EASY 10 MINUTE KETO DINNER RECIPE | 10 Minute Dinner Challenge | Keto Shrimp Fried Rice

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today i'm taking the 10 minute dinner
challenge so i'm going to show you guys how you can make
a healthy delicious keto dinner in around 10 minutes
for today's easy keto dinner recipe i'm going to show you guys how to make
keto shrimp fried rice and this keto shrimp fried rice recipe
is one of those recipes that you can make as a go-to dinner recipe
when you're short on time it's loaded with lots of healthy fats and protein
and your whole family is going to love it
so let's get started in a large skillet we're going to add two tablespoons of
butter and melt that over medium-high heat and then we're going to add our shrimp
this is around a pound of shrimp i have jumbo shrimp here
and i'm just going to layer it down into an even layer so they cook
evenly on both sides it'll take around 30 seconds for them to cook on each side
and what i like to do is purchase the frozen shrimp that is already peeled and
it's already deveined it can have the tail on or not i don't
really care i use it the same in the dish regardless it's an easy
shortcut that you could do that's going to save you a ton of time so you don't
worry about peeling them or deveining your shrimp
you do have to worry about thawing it so this is one thing that you do want to
thought maybe the night before or two nights before just put it in your
refrigerator and it will thaw shrimp is good in the refrigerator for
around one to two days after it's thawed out
then we're gonna remove it from our skillet and we're gonna cook the rest of
our vegetables we're gonna need to slice up some green
onions for this recipe so i have four green onions
cut them up into thin slices i'm gonna use the whites in the skillet now and
i'm gonna save the green parts for later to finish the recipe so back in our skillet we're going to
add in the whites of the onion along with three cloves of minced garlic
i like to use a garlic paste just because it saves on time
and then around an inch of grated ginger again i like to use
ginger paste so this is around two teaspoons of ginger paste i'm also going to add around two ounces
of mushrooms and then another shortcut that i like to
use in this recipe is to use a frozen vegetables
so i like to find like a stir fry mix in the freezer section the one that i like
is a mix of asparagus and squash mushroom
onion i try to avoid the ones that have like peas and carrots and water
chestnuts just because they are higher in
carbohydrates and then we're going to add in our cauliflower rice
i like to use the pre-riced cauliflower you can certainly rice up the
cauliflower yourself but it's probably going to take you longer than 10 minutes
to make this recipe so i just use the stuff that's fresh in
my produce section but you can use frozen cauliflower rice
here too and then we're going to add in our sauce
you'll need a quarter cup of liquid aminos
or you can use soy sauce if you want to use soy sauce and you don't mind the
extra carbohydrates in your meal two tablespoons of white vinegar one
tablespoon of sesame seed oil one teaspoon of monk fruit sweetener you
can omit this step if you want to if you're trying to avoid
sweeteners we're going to stir this all together to combine
you can cover it if you want to if you're trying to steam up your
vegetables to have them cook faster or you can cook it uncovered this
will take around three or four minutes to cook
i like to keep a few of these keto dinner recipes that can be made in under
10 minutes in my go-to options for keto dinners
just because when i come home from work a lot of
times i only have like an hour to come home make dinner feed the
kids and then we're off to a sports activity so a 10 minute recipe
is great especially if i don't know what i'm cooking that night if i really
wasn't prepared in the morning next i'm going to add back in our shrimp
to our fried rice and then we're going to add in the eggs so
i move all of the shrimp and the vegetables off to the side
creating a well in the center and then crack in your eggs
let them cook until they're fried a little bit before scrambling them into
the rest of the mixture now the great thing about this recipe is
that everything comes together in less than 10 minutes like i said but
there's some easy shortcuts that we can take
and it only involves one pot so you don't have to dirty a bunch of dishes and guess what your dinner's done and
it's ready to serve and it only took around 10 minutes to do how great is
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