Day TWENTY-SIX – Weight Loss for Women over 50 πŸ˜… 31 Day Workout Challenge

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– Hey Killer Bs it's Pahla B from and on tap today, it's day 26 of the Weight Loss for Women over 50 series, and today we're doing one of my favorites. It's another learn to run workout. Now don't let the word run freak you out you can take today and every
day at whatever pace works best for you. You don't need any equipment at all, and when you're ready for this one I'm totally ready, let's go. (bright music) All right guys let's go ahead
and get moving and grooving. Now I wanted to mention that
I do have a chair nearby, you don't need a chair unless
you're gonna do today seated which is also a great option.

You just need something to
hang on to while we're doing our warmups but not at
any other point in time during our workout. So we're gonna do our
regular warmups plus a few. Let's get started with those
arm circles with high knees. You guys today okay, I have
so many things to tell you about today I actually like
wrote down a little list of things that I wanted to make
sure I talked to you about. Hello Miss Rosy are you
gonna come work out with us? I never know if you can see her on camera, she's just kinda meandering
right out of the room.

No, she is not gonna work
out with us today, you guys. Let me start with a couple of things, first of all, if you
don't wanna run don't run. I thank you so much for pressing play, thank you so much for
being here on day 26, thank you for trusting me
and trusting this process. Let me just tell you, you never ever, ever, ever, ever have to run but if you want to today is a great day to give
it a little bit of a try. We are taking today in super
generous walking intervals and very gentle, very
manageable running intervals. We're doing a minute of walking and just 15 seconds of running. But you don't even have to run,
you could totally pick it up to a brisk pace, or do this
from a seated position, or do this on your mini
trampoline or anything.

I mean truly, you can modify
and moderate this workout any way you want to. Let's do arm crossers with booty kickers, I'm gonna scoot over so I
don't accidentally hit myself on my chair. So here's the next thing on my list: please, if you have not
walked or run barefoot before please have shoes on today. I know lots of you wear shoes
no matter that I am barefoot but I want you to know like
unequivocally I've been running for 14 years, I've been working
out barefoot for 14 years, it is a preference on my part
and not something I feel like you have to do.

And especially for today's
kind of work because it does involve some impact, I do not recommend that
you start off barefoot, unless you have some barefoot experience. The other thing I wanna
tell you about is the chair, you don't actually need a chair, the last time when we did, whatever it was cardio and seated abs, I
had more than one person tell me that they do not
have a chair. My friend, you don't need a chair, you
just need something to hang on to, because some of our
warm ups today do require more balance than I would
even remotely be capable of doing without a chair.

Let's go ahead and do
some welcome to my homes, I'm still on both feet for this one. But we are doing some rather
extended warm-ups today because this is a little bit much, and I wanna make sure that
your body is completely ready for what is for many of us a
very different kind of workout. So we are doing a little
bit of balance work, a little bit of slightly
more dynamic warming up today and in fact our very next thing, you are going to need
to hang on to something. The wall, a couch, a countertop, a chair, if you have them or whatever.

Little something I call calf walkers. So here's what I'm gonna do, I'm just hanging on to
the back of this chair, and I am walking my
feet, peddling my feet, coming up on my toes and
really stretching out that calf behind me as well as
working on ankle mobility. My friends this kind of
a warm up is fantastic, for any kind of a walking
or running workout because especially if we are indoors and doing things in one place like this, your calves are going to feel this work. So we wanna make sure that
they're warmed up and ready to go too. Now also on my list of things I wanted to chat to you about. Now that I am turned
about half way around, I wanted to talk to you about my shirt! You guys, I just ordered this from Amazon. There is a link in the description below, make sure you open it up. I got this in the mail and I was like, oh my gosh this is the most
comfortable thing I have ever worn in my entire life.

