EASY HEALTHY DESSERTS: simple, vegan, paleo recipes

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hey everyone
welcome back to my channel today i'm sharing with you guys
some more delicious healthy dessert recipes you guys
love these ones and they're also like my favorite ones to make because they're so
delicious but they're also good for you plus these
ones are vegan and paleo and low carb and all that jazz
but they're still like super delicious which is what we want right so
let's go ahead and jump in so the first dessert we're making
are these delicious cake pops you're gonna need
some nut butter any kind of nut or seed butter will work
this adds some wonderful protein and healthy fats that keep it satisfying
some vanilla and then a touch of maple syrup for a little bit
of sweetness and then we are going to use coconut flour and this is a great
flour to use it's higher in fiber it's also low in sugar which is great
and we're gonna mix that together until our dough forms and coconut flour
can't be substituted in this recipe because it is a very different flour
it's highly absorbable so make sure you don't substitute it out
because then the recipe won't work once that's all mixed together we can go
ahead and make our little cake balls so all you need to do is get about
a golf ball or a large tablespoon into your hand and then roll it out
until the ball is nice and smooth and what's great
about this is you can change up the nut butter to kind of make
different flavors this is more of a like vanilla type of
you know cake pop but if you want to make more chocolate
ones you can definitely use like a chocolate hazelnut butter so then
you're just going to put your sticks into your little balls i'm using
popsicle sticks because that's what i had but if you want to get
special cake pop sticks you can so you're going to chill those
in the freezer for about 15 minutes and then i'm making
some chocolate you can definitely just melt down some unsweetened chocolate if
you like but i wanted to show you guys a great
option for those of you who may not be able to find
unsweetened chocolate near you so it's really simple it's just coconut oil and
cacao and you stir that together and then we are going to coat the
outside of each of our pops in this chocolate and just do this all
the way around until it's nice and coated and it's
really easy to do by holding the stick and then you're just
going to lay that on a sheet of parchment paper so that we can put that
in the fridge so that it can harden and then after
about 15 minutes in the fridge the chocolate is fully hardened and you have
these delicious cake pops that you can eat and
they're so yummy and satisfying too and next we are
making this frozen yogurt bark so i'm using
some dairy free yogurt here make sure to always get the
plain ones so that there isn't some added sugar
for some flavor i'm adding in some almond butter and some vanilla
this makes it a lot more delicious than just using a plain yogurt
because it has some flavor from the vanilla and the almond butter
and the great healthy fats also add some protein and make it extra satisfying
so just stir that together and then we are going to pour that out onto a sheet
of parchment paper you can also use a silicone mat as well if you have one of
those and we're gonna spread it into a layer
that's not too thick and not too thin so i would say at least a quarter of an
inch thick you can definitely double or triple this
recipe as well if you want to make a big batch
and then you just need your toppings so i'm using some freeze-dried strawberries
and some free chocolate chips but you can use any kind of nuts as well
or just chocolate chips plain any kind of fruit whatever you like
and then after putting it in the freezer for about an hour it should be fully
hardened and then you can break this apart and
enjoy you know keep this in the freezer when you want a little
bite of something this is also a really good easy to make no
bake treat so if you are a fan of no baked desserts then you will love this
recipe and you can make so many different
flavors and combinations because the possibilities are truly
so endless and then we are making these watermelon slices so i wanted to give
you guys a way to use up some of the extra chocolate that you might have
melted down for the cake pops and it's really good to like drizzle on
top of watermelon watermelon is so refreshing and then
with the chocolate on top it makes it kind of a little bit more
decadent and adds that wonderful flavor and then i like to sprinkle a little
something on it so i'm doing some coconut flakes
but you can do any kind of crushed nut or slivered almonds
anything like that and it really makes like the treat a little bit more special
than if you were to just be having watermelon okay guys thanks for watching my video
i'm going to leave my healthy dessert ebook down in the
description box click the link so you can pick it up
because it's free and it has my top healthy
desserts in it and i'm also going to leave my last healthy dessert video
here on the screen so you can get lots more healthy dessert recipes
leave any requests you have it down below for some future
healthy recipes that you would like to see me make because i did make
one in this video i made the cake pops that you guys requested so
leave me more if you'd like to see that in a future video
and i will see you guys in my next one bye guys

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