Easy Candied Pecans Recipe – Keto Friendly

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hey guys hi what did we make today Karen
oh we made candied pecans sugar free oh my gosh pecans are at my absolutely
favorite nut in the world and what could you put this on well I would put it on a
salad because I love candied pecans on salad and I've never been able to have
them because of the candied part but now you could do that but what else could
you put it on I think you're gonna say ice cream yes ice cream and we made a
recipe for that that we'll release soon right I mean these things with vanilla
ice cream unbelievable these things are incredible
just absolutely no sugar on these things but they're sweet they're really good
really good hmm you could just eat the whole bowl mm-hmm you want to say anything
about pecans I mean everybody always wants to hear all the good nutritional facts
well it's actually vitamin B6 mm-hmm for carpal tunnel syndrome Karen make a
mental note okay I feel better already let's show them how to make it okay hey guys thank you so much for watching
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