DAY THREE – Weight Loss for Women over 50 😅 31 Day Workout Challenge

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– Hey Killer Bs. It's Pahla B from and on tap today, it's day
three of the Weight Loss for Women over 50 series and today is all about that low impact cardio. You guys, there's
absolutely no jumping today. No transitions to the ground, no squatting and no equipment needed. So when you're ready for this one, I'm totally ready, let's go. (light electronic music) All right you guys, let's
get movin and groovin and that means that
we're gonna get started with some arm circles with high knees. Oh my gosh, oh okay I'm pretty
sure that every single joint in my entire body just cracked just now. How about yours, how
are you feeling today? And in fact before I even
really tell you too much about today, let's talk about
how you're feeling today after yesterday's workout and the workout from the day before. You guys, this might be kind
of a brand new concept to you, working out every single
day and I want you to know that one of the things that
we're really thinking about and concentrating on this
month is figuring out exactly how to moderate each workout so that none of them is ever too much.

Because when we work out every single day, it starts to get that cumulative
effect like we do you know, during a long workout. The longer you work out, the higher your heart rate comes up, the more you're sweating,
the harder it gets. Well yeah, when we're
working out every single day like we do consistently,
when we're losing weight, you start to kind of feel that. Even here on day three,
you might be feeling that. Let's go ahead and do some arm
crossers with booty kickers and my friends, that's really
what we're talking about today with our low impact cardio. We're gonna talk about how to
moderate every kind of workout and I don't mean modify. I don't mean make it easier
or do something different. I mean moderate meaning
that you're doing the work, but you're doing it at
a pace and an intensity that works for you. You know, if you've
done my workouts before, I always tell you that your
workout is your workout. That you should do it at your pace, that you should feel good
about what you are doing, but especially when we're
working on weight loss, it's so important to not work too hard and I know that sounds so crazy.

I know that there are so many
fitness trainers out there and when you were younger, it
may or may not have applied to you or me, but
everybody wants to tell you to work harder, work harder,
work harder, burn more, do more, go faster, but I will
tell you that the real secret to success at this age is
to kind of do a little less, honestly, in so many ways. My friends, let's do
some welcome to my homes and welcome to my home. I'm already falling off of balance. It's gonna be a good
day and I tell you what, it actually is gonna be a good day. I love low impact cardio. It is hands-down my
favorite kind of exercise in the whole wide world
where we get nice and sweaty and have a great time
without all that jumping, jarring and bouncing around. I've got the handy dandy gym boss set for intervals of 20 seconds of
work and 10 seconds of rest.

And we're going to do each
exercise three times in a row. It's kind of like a super
modified Tabata kind of workout where we're getting a lot
of work in short intervals and kind of a short amount of time, but we're doing plenty of it. Now when it beeps, I'm gonna go ahead and start my timer here. We're gonna start with
non jumping jumping jacks which is exactly what it sounds like.

Your hands are doing
the jumping jack motion, but only one foot is coming out at a time. so we're doing a non jumping jumping jack. Now there's 20 second interval,
not too long, not too short. In fact it's the Goldilocks of intervals. Sometimes for HIIT workouts like this one technically
is a HIIT workout, you will have trainers tell you that you should be going
super hard during the work and then that rest interval
is actually pretty short so we don't really bring
in our heart rate down. I'm gonna do a little tapper here. We're doing that exact
same thing two more times. Like I said, three times in a row on the same exercise before we move on. So it's a repeating, no
repeat, once we're done with what is not a circuit at all, here we go. We are gonna be done with the exercise. So this is our second of three intervals of these non jumping
jacks, but my friends, today rather than trying to
think about going super hard, what I want you to think
about is going the right pace.

Going at a pace that you
can get your heart rate up and keep it. Here we go with 10 seconds of rest. Keep it up, elevated, but never so high that you need this 10 seconds of rest or that you need longer
than the 10 seconds of rest. Here we go with our
third of three intervals of these non jumping jacks. This is our last one. So hopefully if you you
know, enjoyed this one, that you'd be like oh that's too bad, we're all done with these
and if you didn't enjoy it, well my friend, we're almost done anyway. That why I love a repeating no repeat. You can get through three
intervals of just about anything. For example coming up next,
forward hinge arm flappers. We're gonna have our
feet a little bit wider than hip-width apart.

Back is gonna stay super
super straight the whole time. Core is pulled in tight. Hands are gonna flap, kind
of like those jumping jacks again while we hinge forward at the waist. Let me turn to the side so you can see. Your back is staying super duper straight. This is in fact a deadlift,
but we're taking it at more of a cardio pace. Now my pace that I'm going
might be exactly right for you. It might also be way too
fast or even way too slow. That was our first one done,
we've got two more of those.

