Diet Soda on Keto? | How artificial sweeteners affect weight loss

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one question were asked all the time by
our community is if diet soda is okay to drink on keto and today we're gonna
answer it for you Elisa here head chef at where we help our tribe members meet their weight loss goals with
at-home exercise routines keto style meal plans and recipes and our very own
supplement line you see health has always been a big priority for me and my
family I've spent years researching the best ways for people like you and me to
eat and live well all while being able to enjoy the meals drinks and treats we
adore I've even written seven keto friendly cookbooks for this very reason
so today you'll learn where diet soda fits into the mix what it's made of if
it will help your weight loss goals and if it has a place on a low-carb diet
like keto you see at Warrior Made we believe in
eating natural and nutrient-dense foods and we follow a cyclical kyoto style
diet which promotes low-carb eating most of the time this can seem a little
daunting to those just starting out because people often think how much they
will miss the sweet and sweet drinks they love so much but no need to worry
about whether you'll be able to eat sweet on your keto journey stick around
until the end of this video and I'll tell you how to get my very own recipe
book with 77 delicious keto friendly desserts that you can eat any
time while staying on track to losing weight and in the meantime as promised
let's explore how diet soda fits into the keto diet first let's do a quick
recap of what the keto diet is for those just hearing about it or starting out
keto is a low carb high fat diet where you're eating around 75 percent fat 20%
protein and 5% carbs each day your body enters a state called ketosis where you
use fat for energy instead of carbs so where does diet soda fit on keto after
all diet soda is carb free well as it turns out diet soda is a little bit of a
keto trixter remember when I mentioned at Warrior Made we believe in eating
fresh healthy ingredients well alas diet soda does not quite fit the bill let me
show you what I mean we can start with the nutrition label you see the
ingredients in a bottle of diet soda are carbonated water, caramel color, aspartame,
phosphoric acid, potassium benzoate, natural flavors, citric acid, and caffeine,
rule of thumb it's always a good idea when reading nutrition labels to do a
little research on the words we can't even pronounce mainly because they're
usually made in a lab rather than being grown fresh somewhere on a farm and one
of those long hard to pronounce words we'll focus on today its Aspartame so
what the heck is Aspartame anyways well it's an artificial sweetener that you
find in diet sodas in popular sugar alternatives like Equal and NutraSweet
and drumroll please here are the crazy facts you may want to consider before
putting Aspartame in your body Lets geek out for a second shall we? Aspartame is made up of Aspartic Acid
and Phenylalanine which are both types of amino acids, Aspartic Acid is produced
naturally in the body and Phenylalanine is an essential amino acid which means
we get it from food it turns out that studies show some people have neurologic
or behavioral reactions after consuming Aspartame this may be because
Phenylalanine one of the amino acids in Aspartame can be toxic for your brain
and other studies show that Aspartame and diet soda
can also contribute to health issues like seizures, kidney disease, depression,
heart problems, stroke, and dementia okay so you may be getting the picture
that diet soda isn't healthy but if you're still not convinced here's
another reason to think twice about it did you know that diet soda actually
prevents weight loss we know this is a bit confusing how could a no calorie no
carb drink keep you from losing weight well one reason is because it keeps your
taste buds hungering for sweets if you're drinking a lot of diet soda it's sweet
taste will likely keep your brain craving other sweet treats this creates
a cycle where you actually end up eating more sugar the artificial sweeteners in
diet soda also change our guts microbiome which may make us insulin
resistant and contribute to spiking blood sugar levels okay so is there a
keto friendly diet soda in theory yes diet soda fits the keto diet mold as
it's no carb and sugar free but if you're looking to stay healthy and reach
your body transformation goals we recommend staying away from the
sweeteners used to make it so when our books it's a no and in the Warrior Made
kitchen when something doesn't get our stamp of approval well you know what
that means don't despair though my friends removing
diet soda from your life doesn't mean that you have to stop treating yourself
to refreshing drinks and even to sweets you'll just need to do things a little
differently for some resources on how to do this check out our video about keto
friendly sweeteners to see which you can and can't use for your baking and drink
sweetening needs and feel free to enjoy keto friendly drinks like coffee or keto
butter coffee iced or hot tea keto Coco keto protein powder smoothies low-carb
nut or alternative dairy drinks and even certain types of alcohol in moderation
alright you've got our warrior made answer on whether there is a keto
friendly diet soda and you're equipped with some healthier alternatives also
like I mentioned at the beginning of this video I've written an entire
cookbook with 77 keto friendly desserts for you to try out you can eat these
sweet treats regularly without being kicked out of ketosis and while staying
on track with your weight loss goals all you have to do to get your copy is click
the link at the end of this video now I'd love to hear about how you've
replaced diet soda in your life let me know in the comments below what
healthier keto friendly drinks and sweet treats you've tried out and if you've
enjoyed this video the best thing to do is to hit the subscribe button and click
the little bell when you do this you'll be notified whenever we release a new
video also if you have a friend or family member who you think would
benefit from letting go of diet soda share this video with them
thanks again for watching and I'll see you in our next video

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