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hey guys suz here back with some easy keto meals 
to make at home these low carb dinner ideas are   perfect for keto weeknight dinners if you're new 
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to give you a little motivation and inspiration   to get in the kitchen and get your keto meal 
prep on let's go ahead and get into the video   first up this week we made some 
skillet brown chicken with creamy   spinach i will link the original recipe below but 
just know i did adapt it a little bit so to start   with over medium high heat to a large skillet i'm 
adding a couple tablespoons of coconut oil here i   have some chicken thighs just four bone and skin 
on thighs i have salt and pepper them on each side   and once our oil is hot we're gonna add these to 
the pan and fry them up i'm going to fry them for   about five minutes on each side to get started 
while those are cooking we're gonna get started   in a cream sauce on the back burner over medium 
heat i'm adding a couple tablespoons of butter   once that's melted adding in two tablespoons of 
coconut flour and whisking that together until   it forms a paste to that i'm going to pour in 
one cup of heavy whipping cream and continue   mixing that in until it's nice and smooth gonna 
go ahead and bring this up to a boil and then   turn it down to let it simmer and thicken while 
we work on our chicken thighs flipping these over   you can see they're starting to get nice and brown 
as i said we are gonna fry these on both sides for   about five minutes and then i'm just gonna kind 
of flip them back and forth until they get all   the way cooked to temperature getting back to our 
cream sauce now that it has started to thicken a   little i'm adding in a teaspoon of dried italian 
herbs and just mixing that in i'm gonna go ahead   and turn the heat off on this now getting back 
to our chicken see those are getting nice and   dark i'm just gonna continue flipping these back 
and forth until the internal temperature is about   165 and i will use a meat thermometer to check 
that after they're cooked all the way through   i'm just taking some tongs i'm gonna remove these 
chicken thighs to this little metal dish while we   go ahead and work on our spinach now in this 
original recipe i was trying to follow it as   closely as possible they do recommend using one 
cup of chicken stock chicken broth to deglaze   the pan after you pull your chicken out as you can 
see here i have a good bit of oil and liquid still   in my pan so it did not need all of that if you 
make this at home i would recommend cutting that   in half and only using a half a cup of chicken 
broth to deglaze but anyway we went ahead with   the one cup we're whisking that in scraping 
the bits off the bottom you can already see it   getting a little creamy here just from the fried 
chicken bits that were on the bottom of the pan   i am working just over medium heat here and once i 
feel like i've got that all sufficiently mixed in   i'm just gonna add that cream sauce we made 
straight to the pan and whisking that all together   until it's combined really well to that i'm adding 
a five ounce container of baby spinach and i am   just going to use my spatula to kind of poke that 
in and stir it around so that i can make sure all   of my spinach is coated with the cream sauce and 
once it is i am bringing it up to a slight boil   and then i'm just going to turn the heat down a 
little and let this simmer and cook i probably did   for about 20 minutes to let some of those liquids 
just continue to reduce so my sauce could thicken   up before adding my chicken thighs back to the 
pan to just make sure those were heated all the   way through my husband absolutely loved this 
dish and thought it would be great with like   cut up or shredded chicken if i make it again 
i probably will do it that way as i don't like   chicken thighs but he does so i had some in the 
freezer and wanted a good recipe to use for these   and this one totally fit the bill this was really 
good and pretty quick for a weeknight meal next up   we have this low carb goulash again i'll link the 
original recipe down below i did decrease some of   the onion and stuff in this recipe to lower the 
carbs a little bit more so to start with i took   a pound of ground beef and just over medium high 
heat i am breaking that apart with my meat chopper   upper i always have linked in the description box 
once it's halfway browned i'm adding a half a cup   of chopped up onion and one teaspoon of minced 
garlic working that in with the meat chopper upper   and then i have some rao's marinara sauce here 
i had already used a half a cup out of it so it's   24 ounces i'm adding to the pot and stirring 