This is 10 seconds of rest. And I want you to know that
whatever pace you're going, if it works for you my
friend, it works for me, but I will caution you
that the harder you work, the harder it is to
lose weight and I know, I know that that is so counterintuitive. It's literally the exact opposite of basically everything
we've ever known ever about losing weight, but here's the thing. This is 10 seconds of rest and then we're doing those
forward hinge arm flappers for the third and final time. When you work out super hard, good for you in lots of ways, absolutely. Good burn, good work, good
for your heart and lungs, good for you, feels really
good with the endorphins, but when we get ourselves
all up like that, our body has to recover from
that and our bodies don't make as much of the hormone
that we need for recovery.

10 seconds of rest. As we used to. Coming up next is low swinging tapper. So we're actually doing this
exact same thing with our feet, but our hands are gonna swing low, really big from side to side. So I'm just gonna go ahead
and get into it right as a matter of fact. So hands are swingin'
low from side to side. Feet are tapping from side to side. Feeling real good with this one. That hormone that we
used to have so much of, estrogen and we have less of
now is actually responsible for helping your muscles
recover, 10 seconds of rest.

Isn't that crazy? When I first discovered
that, I was like wait, what? That's why it feels different now. We're still totally capable
of doing the work, absolutely, 100% capable of doing the work. The hard part is recovering afterwards and when you have a
harder time recovering, your body feels a level of stress. Now stress for us usually means mental, but stress can be physical also
in terms of exercise stress. 10 seconds of rest and
we're gonna do those for the third and final time.

When your body feels stress,
your body stores fat. It knows that you need energy for later and here we go with those
low swinging tappers for the third and final time, and that's literally the
exact opposite reason of why we're working hard. We're trying to get rid of
fat, rather than storing fat. So my friends, let me tell
you, you do not have to go hard and in fact, going hard
can make weight loss hard. When it comes, when it beeps again, we're gonna do windmill
tap backs which means that we're gonna have our hands
and our feet nice and big, nice and wide. We're gonna reach our opposite hand down towards our opposite
foot while tapping back with that same foot.

So it's almost, almost like a curtsy lunge like we just did yesterday. So if that doesn't feel good, don't do it. I want you to know that if
you are sore from yesterday, you know, this is one of the things that we're kind of learning
how to deal with this month. If you do feel sore, 10 seconds of rest, I want you to go even gentler today. That's that recovery that
we just talked about. If your body doesn't feel
like it's ready for more, it might not be ready for more. It's totally okay to move, it's totally okay to
get your heart rate up, it's totally okay I have some cardio fun, but you don't want to go so
hard that you are then adding to the stress that your body is feeling because my friends,
stress is not your friend in so many ways. 10 seconds of rest. You guys, when it beeps again, we're gonna do those windmill tap backs for the third and final time. Today's workout, you
know, we spent so much of yesterday talking
about how you don't have to burn a lot of calories
during your workout to be good for weight loss and today, even though we are burning more calories than we did yesterday,
I do want you to know that sometimes, in fact
no, not even sometimes, almost all of the time, the
real point of a workout, 10 seconds of rest and
when it beeps again, we're gonna do a reach across crunch.

So we're gonna have our feet kind of set. We're gonna reach across and
then crunch on that side. So we're really working
our abs and obliques, reach across and crunch,
reach across and crunch. It's a big motion that really
gets your heart rate up while also really working your core. Totally feeling a lot of that
single leg standing stuff that we did yesterday while I'm doing this, how about you? My friends, oh, 10 seconds of rest. This is the real joy for me of
working out every single day is really getting a feel
from what, what I'm doing. Really noticing the
muscles that I'm using. Really noticing the
effort that I've put in. Really thinking about putting
in the right amount of effort rather than always going with
the most amount of effort. You, no matter what pace you're going, no matter how big your motions,
that was two of them done.

Next one is our third and final time with those reach across crunch. You are doing the best thing that you can be doing for weight loss. Not when you're working out. Here we go with our
third and final interval, but when you're doing the right thing. When you're exercising moderately,
when it feels just right, maybe even doesn't feel like quite enough because of our lifelong conditioning that we have to do more, but when you are eating the
right number of calories, managing your stress, drinking your water, you're totally doing the right thing.

When it beeps again,
we're gonna do can cans. It's a knee up and then a kick. Excuse me, oh my gosh,
choking on myself here. Knee up and then kick and knee and kick. Oh my gosh, if you would like to. If it feels right and appropriate for you, you can get your hands
into this a little bit, putting your hands up overhead. The higher hands, the
higher your heart rate. I'm keeping this, 10 seconds
of rest, moderate for me. Moderate from me, honestly
might look nothing like moderate for you
and I want you to know that you should never feel like you have to work to be moderate. That's literally the opposite of what moderate should feel like for you. Moderate should feel, I don't
wanna use the word gentle, but it's the word that
always comes to mind because it's just right. 10 seconds of rest. Next one is our third and
final time with those can cans. You shouldn't feel like
you're working at a point where you almost can't do more.

