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Everyoneís Morgan. Yes, and today I am finally bringing you guys my easy of five Easy five person five easy one-person meals for all of you guys for your in college or post-grad is living alone And basically just cooking for yourself most of the time I'm gonna go in order of the absolute simplest of two ones are a little bit more complicated but are totally doable at those just Take a few more ingredients and a little bit more time But I'm kind of giving you a spectrum and I feel like a lot of people set resolutions to cook more cook healthier Some of these are healthier than others Yeah, feel free to keep commenting your resolutions below also comment below easy meal ideas that you make for yourself One of these is especially winter inspired and I hope you guys enjoy this and find it helpful if you guys make any of these Please be sure to attack me in stories or tweets or whatever so that I can see how you did I'm also gonna have my Instagram linked below my birthday's coming up soon.

So if you want to give me a gift Following me would be cool. And without further ado. Let's go ahead and get into my five person meal idea. Why am I saying that? All right, so first up we are making a little cauliflower no key or gnocchi, however, you say that it's still pretty unaware I mean honestly just two ingredients which is any kind of sauce and the cauliflower no key and optional Parmesan cheese how I do this is I've been cooking with avocado oil for a while now and I just put like a little cap full amount in a Pan, then I just pour out how much I'm wanting.

I think this tastes great in terms of like cauliflower dupes I don't really love cauliflower rice. But with this dish I actually really like the taste of it so I'll just follow the instructions on the bag you leave these for a few minutes and then kind of like flip them to a different side for a few more minutes and then I just add in a little bit of my sauce directly to the pan to just Stir it around and coat it not a big tomato sauce gal so you'll see I didn't add tons of sauce in the first place just Enough to give it a little bit of flavor and then I tossed that and pour it into my bowl This is quite a messy presentation, but it tastes amazing Then I just added some Parmesan cheese on top totally optional and that's a really really fast like 10 minute meal Next up I've showed this in vlogs and potentially and a what I eat in a day video before I can't remember but It is just this easy like fried rice zucchini spiral Vegan dish just this is the Japanese fried rice from Trader Joe's that has edamame and tofu in it I just think this product has a really good flavor however Of course swap out any rice or any kind of anything you want to? Because we're just making a little stir fry and then you need some garlic onion Mushrooms, you don't have to have all these there's kind of for flavoring and I just add mushrooms leftover as well as I have some Green onions to put on top at the end I start out in my pan with some avocado oil as well as some garlic I added my onion and then I just cook up my aromatics.

I think that's what those are called I've been watching some cooking videos lately until they become a little translucent and are nice and fragrant and then I add in the mushrooms because those cooked down pretty quickly and I went ahead also while I was cooking and chopped up my green onion as a topping and Once they are looking like this I go ahead and put in some of my zucchini Spirals you can buy a spiralizer on Amazon. I'll have one link to blow the ione So I typically just fertilize my own but on this day Trader Joe's was out of zucchini keysto I had to buy the spirals either one works So I just pour about that much into the pan and then I add in some of the fried rice as well if you're wanting to Get more protein in this or something.

You can of course add in a meat But yeah, I just think the flavors of this are really good. I find this to be very filling Getting lots of carbs veggies whatnot and I just really love zucchini spirals. So this is what it looks like when it's done I just make a nice bowl full you could of course cook extra then just have leftovers and reheat it top it with green onions and that is that Next up This is the one that is particularly winter inspired and that is a nice Hearty turkey chili recipe pretty certain that this is just the recipe on the back of the McCormick's chili seasoning packet So you just need a pound of ground turkey? or if you don't want me you could add in like another bean variation or more like Veggies or whatever and for this you just need a packet of chili seasoning a can of kidney beans diced tomatoes and tomato sauce I can switch that out However, you want to if you don't like that kind of bean or something Then I just added my ground turkey to the pan and just start Breaking it up like so this won't take too long and once it gets nice and brown So I know it's cooked.

I add in the chili seasoning and Stir that around and at that point it's time to add in the wet ingredients So I pour in just the whole can of kidney beans whole can of diced tomatoes. I thought about getting fresh tomatoes and cutting up But I didn't really know how many I needs large There are certain recipes in life that I just don't feel like tweaking if you know They're good that will go for the can of tomatoes. You know, I mean and then I add in my can of tomato sauce and That is actually all it goes into this. It's the simplest recipe ever I think this is the first thing I learned how to cook ever and yet you just cook this up in a big pan until She is nice and ready to go again You can kind of tell when you stick a fork into one of the beans and it's soft and then for toppings if you are Feeling so inclined I just had some Mexican cheese on hand as well as those green onions again, and if you're a sour cream girl Then I recommend swapping that for some just Greek yogurt.

