gained some   value from this video hit that like button and 
subscribe to my channel for interesting recipes let the cake cool down before 
removing it from the mould run a knife around the edges of the cake 
to ensure that it's not sticking to the pan dust it with cocoa powder and decorate 
with any berries of your choice   here's our flourless chocolate cake or 
gluten-free chocolate cake or chickpea cake   i hope you will add it to 
your list of healthy desserts   look at that fudgy gooey chocolate 
cake it is so appealing in its look   let me know how this chocolate cake turned out 
to be do you think we can modify anything in this   recipe type in the comments and let me know 
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