You should also, I'm trying to think of how else to describe it. The fact is it should
almost feel not enough and that's such a weird thing to aim for, but learning what that is
and how to accomplish it, that was our third and final
time, 10 seconds of rest and coming up next, we're doing
booty kick or elbow swings. So we're doing booty kickers with our legs and elbow swings with our arms. so I have to think about
which way we go here.

Here it is. Trying to make sure that
I've timed it just right. So we're kicking and swinging,
kicking and swinging. You know, today is just a little
bit of coordination for me. Cardio always is, which
is part of the reason why I enjoy it so much. 10 seconds of rest. And I know that some of
you might not enjoy cardio. You know, yesterday I was
talking to you as though, as though you don't
necessary like strength, but today, even though I love cardio, here we go with interval number two. I know that not everybody
does and that's part of why it's almost such a relief
when you're losing weight, that you don't have to go hard. Truly if you don't like
cardio, I can almost guarantee that the reason you don't like
it is because you've tried to go too much, too fast, too hard.

pexels photo 7772683

Here's 10 seconds of
rest and then we're going into those booty kicker elbows swings for the third and final time. You guys, today's workout it's
moving along very quickly. It's not super long. It doesn't have to be. You know, that kind of
falls under that category of what is moderate. You know, for you the length
of these workouts this month might be right at the edge
of the longest workouts that you've done. 10 seconds of rest. Coming up next, we're gonna
do high hand oblique crunches. Hands are gonna be high like it says and we're gonna bring our opposite elbow towards our opposite knee while bringing that opposite knee up.

Oh it's just a little bit of balance work, standing on one foot, thinking oh my gosh, about pulling in your core,
standing up straight and tall. Having your hands up overhead really brings up your heart rate. So if you need to move a little slower? Totally okay, I want you to move at a pace that feels best for you, excellent job. Moderation has everything
to do with duration, intensity, speed. There's lots of factors that
go into it and honestly, moderation, it's in the
eye of the beholder. It's exactly like beauty. Your moderate is very personal
to you and my goal for you, whether you have this as your
goal for yourself or not, but my goal for you this month is for you to pay attention to and really learn what moderation feels like for you so that you can always
get your best workouts.

This is 10 seconds of
rest and then we're doing those high hand oblique crunches for the third and final time. Oh my gosh okay, I'm looking
at my white board here and the couple of exercises
that I've got on my list, I'm like okay, how do I do this. They're a little bit more
coordinated which means that I'm probably gonna
go a little bit slower which again, is totally fine. Coming up next we're
doing wide open side kicks and that means that we're
gonna have our hands out to the front, right
about shoulder height. We're gonna open up the
hand that is kicking. So you're opening and
kicking, opening and kicking. I really have to think how
about where my hand is.

My feet can more or less do
the kicking on their own, keeping my hands at shoulder height and only moving one of them at
a time really helps you focus on pulling in your core,
really helps you know where your body is oh my
gosh, in space and time. Okay I'm choking again. You guys, I need some water. When we're done with this,
I'm definitely getting water. Hopefully you have some nearby.

I don't usually take a water
break while we're working out. I don't always need one, but today I'm definitely feeling it. Water is such an important part
of your weight loss journey. Making sure that you are drinking
the right amount of water really is one of the things
that it's a good idea to track during your day. 10 seconds of rest and then
coming up next is our third and final time with those
wide-open sidekicks. If you haven't already downloaded, make sure that you open up
the description box below. I have a freebie for you. It's literally everything
that I know about weight loss over 50 and it's got
some good tracking sheets so that you can keep
track of your calories, your exercise, your water, your sleep and keep your goal right, front
and foremost in your mind.

Honestly, 10 seconds of rest. Coming up next, we're
gonna do middle skips which is just what it sounds like. We're doing a skipping motion,
but we're keeping our hands kind of at the middle and
I really did that wrong. There we go, it's opposite
hand and opposite foot. This is the real reason
why I need 10 seconds in between the exercises you guys. I have to have that
mental space to figure out what my body is doing next. You're bringing up your opposite
hand and your opposite knee exactly as though we were skipping, but without any kind of jumping at all.