that in really well to that i'm also adding   one cup of beef broth as well as three medium 
zucchini that i just chopped up into half moon   chunks and i did leave these thick enough so that 
after they cook in the sauce they still have a   little bit of a firm texture to them as i don't 
really like mushy zucchini to that i'm adding one   tablespoon of soy sauce as well as one tablespoon 
of italian seasoning and they called for seasoning   salt but the second ingredient that is sugar 
so i'm using this creole seasoning instead   which has salt included in it and just adding one 
teaspoon of that now mixing from the bottom i'm   stirring this all in until it's nice and combined 
adding one bay leaf and i'm just gonna push that   down into our sauce so it can flavor the whole pot 
while it's cooking bringing it up to a boil giving   it one final stir before popping a lid on this 
and turning the heat down and letting it simmer   for about 20 minutes and after it does we're just 
gonna fish that little bay leaf out go ahead and   remove it although i do like to leave those in 
there when i store it just to keep giving it more   flavor we'll remove it and here it is plated up i 
did just top this with a little shredded italian   blend cheeses this was excellent just straight 
keto comfort food super easy i mean chopping   the vegetables is about the hardest part of making 
this recipe definitely recommend it and even when   i heated it up the next day my zucchini still kept 
a firm enough texture left over so definitely try   this one out next up this is such an interesting 
recipe it's a turmeric chicken soup i really think   it should have like lemon and cilantro in the name 
because that is more so the flavor that you get   from it just the perfect keto chicken soup to make 
especially if you're sick uh there's lemon flavors   in it so to start with i'm using a dutch oven 
just an enamel coated cast iron one you could just   use a large pot if you wanted to but over medium 
heat i'm adding a fourth a cup of ghee you could   totally use oil or butter if you preferred and for 
this recipe it called for a whole small onion but   i'm just doing one cup of onion that i diced up 
to that i am adding two teaspoons of minced garlic   and then i'm adding some jalapeno now the recipe 
called for one whole jalapeno chopped up i just   used about 10 jarred sliced little slices 
of jalapeno and put them in my little food   processor and mix this and i'm just adding that 
i was not trying to mess around with getting my   fingers all burned up messing with jalapenos to 
this i'm adding two tablespoons of grated ginger   and this is just some that i had in the freezer 
and the recipe also called for two tablespoons   of fresh turmeric and i didn't have that so i 
used a half a teaspoon of ground turmeric instead   as well as about a fourth to a third of a cup of 
chopped cilantro that called for a whole bunch   but we just went with this and it was excellent 
stirring that all around and cooking it down for   about five minutes before adding one teaspoon 
of ground coriander and one teaspoon of paprika   giving that a good stir maybe cooking it another 
minute before adding in two tablespoons of apple   cider vinegar and then i'm adding in some 
chicken broth eight cups 64 ounces i just   did two of the 32 ounce cartons and i did go ahead 
and use regular i know most the time if you guys   watch my videos i cook with low sodium broth 
for this recipe i went ahead and used the full   salted up broth and on top of that i also added 
a fourth of a teaspoon sea salt as well as just   a little bit of ground black pepper and i'm gonna 
stir this all in now i'm adding one really large   chicken breast it calls for a pound of chicken you 
could add more to that if you wanted i just used   just shy of a pound and i'm taking one lemon that 
i sliced up here pretty thinly and i went ahead   and tried to pop all the seeds out that i could 
adding that to the pot as well i'm gonna bring   up this whole mixture to a boil stick a lid on 
it turn the heat down and let it cook about 25   minutes almost grabbed that handle with my hand 
be careful with cast iron now removing the lid   from that we're just going to stir this around a 
little bit go ahead and fish our chicken breast   out of the pot just going to put this in a 
separate dish use my hand mixer to shred that   up super quick if you don't shred your chicken 
that way i highly recommend it adding all of our   shredded chicken back into the pot and giving it 
a final good stir before we plate it up now this   was such an interesting recipe i'll definitely 
be making it again and i do want to try making   it with the fresh ground turmeric next time i make 