Coming up next we're
gonna do leg swingers. So hanging on again, we're just
gonna swing one leg forward and backwards and, boy do I
hope I don't hit the couch behind me, I'm gonna scoot forward. (laughs) Always make sure you have enough room, to do your warm ups as
well as the workout. My friend, we're just
swinging forward and back really opening up that hip complex, loosening up your leg,
bringing your heart rate up, because this is all
cardio all the time today. But you guys this shirt,
you know how sometimes you order things, and you're like, I have no idea how this is gonna fit, I have no idea how this is gonna work, I have no idea if I'm
gonna like it or not. I tend not to order things
online because of that, truly. I would love to order more clothing online because I hate shopping in real life, but I'm also always a little bit leery of things that I order online. Let's go ahead and switch legs here, but this one was so
inexpensive that I'm like okay, even if I hate this, this is a good price.

It was, I should have looked
this up, I'm pretty sure it was less than $20 and honestly nowadays, anything that's less than $20 I'm totally willing to take a chance on. So I got it in the mail, and I put it on, and I was like, "Oh! Well, this shirt was clearly designed for me," So comfortable,
very easy to make it either more fitted or less fitted,
just a really nice shirt. So the link is in the description below, if you would like to get a
really super soft and comfortable workout shirt for yourself. I have one final warm up for
us, it's that leg swinger except this time we're going laterally, so I'm turning to the side again. And we're gonna swing our leg (grunts), right in front of us. Now here's why I do this one.

Do you feel how tight
your hip actually is? Isn't that crazy? We're already super warmed up, we've moved our legs, and
our arms and our bodies through what I would consider
a full range of motion, right up until we do
this lateral leg swing. My friends, I have been doing this warm up for, when did I start doing
this one? Probably about seven or eight years
at this point at least. Every single time I do
leg swingers like this, I notice how tight my hips are. Now you might not be tight in your hips, but if you are, this is a great one to add to your repertoire. Let's go ahead and do the other side and then, have I told you
all the things I wanted to tell you? I think I've told you all the things I wanted to tell you (laughs). Then we're gonna get started on our actual, actual workout today. Are you excited about this one? The reason I have chosen two
of these learn to run videos during this month, is
because learning to run was absolutely, positively,
hands down the thing, that changed everything
for me, it changed my life, it changed my fitness, it
changed my opinion of myself, it changed everything.

Let's go ahead and get
moving and grooving, I'm gonna get this chair
completely out of the way here because that is the last time we needed it, and let's go
ahead and start walking. (timer beeps) Now this is the longer
interval it's one minute. Take this at whatever
pace feels good to you, and feels moderate to you. I know I came out of the
gate a little bit fast today 'cause I'm excited about this.

I am an experienced runner,
so I can actually run, farther, faster, longer and
it's still pretty moderate to me than it might feel for you. Hello again sweetheart,
you really just wanted to be on camera today. That's Rosy, that's my smooth
cat. You know all month long we keep looking at Agatha who is usually right back here on the
couch, but she's asleep in the other room today. But Rosy today wanted a
little bit of camera time to join us. But my point is, my friends do not feel like you have
to keep pace with me. Today especially is one of those
days where I might be going too fast, very unintentionally.
This is still moderate for me and this is something
that I want you to find your moderate with.
(timer beeps) This is our running
interval, that's air quotes, pick it up to whatever pace
feels good and still feels moderate to you. But maybe like a nice little challenge. 15 seconds, plenty of time
to kind of get your feet underneath you (timer beeps) and then we're right back to walking.

You guys when I went on my
weight-loss journey 14 years ago, I had been walking for a long time, I feel like I just told you this story. I had been walking for a
long time and I hadn't really done anything to change what I was eating, and then I changed what I was
eating and I started running. Pretty similar timeline
onto when I did that, and it's so funny to me.

I have more than one
friend who has said to me that the reason that I lost weight was because I started running, that I was running and, I'm quoting again, "Not doing anything else"
and that's how I lost weight. And I have to tell you
nothing could be further from the truth. The reason that I lost weight, was because I changed what I was eating. I was finally eating the
right number of calories to be in a caloric deficit.
(timer beeps) Here we are with a running interval again, running if you want to, walking fast if you want
to, doing jumping jacks if you want to, truly
fill in this 15 seconds with whatever feels best to you. (timer beeps) And then we're right back to
our slower more moderate pace. You guys, I think that there is, well no, I know that there is a general consensus that when you pick up
a new kind of workout especially something
as vigorous as running, that that will be the thing
that will help you lose weight.

