Diet vs. Exercise for Weight Loss

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Hi! I'm Dr. Brian Yeung, a naturopathic doctor 
here in Toronto. We'll be presenting a series of weight loss tips here on this channel so 
subscribe if you're interested in learning more.  We tend to assume that exercise 
will be a part of any weight loss plan and it's always a great idea! But is 
it absolutely necessary? No. Here's why. The most basic tenet of weight loss is that you 
burn or use more calories per day than you intake   the body is then forced to find other ways to
generate calories for your body to use like burn your fat. You can increase weight loss by either: 1.) Intaking less calories – like by controlling your diet or 2.) Burning more calories – like increasing exercise   I treat a lot of people trying to lose weight 
and if I had to only pick one thing to focus on it would be controlling the diet. Let me put these two very common
weight loss interventions:  diet and exercise into a comparative perspective.

Example one: Consuming a single muffin at
Tim Hortons adds about 360 calories A 185 pound person 
walking for two hours burns about 360 calories   That means if you'd eaten a Tim Horton's muffin, 
you would need to walk for two hours to burn   it off and longer if you were lighter than 185 
pounds. Now it's up to you to ask yourself:
Would you find it easier to just avoid the muffin  or commit to a two hour long walk? Example two: I'm gonna roughly estimate a bunch of numbers here 
so these are by no means exact but just an example   Let's say you're a 170 pound female looking to 
lose 10 pounds over two months. If we strictly look at calories, a quick calculation estimates you will 
need to get rid of about 500 to 600 kilocalories   per day, each day, for two months to lose 10 
pounds. You can either: 1.) eat 600 less calories, or 2.) burn those 600 calories in exercise. If we're eating 600 less calories, that's about three cups of spaghetti or rice that's about one steak that's about 100 grams of chips or about one serving of fries.

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In exercise terms, 
you're looking at two hours of moderate cycling   over one hour of jump rope or over three hours of walking, every day. Now the obvious solution is to simply combine the two: Reduce your food intake 
while increasing your exercise where you can   However if you're struggling with both at once, 
especially if you're newer to losing weight   Focus on the diet first. Many people reducing their 
food intake have enough stress to deal with   and as a result feel too irritable and fatigued to 
implement any sort of exercise. Don't get me wrong, exercise is excellent for your health
and will help you to lose weight but if your diet isn't under control focus on that first! Let me know in the comments down below
if you would prefer to focus on diet or exercise, and if you found this video helpful,
please leave me a like! As before, I'm Dr.

Brian Yeung, bringing you
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