Get Fresh With Us: Recipes for a Healthy Lifestyle, Episode 1

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hi my name is Casey and I'm a second-generation owner operator of jeans Mediterranean imports and findlay market and I'm going to teach you today how to make a super simple super healthy recipe using Java Bean beans lots of garlic and lots of great heart-healthy spices and like all the training diet recipes it's topical load of great vegetables I'm so excited to share it with you so let's get started one can follow beam 3 cloves garlic a tablespoon of salt one half cup of Lebanese or Greek olive oil and a half cup of water a few tablespoons of parsley the use of one lemon ground cumin sumac jalapeno and green onion we're going to top this with chopped radish green onions and a little bit of mint best enjoyed with a few slices of fresh pita bread so I'm going to start this recipe off with the most important part the garlic I've got three cloves of garlic here and i'm going to use one of my favorite tools that I use in my kitchen I use it almost every day and that is my mortar in my past ball and what we're going to do is we're going to make a really simple garlic paste with Justin salt garlic and i'm going to add a little bit of jalapeno so I've got my garlic here beyond about a tablespoon of salt and we're just gonna smash it got a really nice page there i'm also going to just add a small amount of jalapeno if you like it hotter you can add more so now all we've done is we've released all of those oils with salt and help to break down our garlic and jalapeno and we're going to start cooking so it's nice and fragrant i'm using 11 is olive oil here very robust lots of pepper at the end and I'm you think about a half a cup olive oil is a great heart healthy alternatives and its really really great for your health I'm also putting this on low so that it's not too hot olive oil has a very low smoke point you don't want to put it on high heat it will burn so I've got my garlic paste here with my salt my jalapeno going to take that and gently put it in my olive oil here and you can kind of hear it's starting to sizzle a little bit of garlic cook very quickly so you gotta work fast your garlic is going to start their smells really fragrant night so when that happens that's when you know you're ready to add your beans either our Father beam I've got one can of lava beans and i'm going to put those in with the garlic and I've turned my heat down because right now we're going to do is to those beans in the olive oil i'm also going to add about half a cup of water and with the back of my phone i'm just going to press the beans incident mature as if heating and what that's doing and we're actually using the means to make a little talk to go with them so we're just going to press and press and press and turn this is the fun part what we've got here is a nice steaming pot of hot beans looking really really taste me and what we're going to do is we're going to pour that into a bowl I'm going to take the juice of 1 lemon and top that and i'm going to take a little bit of sumac you like as a Lebanese fight that's a little bit part and so it has the effect of bringing all those flavors together sprinkle just that on the top i'm also going to take a little bit of ground cumin and sprinkle a little ground cumin on top human is really earthy spices and so it's going to counter and the tartness of the lemon and the sumac next I'm going to take just a handful of chopped strategy and we're going to put that on the side and i'm also going to take a handful of chopped green onion and put that on the side you're brave enough a few whole spring onions and a little chopped parsley finally I'm going to take our Lebanese olive oil again like I said really rich in flavor and i'm just going to level a little on the top to finish it off so what we've got here is a quintessential Mediterranean diet soup we've got great lagoon olive oils and of course lots of vegetables all the elements of a healthy meal I like 350 with a little bit of pita bread i use it like a spoon and I really like a very thin mediterranean-style pita bread but you can find an interior door we just pick it make a spoon and enjoy now in our culture we say that pain and that means to your health so that pain really good

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