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Hi guys. Welcome back to my channel. In today's
video, I'm going to be sharing with you my fitness and weight loss hacks. Basically,
back in January I was feeling very sluggish and like I had no energy. So I decided to
change a few things and just get healthier. And the hacks I'm going to share with you
today just really worked for me. So I'm hoping that they inspire you as well and that you
like them. And today's video is also sponsored by Noom. So there's a link in the description
to them, and I will be reviewing them a bit later on in the video. With all that said,
let's get into my tips. So my first tip is what you probably knew it was coming and that
is to drink more water.

And this is something I really struggled with in the beginning.
So I have a few hacks for you. The first one is to invest in a good water
bottle like this and carry it around with you everywhere. So if I get into my car, I've
got this with me. Or if I'm at my desk, I'm drinking from this. And I try to drink two
to three liters of water a day, and it's really helped my weight loss, but also my skin, as
well. It's nice and clear because I'm drinking so much. And if you don't like drinking lots
of cold water, then a great way to up your intake is to drink herbal teas or even just
hot water is quite nice.

So many benefits to drinking it. It suppresses your appetite,
it boosts your metabolism and it can even make exercise feel easier. And another hack
is before you eat a meal, make sure you drink a big glass of water before, because often
when you're feeling very hungry, you're actually dehydrated and need more water.
And another tip that has really worked for me is to get dressed into your workout clothes
first thing in the morning and then you're more likely to actually work out. So when
I'm planning my outfit in the evening, I'll make it gym wear unless I have a meeting on,
and there's a saying that says, "Get dressed for the job that you want." And I think that
applies for fitness as well. So if you work from home or you're at home with the kids,
put some gym wear on and you're more likely to be active, like even if the kids are on
the trampoline, but I'm wearing gym clothes, I'm more likely to like join them or go out
for a walk.

And while we're talking about workouts, I also wanted to say, don't be afraid
to take it slow especially in the early days. If you're starting from scratch, you don't
need to be working out for an entire hour every day.
The main thing is that you want to be maintaining your fitness and be able to sustain it over
time. And I always tell myself on days where I just can't be bothered, I say, "Something
is better than nothing." So on those days when I just don't want to do my workout, I'll
do 10 sit ups, 10 pushups, and 10 jumping jacks. Like literally something that's simple.
And I think, well, something is better than nothing and nothing is what I was doing before.
And a future for me is to invest in a step counter and you don't have to spend loads
of money on there. So you can get them quite inexpensively. But having a step counter is
such a great motivator to get me moving.

It tracks my steps, it tracks my calories, it
tracks my heart rate, it can even track your sleep as well, depending on which one you
have. And I'm quite addicted to how many steps I
do now. I try to do 10,000 a day and I definitely move more now that I have a step counter and
I've even got one for each of the boys and they also love to track their steps and we've
got like a healthy competition at home. So I would totally recommend if you want to move
more, get one of these. And a game changer for me when it comes to health and fitness
has been Noom. And if you don't know what Noom is, it's a program that uses psychology
and social science to help you reach your goals. So for me, my goal was to feel stronger
and to have more energy. So I use Noom to track my meals, my water intake, my weight,
my calorie density, and my steps for the day because it actually links up to my little
step counter.

But Noom isn't just about tracking habits.
There is so much more to it than that. There is training and courses to help you reach
your goal. And my favorite part about it is that you get your very own coach who is an
actual human. So mine's name is Paul and I can message him at any time and he's trained
in fitness, nutrition and cognitive behavioral therapy. And he just helps to keep me motivated
and accountable as well. He'll message me and say, "Have you weighed in this week or
how's it been going?" And I've asked him so many questions as well. So it's just really
nice to have that back and forth. And there's also support groups on Noom as well.

So you
can speak to like-minded people going through the same thing that you are. But since January,
I've managed to lose 18 pounds in total, and more importantly than that, I feel healthier
and stronger than ever. And I feel like it's something I can actually
sustain. So I spend about 10 minutes a day on Noom. I'll input my meals and my water
intake and I'll do a couple of the mini courses. So they did these little training courses
that literally take like two minutes and I've learned so much from doing it like how to
eat less densely, about thought distortion, how to unprocess my diet and how to eat more
mindfully as well. And it's really changed my relationship with food and just helped
me see a few of my very bad habits. And I also like that when you input your food for
the day, it shows it in like a traffic light system.

So it was like green foods, yellow
foods and red foods. And you will be surprised when you put your meals in for the day, what
turns up red and what turns up green. And it's really helped me to learn more about
what I'm eating. Sometimes I think you know what you should be doing, but it's more about
applying it and being able to sustain it as well. But I'll put a link in my description
for Noom. And if you click that link, it will take you to a free 30 second quiz so you can
see how Noom could help you reach your goals as well. And my next tip is to meal plan and
meal prep. If you could make it so easy for yourself to just reach for those healthy options,
then that is the way to do it. So on a Sunday, I'll just grill up some chicken, maybe some
broccoli and make some brown rice and then put into Tupperware.

And that is my lunches
for the next few days. Then it just makes it so easy for me to reach for that in the
fridge and not like make a cheese filled toasty or something that I shouldn't have when I'm
low energy. I also like to meal prep my breakfast. So
I make this homemade granola that I know is really healthy. And it's so easy in the morning.
I just put some yogurt into a bowl, put the granola on top and that's done. That's just
so easy and quick to make. And I also have stuff for smoothies and planning ahead can
also help you to create a calorie deficit. So if I have a low calorie breakfast and lunch,
then I can be a bit more relaxed with dinner when we eat as a family. And it just takes
the thought out of it just makes it super easy for yourself. And I just mentioned a
calorie deficit and that's actually my next tip is to count calories, especially if you're
trying to lose weight. So for me, by putting what I eat into Noom, it shows me how many
calories everything is.