it i think this would be a perfect keto chicken   soup recipe for when you're sick i love like the 
combination of flavors in it it's got a little   spice the cilantro the turmeric the onion the 
lemon it's the first couple spoonfuls were tart   and i was like oh no this might not be for me but 
the more you eat it the better it tastes i don't   know i can't describe it if you don't like lemons 
i definitely would not make this recipe but if you   do try it out next up lastly this week i wanted to 
try out this keto carolina style barbecue mustard   sauce recipe that i found so i actually cooked up 
a whole boston butt this is about an eight pound   boston butt here went ahead and salted it put some 
pepper on it i'm putting it into a big crock pot   fat side down i normally would only cook one 
about half the size but this is bone in and   we had frozen the whole thing so i'm just gonna 
cook the whole thing up use half of it for this   recipe so i'm putting this on the night before 
cooking it on low for eight hours and then in the   morning when i get up i'll go ahead and flip it 
over put the fat side on top and cook it on high   for another four hours and then half of it 
i'll use for a future recipe and to feed the   kids and then the other half i will put the sauce 
we're gonna make on it and here it is after we've   cooked it for that full 12 hours as i said eight 
hours on low and about four hours on high and as   you can see the meat has totally fallen off the 
bone i'm gonna go ahead and use a slotted spoon   to scoop out any big chunks of fat as well as go 
ahead and scoop that bone out now this is a nice   bone to save to make broth so i'm going to stick 
it in a freezer bag pop it in the freezer and use   it in the future to make bone broth stirring this 
all around you can see it's nice and shredded i'm   going to go ahead to the stove top and get 
started on our sauce so for that i'm taking   just a small saucepan and adding three-fourths 
of a cup of just regular yellow mustard to that   along with a fourth of a cup of confectioner's 
erythetol i'm using swerve i'm working over medium   heat and just whisking that together until it's 
nice and combined to that i'm adding a fourth of   a cup of apple cider vinegar and really that's 
the key ingredients for the sauce mustard and   vinegar whisking that together some i like to mix 
it as i go adding in one teaspoon of tomato paste   and working that into the sauce mixture as well 
one teaspoon of worcestershire sauce along with   one teaspoon of sea salt half a teaspoon minced 
garlic one teaspoon smoky paprika and it called   for four to five dashes tabasco instead i'm 
putting in half a teaspoon of louisiana hot sauce   along with 1/ 4 teaspoon of ground cayenne pepper 
and i'm just going to whisk this up really really   well until everything is nice and combined and 
smooth and heated all the way through and then i'm   just going to cut the heat off on that stick it 
to the side now over here in a large baking sheet   i've lined it with nonstick foil i have about 
half of our pork on here i'd say about four pounds   and i'm just gonna dump that whole batch of sauce 
on top of this and i am using this slotted spoon   to mix this together but really some tongs would 
make this quite an easier job to do but after I have   it all mixed up together really well and all of 
our pork is covered in the sauce i'm gonna pop   this under a broiler for 10 minutes you could 
do it a little longer but i didn't feel like   standing there and watching it any longer here it 
is when it comes out i just wanted to crisp it up   a little this is so delicious obviously this 
stores really well in the refrigerator and it's   perfect for doing a keto meal prep for the week 
here it is plated up i served it over a little   bit of cauliflower rice but this would be great by 
itself or on chaffles takes a long time to cook it   in the crock pot but it's super super easy and 
well worth it and again i'll link the original   recipe for that sauce down below it was awesome i 
hope you enjoyed this week's easy keto meals that   you can make at home things to get you through the 
week i hope these low carb dinner ideas gave you   a little inspiration to get in the kitchen and get 
your keto cooking on as always if you enjoyed this   video please give it a thumbs up please share 
it with any of your friends who are trying to   follow a keto diet or live a low carb lifestyle the 
more eyeballs that are on our video the more it   encourages me to keep making them every single 
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see us tackle down below until next time bye guys

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