FIVE KETO POPSICLE RECIPES | As low as 0.5 g carbs!!!

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the weather has been so nice outside 
so i'm gonna go on a walk right now i love it when the weather gets warmer because 
then it means i can get out and take more walks   and since the weather is getting warmer 
let's talk about some good summer recipes   so what i want to make today is popsicles 
because it's it's summer we want something   cold and something sweet too something 
that will help us stick to our goals   so i'm going to share with you guys my five 
favorite popsicle recipes that are keto just got back from the walk it was a good walk i 
love walking this time of year it really energizes   me plus the good weather just helps motivate me 
to get out there and get moving and i need to   get out there in movie more mostly because summer 
is coming we have like one and a half more months   before summer officially starts and that brings 
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get started on your program today now let's get   into our popsicle recipes the first recipe we're 
gonna make is a keto lemonade popsicle the keto   lemonade popsicle is one of my favorites because 
it makes up a big batch so you can make up 10   popsicles in just one batch of these and they're 
super low calorie and low in carbs there's 0.5 net   carbs per popsicle to make lemonade popsicles you 
could either use fresh lemon juice so squeeze out   some freshly made lemon juice or you could use 
the concentrate too like the lemon concentrate   that you find in the bottle either way you're 
going to need one cup of lemon juice next you add   four cups of water to that for sweetness we're 
going to stir in some confectioner's powdered   sweetener so i'm using confectioner's swerve 
you could use whatever brand you want to just   as long as it's the powder because if you use the 
granulated kind it might not dissolve very well so   you might just have little chunks of sweetener 
in there it might be kind of like sandpapery as   you're licking your popsicle a tip i have if you 
don't have the powdered form of sweetener so you   can take your granulated kind and then put it in a 
food processor or a blender pulse it and then that   will get everything into like little super fine 
particles for the amount of sweetener i recommend   either using a half of a cup or three quarter 
cups it just depends on your taste preference   the level of sweetness that you're at right now on 
your keto journey and the next ingredient you're   gonna need is two pinches of salt now you might 
think this is really weird it's gonna make my   lemonade taste salty it doesn't it's like just use 
tiny pinches this is not a pinch of salt when you   grab it like a huge handful of it you just want 
like a little tiny pinch of salt do that in there   twice salt is in there because salt works as a 
flavor enhancer so it actually helps to enhance   the sweetness so you could actually get away with 
adding less sweetener than you would normally   you want to whisk that all together and then 
you pour this into your popsicle molds and i'll   have the popsicle molds that i use for all these 
recipes listed down below in the description box   then we just freeze it overnight or until it's 
hardened and your popsicles are good to go   i usually store my popsicles in my popsicle mold 
but you could actually take them out put them in   a ziploc bag store them in the freezer like 
that they should keep for like a month or so   without having any freezer burn the macros are 
super good on these popsicles for one popsicle   it is 10 calories 0.2 grams of fat 0.5 total carbs 
and 0.5 net carbs and then 0.2 grams of protein the next keto popsicle i'm going to show 
you how to make is an avocado popsicle and   i've talked about this one before on my channel 
on my 10 ways to use avocado on the keto diet   click up here if you guys are interested and want 
to watch that video it has some fun creative ways   that you can use avocado now this 
recipe for the keto avocado popsicle   isn't for everyone it might sound disgusting to 
you um i don't think that my kids are really that   keen on them either but i love them because 
mostly i love avocado and it has this like   it's a mildly sweet flavor too when you make this 
and it's i think it's fabulous super creamy and   easy to make and you can make it dairy free the 
ingredients are simple all you're gonna need is   two avocados you wanna peel de-seed the avocados 
and place the flesh inside a food processor or   blender then you're gonna add in half of a 
cup of nut milk i'm using macadamia nut milk   if you didn't want to make it dairy free you could 
use heavy cream you could use that in this recipe   and then for sweetness i'm pouring in a third 
cup of sugar-free vanilla syrup i'm using   chalk zero i'll have their information 
down below if you're interested in them   but you could always substitute with two to three 
tablespoons of powdered erythritol or sweetener of   choice along with one teaspoon of vanilla if you 
didn't want to invest in sugar-free vanilla syrup   we're gonna blend this together until it's 
pureed and then pour it inside your popsicle mold you could either use a silicone mold or just 
a popsicle tray mold whichever one you have   will work and depending on the size of your 
popsicle mold this recipe makes around five   avocado popsicles and let's go over those 
macros one avocado popsicle has 133 calories   9.4 grams of fat 19 total carbs but remember 
avocados have lots of fiber in them so we're   going to subtract out the fiber making the 
net carbs 3.1 grams and protein is 1.3 grams   so the macros are really good on these i 
love them just because it's like you're   using pretty much whole foods except for the 
sweetener which you could omit if you wanted   and then it's just it's simple like three 