And then I've worked out some simple swaps
I can make. So for me, swapping normal mayonnaise for light mayonnaise, it saves me so many
calories and also for crisps as well. A normal bag of crisps is like 170 calories. But if
I eat a pack of the kid's Pom Bears, they're actually 69 calories, but it still gives me
that crunchy, satisfying feeling, but I'm actually having way less calories than just
normal crisps. Another little hack that Matt and I started to do in lockdown was to brush
our teeth at about 8:00 PM to stop us from just eating a rubbish once we came downstairs
when the kids were in bed. So in lockdown we're all at home, we're all eating dinner
at like 5:00 or 6:00. So once the kids went to bed, we would brush my teeth just to stop
us coming down and munching on chocolate, or popcorn or anything like that and it really

And the next tip is huge and it's something
I've never actually been that good at and it's to get enough sleep. Did you know that
you need to have at least seven hours of sleep at night to release the hormones that help
you lose weight and also lower your stress hormones. So if you don't get enough sleep,
you're more likely to have an increased appetite, you're more likely to crave bad foods and
reach for the wrong things.

pexels photo 4498294

And it can also decrease your metabolism and make your workouts
feel harder. So make sure you get enough sleep. And another tip that really worked for me
was to set myself a challenge and a time limit and then at the end of it reward myself. So
in January when I started this, I was like, "Right. I'm going to do a 12 week challenge.
So for 12 weeks I eat healthier, I'm going to track everything and I'm also going to
work out as well.

And if I do that by the end of the 12 weeks, I'm going to also reward
myself with this handbag," or you can make it wherever you want it to be.
But it really did motivate me. And it kind of tricks my brain into thinking, "This isn't
forever. It's only for 12 weeks." Even though now I've done the 12 weeks, I want to carry
it on. It's a great place to start. And another hack is to make your workout time feel like
it's me time, by sticking in some wireless headphones and listening to your favorite
podcast or by turning on the TV and watching a show that is like a guilty pleasure.

I find
that so much more enjoyable because although you're working out, you're also watching something
that you love. I would randomly watch like Modern Family,
[inaudible 00:09:12], or I would listen to my favorite parenting podcasts. And I just
felt like I was actually having time out. I was actually exercising. My next hack you
may have heard before, but it actually really works.

And that is to eat off of a smaller
plate to trick your brain into thinking you're eating more. So if you put your lunch or dinner
onto a side plate and overflowing with food, your brain will actually think that it's eating
more and you'll be more fulfilled from eating off of a small plate. My next tip is to think
about your day and when you're sitting still and then how you can move more. So for me,
I actually just bought a desk bike so when I'm editing a video or I'm answering emails,
I can be sat on my desk bike and cycling away with my legs.
And it also doubles up as a standing desk. So if I do want to just stand and answer emails
or whatever, it still means that I'm standing up and I'm moving that bit more.

But you don't
have to spend loads of money on expensive equipment. My mom recommends using a Pilates
ball. So when you're sat at your desk and you're just working away, if you sit on that,
it'll actually help to engage your core, but say, you're on a phone call, why not get up
and walk around the house while you're taking that call and just get some extra steps in,
or when you're watching Netflix in the evening, you could do some stretching or you could
also plank during the ad break. I also wanted to show you that I've recently got some ankle
weights to where when I'm cleaning around the house. So they're 1.5 kilograms each,
which doesn't feel like loads in my hand, but when I'm wearing them as an extra 3 kilograms,
I need to be moving around the house.

And it just makes me work that bit harder.
And I actually decided to do this because when Matt and I were out on a walk one day,
we noticed this couple had weights on to obviously enhance their workouts. So I thought while
I'm just cleaning up around the house I can be wearing these and just working a tiny bit
harder. Another really good tip is to break up your workout into small chunks that you
do throughout the day because an easy excuse for not working out is because you simply
don't have time, but you could be doing squats while you're waiting for the kettle to boil.
You could be doing leg raises while you're brushing your teeth. You could be doing planking
while you're waiting for an ad or have small bursts of energy throughout the day.

And if
you do that, it will all add up. And another great way to be active is to play
with the kids. So we have a trampoline and you will have seen in my blogs that I love
to get on the trampoline with the kids. They love that I'm playing with them, but it's
also such a good fat burner and a great way to get more steps in and to get my heart rate
up as well.

So I'll often go on the trampoline with them for 20 minutes to half an hour,
and we have so much fun anyway. And you can also play quick games of tags with the kids
or go for a walk with them. Or if you have a baby, when they're on a playmat you could
do some core exercises as well. And you can use the kids exercise time to exercise yourself.
So when my son has football training, I could walk around the field or do a light jog to
get my steps in. Or when my other son has gymnastics training,
it's actually at a gym, so I could work out while he's actually doing his gymnastics training.
So you can think of clever ways to do it like that. And another huge tip is to work out
with friends and family. So if I go for a run or walk with a friend, it doesn't feel
like I'm exercising because I'm actually just enjoying time with them.

And as a family in
lockdown we made a huge effort to get out and do walks or to go cycling because we were
so worried about how the kids just didn't have any clubs on and they just weren't being
as active as normal. So we made a big effort to do stuff together
and it actually makes it so much more enjoyable. So that is it for this video. I really hope
you enjoyed it and it's given you some food for thought and a little bit of inspiration
as well.

Let me know what you think in the comments below and that link to Noom is in
my description. So you can take your free 30 second quiz to see how Noom can help you
reach your goals. With all that said, I'll see you in my next one. Bye, guys..

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