Easy & tasty 2 vegetable side dish recipes/ Mushroom carpaccio & Healthy salad with radish

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Hi everyone, my name is GOROGORO KITCHEN. Today, I want to make two healthy side dishes. The best choice to pair with wine and sake. So, let's get started. First, put the dried radish in a bowl. Pour in some water until the jiji drum is completely poured
. Cut the cucumber into thin strips. Japanese cucumbers are thinner and smaller, so if you
have Japanese, you can just cut them into thin slices.

But if you are in Europe, cucumbers are much bigger, and more.
They have larger seeds and more water. So, I cut off the seeds. Then, cut them into thin slices. Let's peel a carrot. Then cut off its ends. Cut off the tail of the radish. Grate the carrots into silk with a plane. Then use a slicer to slice the radish. Leave the leaves of the radish so that the radish can be easily cut to the end. Put the cucumber in the bowl. Add some salt to the vegetables and let them sit for a while.
Induce excess water. When the dried Tongbai tangerine absorbs enough water.
Squeeze well. Each piece of the twitter drum is often very long.
It will be easier to eat if you roughly cut it into small pieces.

Put them in the container. Cut the ham into 4-5 cm strips. Then add them to the container as well. Drain the dishes in the bowl thoroughly. Add them all to the
container. Stir everything well. Increase the zodiac ox. Add white wine vinegar. Add mayonnaise. Add Greek yogurt. Finally, add some ground sesame seeds. Stir them all well. Add some pepper. Stir again, if you want to add salt, you can adjust the taste.
Is necessary. This time, I thought I needed more salt, so I added more salt. Again, just stir evenly! ZZZZZ…I'm so bored. What's wrong? There's some left? Next, let's prepare mushroom meat slices. First, prepare the mushrooms. Cut off the mushroom from the stem. Then peel the mushrooms. Cut them all into thin slices.

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Put them evenly in the dish. Generally speaking, I like to choose a colorful dish to match.
Mushrooms, because they are pure white. And once you eat them, you can see the contrast. Color…. Then slice the Parmesan cheese on top of the mushrooms. Chop Italian cilantro. It's up to you to decide whether to add it, but I prefer to have it with this dish. Prepare condiments. Squeeze the lemon. Add salt and stir well. Then add olive oil about the same amount of lemon juice. Add some pepper. Stir them all well. Season the mushrooms with chopped Italian parsley. Pour the seasoning. Look! Uh, how is it? Let me try first…mushroom slices. If you have some truffle oil or truffles, you can make this carpaccio.
Salt. Then use them to make it taste like "truffle carpaccio" ! This twitter radish salad is really healthy.

contains a variety of vegetables and you can keep it for a few days. I often prepare these two dishes for my daily dinner. So, how about these two healthy, simple recipes? I will keep uploading new recipes, please subscribe to my channel and click the "like" button! Thank you for watching! see you later! Stay in GOROGORO
(meaning relax in Japanese)!.

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