ingredients so easy and it's dairy free   up next let's talk about some fudge bars 
i love keto fudge bars they are so good   and my kids actually love this recipe so it's 
something that i do make every single summer   this recipe starts with using six ounces of 
sugar-free chocolate i'll have my favorite listed   down below for you guys you want to just take 
chunks of this and or you could use chips too if   it's chocolate chips put it in your blender break 
it up if it's like a larger bar that you're using   like if you decided to use like baker's chocolate 
or a 90 um chocolate bar and it's in a bar form   just put it in the blender or a food processor 
and give it a good pulse just to break it up into   smaller chunks this will make the easier for 
that chocolate to dissolve when you pour some   hot liquid on it next in a small saucepan we are 
going to add in some nut milk i'm using one and   a half cups of macadamia nut milk but you could 
use the nut milk of your choice along with one   cup of heavy cream a quarter cup of powdered 
sweetener and two tablespoons of unsweetened   100 cocoa powder make sure you get the unsweetened 
kind because don't be fooled there's versions out   there that actually have sugar in them so you're 
going to bring this mixture to a light boil then   remove it from the stove top and pour it into the 
food processor or blender that has your chunked   up chocolate and pour it on top of there next 
we add in two teaspoons of vanilla and half a   teaspoon of salt give it a good pulse just to 
mix everything up get it all smooth and creamy pour it into your popsicle molds now i 
should go over this tip i haven't done it yet   when it comes to popsicle sticks it's a good idea 
if you soak your popsicle sticks in water for at   least like a half hour an hour or so um having 
them soak in water they'll help absorb some of   that water to act as a weight so that when 
you insert your popsicle stick into the mold   it's not going to pop back up or 
go in like weird crazy directions   so it will actually sink down in there 
and stay in your popsicle while it's freezing after around 24 hours your popsicles 
have hardened and they're ready to eat   once again just store these in a ziplock bag 
in the freezer they'll stay good for around   a month or so the macros on these fudge 
pops for one fudge pop it is 162 calories   16.2 grams of fat 12 grams of total carb 
2.8 net carbs and 0.7 grams of protein up next we're going to be making keto 
ice cream bars these aren't really a   popsicle but it's in a popsicle shape so 
i think it counts i love these ice cream   bars because they're super easy to make and 
they're creamy now to make these keto ice   cream bars we're gonna start with adding 
one pint of heavy cream to a large bowl   along with a half of a cup of powdered sweetener 
once again i'm using swerve but you could use   whatever sweetener you want and then for that 
vanilla flavor you're going to add in one and a   half teaspoons of vanilla extract and then i like 
to take it a step further and i got some vanilla   cupcake flavoring drops from one-on-one flavors 
or o flavors and i'm adding in seven drops of that   into this recipe i'll have their information 
listed down below in the description box if you're   interested as well as a discount code and then to 
help enhance that sweetness we're gonna add in a   pinch of salt stir that together and then pour 
it into your mold i'm using a silicone mold here   because i want them to look like actual ice cream 
bars so this will make around five ice cream bars you're gonna put it in the freezer and let 
it harden overnight and then it's time to   dip them in some melted chocolate if your 
bars look like they're starting to melt in   between or melt in the chocolate just put them 
back in the freezer and then come back after   10 or 15 minutes and start over once your bars are 
covered with chocolate to let that chocolate set   usually they just kind of set on 
their own as they're sitting there   but you can put it back in the 
freezer to speed up that process too talking about macros these bars are high in 
calories thanks to the heavy cream so one   bar is 616 calories if you wanted to decrease 
that fat macro or decrease the calories then   just cut it with some nut milk so maybe do like 
half a cup of nut milk or one cup of nut milk   along with the rest heavy cream the fat macro 
it's 59.2 grams of fat per bar total carbs is   16.8 grams of total carbs net carbs is 2.8 
grams and that carbs and protein is zero and the next keto popsicle recipe is actually a 
variation of the keto ice cream bar we're gonna be   making keto a mint chip ice cream bars this recipe 
is so good i love the ice cream part of this so   it's similar to the keto ice cream bar where we're 
going to add in one pint of heavy cream once again   you could cut it with nut milk if you needed and 
then add in a quarter cup of powdered sweetener   and for that peppermint flavor i'm going 
to be using one and a half teaspoons of   peppermint extract and then don't forget 
your pinch of salt to enhance that sweetness mix that together pour it into your molds 
freeze it overnight and then when you come   back here comes the chocolate part we're taking 
some sugar-free chocolate melting it down   and drizzling it all over 
our keto mint ice cream bars and just store these in a ziploc baggie 
in the freezer just like the other ones   this will make around five popsicles if you use 
the silicone mold that i have linked down below   and the macros for these are gonna be the same 
as the ice cream bars because it's pretty much   the same ingredient except for you're using 
a peppermint extract instead of vanilla there you have it there are five keto popsicle 
recipes that i hope you guys make this summer   when the weather is warmer let me know down in the 
comments what your favorite keto frozen treat is

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