Flat Tummy Suppressant Lollipops – The Best All Natural Suckers, 4 Great Flavors + Apple, Grape, Watermelon and Berry + Suppress Cravings, the Perfect Low Calorie Diet Candy Review


Price: $39.28 ($1.31 / Count)


Color: Yellow Logo
Model: FTPOP60

Brand: Flat Tummy Tea


  • KICK THE CRAVINGS: These lollipops are made for those days when you crave a bit more than usual. If you have an ill-time craving, then pop one of these in your mouth.
  • CURB THAT APPETITE: Made with high quality, natural and active ingredients, this formula has all the necessary ingredients to suppress your appetite and leave you feeling satisfied.
  • MOVE UNWANTED POUNDS WITH TASTE: The unique candy treat for both men and women is the ideal solution for those with a sweet tooth, while naturally reducing appetite and moving pounds.
  • BETWEEN MEAL BOOST: Designed to be eaten during mid morning or late afternoon lulls, a perfect snack between meals to get your metabolism going
  • FOR WOMEN BY WOMEN: Designed for women by women. We’re all about helping our babes get on track by looking and feeling like the best versions of themselves.

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