EASIEST KETO CHOCOLATE CAKE IN THE WORLD 😀 READY IN 2 MINUTES – no eggs, no flours, no sweeteners

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today I'm going to show you how to make
the easiest keto chocolate cake that you could ever make it only involves four
ingredients we don't need an oven we don't need to add any additional keto
flowers any keto sugars no cocoa powder eggs you don't even need a cake pan this
is the easiest keto cake to make let's get started so you're probably wondering
how am I possibly going to be making a cake with no keto flowers added or
sweetener cocoa powder eggs well I'm going to be using a secret ingredient
and that's from a perfect keto I'm gonna use their new line of cookies these are
creative cookies that they have today's recipe I may be using their double
chocolate cookie but they have a peanut butter cookie that's just come out they
also have chocolate chip cookies and they're perfect they actually make the
best cake base so to make this recipe we're just gonna be using a small bowl
everything is gonna be added to the bowl and we're gonna cook it in the bowl so
it makes it super easy especially if you're craving chocolate cake I'm going
to be using two packages of these keto cookies but you could just get away with
one package if you want to make a smaller keto cookie cake or if you want
to make a larger chocolate cake you could use three packages or four
packages however many you want we're gonna add my cookies to a small bowl and
then smash it down using a fork until it's crumbly and then we're gonna add some heavy
cream stir that until it's combined and your cakes done it's ready to bake we're
actually going to be cooking it in the microwave you want to cook it in the
microwave for around 60 to 75 seconds until it's set now my cake is done and
it's nice and warm if you love lava cakes this cake it's going to be right
up your alley so let's make up a little topping for this cake we're gonna add
some choc Ciro's chocolate chips you can add whatever sugar-free chocolate chips
you want to with just a little bit of coconut oil this will help give it a
nice little Sheen and a glaze melt that together in the microwave give it a good
stir and we're gonna pour it on top of our cake and that's it the easiest keto chocolate
cake you could ever make is done in like less than two minutes – and with only
four ingredients no pan no oven no additional almond flours or sweeteners
very very simple now if you want your cake to look like mine where you take it
out of the bowl one of my tips is to just wrap a little bit of parchment
paper around the outside before you pour your batter in thanks for watching guys
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