We've talked about this
so many times this month but I just wanna reiterate
that starting something new at the same time that you
change what you're eating. The exercise isn't the thing
that makes you lose weight. It's not, it's what you're eating, it's how much you're eating,
it's how consistently you're eating that much,
it's being consistently in a caloric deficit that
changes the number on the scale. Now for me running did very, very much so, change something else.
(timer beeps) Here we go with a pick
it up pace just enough. We're really getting
that heart rate moving and grooving today but not so much, that it's too much stress on our body, you know what feels moderate (timer beeps) to you and that's the pace that you should go.

pexels photo 4498155

The fact is, we all tend to start eating different and exercising at the same time. I mean lots of us do
this, some of us don't, but lots of us do this
thing where we're doing two different things
and it's very difficult to tell them apart
which was the thing that made me lose weight? I will tell you
emphatically, unequivocally, that the thing that helps
you lose weight is changing what you're eating, the thing
that will change your body and frankly for me changed
my mind, is exercise.

They're both important,
they're both very important on your health and fitness journey. But if you're only on
a weight loss journey, it's what you're eating, it absolutely is. When you, (timer beeps)
wherever you're watching this, go ahead and pick it up to a little pick it up pace,
wherever you're watching this there is in the description
box, hi sweetheart.

She seems like she's
trying to actually smell my feet while I am running on them. (timer beeps) There is in the description
box a link to get my 19-page information resource that
talks all about the science and the methodology of how
to lose weight at our age. The fact is it's very different
now. When I lost weight 14 years ago I was in my 30s,
it could have been partially attributable to the fact
that I was eating less and moving more. But when I just recently
lost a couple of pounds, I absolutely had to do less, and eat more.

More consistently actually, even more so than eating more calories. At our age, our metabolism is
different, our stress level is different, our ability to
deal with stress is different. Not better, not worse, just
different and understanding the mechanics and the
science of how that all works (timer beeps) can really help you kind
of wrap your head around what's the best thing for you to be doing. I know all month long I've
been telling you the best thing that you could be doing is moderation, (timer beeps) is eating consistently. But I know there's a part of
you especially when we do, kind of different workouts, that thinks, maybe this will be the thing
that makes me lose weight. My friend, the thing that'll
make you lose weight, is doing the right thing,
being patient with yourself, being kind to yourself, sticking with it, there are all kinds of one things that'll be the thing that
can help you lose weight. But picking up running, not
necessarily one of them, truly. And I say this as
somebody who loves to run. The fact is, that I picked up
running at about the same time that I changed what I was eating.

Had I not done both of
them at the same time, I don't know where I would be, and I've thought about
this a lot actually. Because running for me was,
(timer beeps) absolutely, the simplest exercise that I could do. It was something that
got me out of the house, because I did run outdoors
I still do run outdoors, it gave me some alone time, (timer beeps) it made me feel very strong and very powerful and very
capable in a way that other kind of workouts never really did. I had done other workouts,
I had gone to the gym before but this really checked all my boxes. It was something that I could do alone, I'm an introvert I don't generally like being around a lot of people. It was something that I didn't
have to be very coordinated to be good at, it was
something that I could do at my own pace, it was
something that eventually I could compete at, even at my own pace, and it was something that I
found just so truly enjoyable.

Running for me was very
relaxing, and I know that sounds really funny if you are kind of struggling with these 15 second intervals. It was not relaxing the
very first time I did it, it was not relaxing the
second time I did it, it was not relaxing for a little while. But then, but then it was. (timer beeps) It clicked something in my
brain that changed everything about the way I feel about myself. For me, running was the thing
that I was able to stick to and as long as I was running, well then (timer beeps) yeah of course I was going to go ahead and eat the right number of calories, of course I was going to
continue to lose weight, of course I was gonna
go ahead and you know, eventually I added on like
some strength training and some core work and it snow
balled for me, the ability to be consistent.

