EASY HEALTHY LUNCH RECIPES: tasty, quick, meal prep friendly!

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today i'm sharing with you guys some
easy healthy lunch recipes that are delicious tasty
and also meal prep friendly and what i love about these is that they're all
good for you full of great nourishing ingredients that not
only it tastes good but are good for your body too so let's get into it
the first thing we're making is this burrito bowl
so i'm starting off by making some cauliflower rice this is a great
alternative to regular rice and get some more
veggies in definitely feel free to meal prep this
in advance and then to some ground lamb i'm adding
some paprika and garlic powder but you can add this to ground chicken or ground
turkey and again you can definitely meal prep
both of those in advance when you're ready to have lunch go ahead
and mash up half of an avocado avocado is full of great healthy fats
which are nourishing for our skin for our gut but they also help to keep
you full and help keep your meal nice and
satisfying i'm adding in some lime juice for some
delicious flavor as well as a couple tablespoons of
red onion the onion is optional if you have tomato on hand and enjoy that in
your avocado you could also add that in i have also added in like leftover
veggies to my burrito bowl if i have them but
this is just like a simple way that i make it
so once that's mashed up i add in just a pinch of salt and i stir
that all together until it is nice and combined
once your rice and your meat is either done or heated up from your meal prep
go ahead combine that together scoop out your
big scoop of avocado honestly this tastes so
good the creamy avocado with the ground meat
and the cauliflower rice i think i actually prefer this to like a chicken
breast or a chicken thigh in my burrito bowl
there's so much flavor it's so good for you and it's filled with nourishing
ingredients so next up we are making these
sesame noodles so i'm going to start off by making the
sauce and for that you're going to need two tablespoons of
nut butter you can also use seed butter here or tahini you're gonna need some
coconut aminos which is a great alternative to soy
sauce it also has inositol and it's just lower in sodium
the juice of half of a lime as well as some sesame oil for flavor if you
don't have sesame oil you can use regular oil
but the flavor of sesame oil is particularly delicious
and then some ground ginger and we're going to stir that up until our sauce is
nice and smooth and this is also a recipe you can make
the sauce in advance but you can also make the full salad in advance because
it does keep very well for a few days so i'm
taking some black protein pasta and i'm adding some coleslaw into
that and then we're going to add our dressing
onto the top and what i love about this pasta is that there's only 10 net carbs
it's super high in fiber which is really great because it helps
to balance our blood sugar and also with the cabbage because it's
not a you know a very fluffy green this keeps really well in
the sauce and so you can definitely stir this
together the night before or for a few days for the week and
you're not going to be worried about anything kind of
wilting so it really holds up well so once that's all stirred together you can
go ahead and put it in your bowl or take out however much you like
finish it off with some sesame seeds and you will be good to go we have protein
healthy fats we've got lots of fiber and of course
tons of flavor as well this is such a good kind of like
warmer weather noodle salad and then we are making this avocado bowl so i
am using some green goddess dressing which i'm going to show you how to make
because it's one of my favorite dressings for the warmer
weather so i'm starting off with some basil as well as some green onion and
i'm adding this into my small blender you can also add
this into a food processor if you have one
and then to that i'm going to be adding in some olive oil which has
great healthy fats in it for you and it helps to keep it nice and filling
and then we're going to be adding in the juice of half of a lemon
if you don't have lemon you can also use a lime here but i really suggest adding
some citrus in for a nice bright twist and
then comes the star of the show we are going to be
adding in a full avocado to this dressing now what's
really good about this dressing is that you can prep this in advance
because the lemon juice really helps to kind of preserve it and keep
it fresh it also makes a really good dip a spread
so you can meal prep this and use this in so many different ways throughout the
week so once you've blended it all together
you have this bright green flavorful dressing slash sauce i like
mine super thick but definitely thin it out with more olive oil or water
if you want to so i'm starting off with a base of
greens and to that i'm adding in some leftover roasted asparagus
but you can just left over like any kind of veggies you have i just like to throw
them into the salad to kind of just use them up and then i'm
adding in some hard-boiled eggs i always like to have hard-boiled eggs meal
prepped for either snacks or quick salads like
this throughout the week and then i'm just dolloping on a
generous amount of our goddess dressing that is
so full of flavor so delicious and with the healthy fats of that and the protein
of the eggs we really have a nice well-rounded lunch that's going to be
satisfying and super delicious as well so thank you guys for watching if you
enjoyed this video definitely give it a thumbs up
and let me know down below what kind of recipes
you would like me to make next i will leave
my last healthy recipe video here on the screen
so you can get lots and more healthy recipe inspiration
i hope you guys are all having a great day and i will see you in my next video
bye guys

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