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Although this is whole milk Greek yogurt So, I don't know if that's actually that much better than sour cream. I don't know I feel like Greek over is just generally better than sour cream so once our Chili's nice and finished We are pouring some of that into a bowl adding our little toppings and this is making me starving right now I could probably eat this every single day and the good thing about this meal Included this because it is so easy to make and delicious but you're enough actually a good amount of leftovers And yeah, it's just a good recipe Next up this one is getting into the more complicated territory, but it's really not it's just such a good healthy meal We're making some seared salmon with a nice warm cruciferous salad and then making a little Greek yogurt cucumber dill sauce Which sounds complicated it is not Oh first thing that we are doing in our pan is of course the avocado oil Plop in our salmon and then we're seasoning our salmon.

I just have some salt pepper garlic powder Really, just whatever you want to put on it We're gonna leave that on the side that it's on for several minutes until you can see from the side that it's kind of like Cooking almost up to like halfway through the salmon and at that point, I'm gonna flip the salmon to the other side And I'm not gonna do it before thanks. I don't want to mess up our nice a little crispy sear We're gonna have to go on while that is cooking away. I am going to make our sauce You're just gonna take if your cucumber is as huge as the one I bought just half of the cucumber and then in a cheese Grater, you're just going to grate off this whole side of your cucumber And once you are finished with that there's going to be a lot of Extra water in there so you can let it sit for a second and then I just take paper towel and kind of like dab It to get the water out and so once you've got a lot of that liquid out of the cucumber I just take my Greek yogurt pour it into a bowl and then I add in all of that cucumber And go ahead and start mixing it up.

And then the only other ingredients for this are some fresh dill I add in the dill stir around and then to bring this from tasting like something that's not very good to something that tastes delicious You're going to add lemon juice and then also just some salt salt is necessary It does not taste good without it again with the lemon juice. It doesn't taste good without it Yeah, and this is kind of the final product and this is what our salmon looks like once it's finished So I'm gonna go ahead and plate that and then with the oil that's left in there I'm just pouring it a ton of that cruciferous vegetable Sprouts and like radishes or cabbage or something? maybe I don't know if I sell it at Trader Joe's and I just like to let it warm up and cook down slightly because I just think it tastes better since this is like not a salad you could make this a salad I don't know what what differentiates this from a salad the fact that the salmon is beside the lettuce I don't know so once that's nice and And if it's cooked down a little bit so that scale it's gonna be more enjoyable to eat I go ahead and plate that and then squeeze a little lemon juice on the salmon if you want and then add in some of that sauce I in an ugly way Sprinkled out onto the lettuce and had a little extra on the side with salmon and it is so good You guys have to trust me I know it seems so random if you want to make something that's delicious and seems really impressive.

This is the thing to make And Lastly this is kind of a most complicated one But only because it involves the most like separate cooking steps I guess but you guys will see how easy this is And again, this is something that can make a ton of leftovers if you choose to do it that way So these are my Mexican quinoa bowls All you need is some quinoa taco seasoning or you could use your own spices Some fresh peppers and onion and then a can of corn and a can of black beans topping wise again I have the same thing as I did for the chili also I do have a head of iceberg lettuce over here as well as a red pepper in case instead of serving this in a bowl You want to pop it in some lettuce taco wraps and I'll show you an option for the red pepper at the end First up you're gonna need a couple pans here We have a pot going where I just pour the black beans and the can of corn in there And those are just gonna cook on their own just leave them over there then in my pan with avocado oil I'm adding a considerable amount of onion as well as red pepper and jalapeno and then I'm just gonna stir those every now and then and they're gonna Cook down over time So again, this isn't like a high-maintenance thing that you're gonna have to be tending to and then in our final pot I'm just adding some quinoa.

So however much you're adding. I think I did a cup It's just a two to one water to keep my ratio and I just stir that around until it starts to simmer like so and then you're just gonna put a Lid on it and keep checking back to see when all the water is gone Everything has now cooked up those veggies are looking and great and when the quinoa is done I am going to take this taco seasoning packet, and I don't pour the whole thing But depending on like how spicy you're wanting it to be so just add however much you want you can always sprinkle more taco seasoning directly into your bowl So what to serve these up and make a base layer of the taco seasoned quinoa add in a nice amount of the black beans And corn and then I add in my veggies then optional again I'm not really buying dairy in 2019 at least so far and I didn't often last year but when I was filming this video idea I was on a real cheese kick if you can't tell so and it's so good also a quick leftover life hack that I found is – half a red pepper and then to go ahead and mix up the mix the same way you kind of just Did in your bowl like everything's already mixed together if you're gonna want cheese and I go ahead and add your cheese or Greek yogurt or whatever mix everything together and then stuff your Peppers and then those make for great leftovers that are just like a little bit different than the original dish to keep things even fun Then with the rest of the mechs that didn't fit in those peppers that I had left over I put everything together again just put it in a little Tupperware container to go in fridge and that is it

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