If I had only changed what I
was eating without changing what I was doing, I don't know
how long I would have stuck with it, truly. Even though I was getting
results, I don't know if I would have stuck to it, and even
if I was able to stick to it long enough to lose all the weight, I don't know if I would
have kept the weight off. I had gained and lost weight
so many times in my life, doing just that, eating
differently, getting the weight off and then, kind of sliding
back to the way things were. Once I loved an exercise, I
wanted to keep the weight off for very different reasons,
it wasn't about fitting into my jeans or (timer
beeps) looking good, it was so I could run. That's why I've kept the
weight off all these years, so I can run, that's it. I hope that this month has
taught you lots of things. (timer beeps) Number one, I
hope that it has taught you that moderation is the
key to do all good things.

I hope that it has taught
you that you are capable of moderating your workouts. I hope that it has taught
you that you are capable of being consistent. I hope that it has taught
you that what you eat is the thing that drives weight loss as opposed to what you do. I hope that has taught
you that you are amazing, that you, yes you, can stick
to it, can do what you want, can get what you want,
can have your goals, and I hope selfishly because
I love running so much, I hope that running is part
of that journey for you, because I know how much it
changed my mind and my body to be able to do something like this.

This next running interval,
my friend it's our last one we've been doing this for a
while, you've been doing amazing and awesome, (timer beeps) I am nice and sweaty,
here is the last time we're gonna pick it up, if
you wanna make it a finisher you can go a little bit
faster this time, that's okay, you don't have to though. You're in charge of moderation
my friend, we are gonna walk for the minute afterwards
to cool it back down. (timer beeps) But I'm definitely gonna take it down, like a big notch, we're gonna
take the walking down from our exercise walking to our
cool down walking, you guys. You guys, what a great job you did today. I know based on the comments, based on the number of dislikes on the last learn to
run video that we did, that not all of you were
entirely convinced that running is something for you,
and that is totally okay, truly, truly okay like I said
I selfishly want you to become a runner because I love it
so much, but if you have some other passion, any other
passion, something that gets you out of bed in the morning and says this is the thing that I wanna
do, and I want to enjoy this and this is helping me be
consistent and meet my goals.

Do that my friend, do that. (timer beeps) I'm gonna go ahead and turn this off, and we are gonna
do, oh my gosh, a little bit of tapping here, I'm gonna
do our normal cool down. Let's get that Pavlovian
response, oh my goodness. Open up those shoulders,
open wide that chest, stretch your back, stretch your chest, nice big arm circles, oh it feels so good and this is how we know that
we have had enough today right? Just like the warm up has
taught us that something fun is coming that this is
the way we're gonna do things.

This cool down is the same thing. It's the signal to your mind and your body that you've
done it, you've done it today, you don't have to do more,
you don't have to get sweatier you don't have to push
yourself any harder than this. Because what you've done
was already amazing. Let's go ahead and open
up wide, oh my gosh! I love this one. That big deep breath and then
close it up nice and tight, stretch your back, but also
give yourself a great big hug, oh my goodness if today
was only the second time you have done running in
your home, I want you to know that that big hug is for
you, I'm so proud of you. So proud of you for trying something new, so proud of you for moderating,
so proud of you for still being here on day 26, this
is a big deal you guys and don't think that I
don't know it because I do.

So, so proud of you. I do have a longer warm
up – nope, already did a long warm up today, I do
have a longer cool down for you if you have the time and
inclination for some more stretching, it's right here on screen. For my friends who are
casting on TV and cannot see what is on screen, I apologize
for that, that's a YouTube thing not a Pahla B Fitness thing. Make sure that you click on
your phone or on your computer or on whatever device
that you are casting from, make sure that you click
on that extended warm- or extended cool down (laughs). I've got warmups on the brain today.

And also make sure that,
if you're looking for it, that you find the playlist
of what's going to be all 31 of these videos at the end
of the month. My friends you can do them again and
again and again and again and keep getting weight loss results. Down on the bottom of the
screen is the letter P, that is an invitation
to go over to Patreon where a monthly pledge from you helps me make free workouts for all of us, and thank you so much for
that. And on the other side of the screen, that's a picture of me it's actually a subscribe
button, if you are not already subscribed make sure that
you click that and the bell notification, so YouTube
will let you know every time I upload a new video.

Thank you so much for
walking and running with me today, make sure you subscribe
and I'll see you tomorrow..

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