10 seconds of rest. Oh my gosh, okay, so I
really do have a good time with cardio and hopefully
if you are one of my Bs who doesn't love cardio, hopefully today has really shown you that cardio is supposed to be fun. Workouts are supposed to be fun. You know, we spend so
many years of our lives pushing ourselves so hard
that exercise just seems like a chore sometimes. The fact is, because the result that you're gonna get out
of it, 10 seconds of rest, isn't necessarily weight
loss, it is mental health, clarity, good for your
heart, good for your bones, good for your heart and
lungs, good for your body. Here we go with our third and final time with these middle skips. My friends, you might as
well have fun with it. You know, you can be serious
about counting your calories.

You can be serious about
getting in your water. You can be serious
about your sleep habits. You can be serious about losing weight, but you can have with your workouts. 10 seconds of rest and this my
friends, is our last exercise in what is not a circuit at all. We're doing toy soldiers. That means we're gonna have hands up. We're reaching our opposite hand for our opposite kicking foot. Having those hands up
overhead the whole time really brings your heart
rate up, making sure that you're moving at a pace
that feels best for you, truly.

Standing still with your
hands above your head will raise your heart rate. You don't have to move very much at all to get the cardio effect. Here's 10 seconds of rest. Catch your breath and then we're gonna go and do it again for the
second time, here it comes. Oh my gosh you guys, what
great job you're doing. I'm so proud of you. I know we're only three
days in, but seriously, I'm super proud of you
for tackling a challenge like we're doing this month. For setting your goals as a
big priority for yourself. And 10 seconds of rest. It's so important to be able
to do something for yourself. That is honestly one of the nicest things that I have done ever in my life. Here's our third and final
time with this exercise. These toy soldiers, getting
that heart rate up, up, up, here at the end of our workout.

You guys, when it beeps
again, we will be done, but we will not be finished. I have a built-in finisher for us. It's actually just one more exercise, the exact same way we've
done all the other exercises. It's just a little harder, so that's why I'm calling it the finisher. We're doing drinky bird jacks. That means that we are going
to have our hands moving like jumping jacks while our
feet move like drinky birds which is a single leg deadlift. This is balance, this is core, this is every muscle
that we worked yesterday in our balance and strength workout. So this feels tough. Feel free, oh my gosh, 10 seconds of rest. Feel free to moderate or modify in whatever manner works best
for you because we are really almost better than done.

We are almost finished. Here's our second interval. Gonna do three of these. Really thinking about having
that core pulled in tight. Thinking about good form, even
when we're moving quickly. Always good to do your
best, to keep your body safe and have it get stronger. 10 seconds of rest, then next
time is our last interval. What a great job you're doing, getting the exact right
amount of sweat today. Here we go, our third and
final time, awesome job. Really struggling with
my balance on this one. Really want you to think
about pulling in your core, squeezing from your
glutes, moving at a speed that you can control. You might be able to
go faster, woo doggies, but that doesn't mean that
you're gonna make it any better. I'm turning off the timer
because that was it. Oh my gosh, let's cool
this down a little bit.

I'm doing some little
side-to-side tapping here while my heart rate comes down little bit. What a great job you did. Let's go ahead and do some arm circles. Oh my goodness, real nice and gentle. I really like to keep my feet moving while we're doing these
cool down stretches. Especially when we're coming off of a cardio workout like today.

The fact is after you've
got your heart rate up nice and high, you don't really
just want to like stop and stand still and lock
your knees or just sit down and plummet your heart rate. It's a really good idea, it's
really nice for your body, nice for your brain to cool down at least for a minute or two. Now I know that some of
you love the cool down and some of you don't love the cool down. I actually happen to belong in the don't love the cool down camp, I'll be honest with you.

It's part of the reason why
I do the exact same cool down as warm up and exact same
cool down every single day. When I have a routine and I can just do it without
thinking, it gets done. It gets done and I don't
have to overthink it, I don't have to be like, oh
what exercises do I wanna do today? How do I want to cool down? Because the fact is I don't
want to and I will choose to opt out of it any chance I get. Honestly, if the camera wasn't
on I wouldn't be doing this. Let's go ahead and do some arm crossers. Give yourself a nice, big hug because you have done something that not everybody loves to do. My friends, that really
is the power of routine and planning ahead. When you just have something on the list, it's something you're just
going to do no matter what, it gets done and, especially something that's like important
for you like a cool-down, it's really nice to not have
to decide every single time, am I gonna do this, am
I not gonna do this.

Yeah, you are because you're here with me and this is what we do at
the end of every workout. Now if you happen to be somebody
who loves the cool down. Of course I have more for you. I mean I don't do a super
long one because again, I'm only doing this
'cause the camera's on me and I promised you I would, but if you love a nice long cool down, I have one here for you on screen. On the other side of
this top of the screen, I'm gonna have this entire
playlist of all of the 31 days of the Weight Loss for
Women over 50 workouts.

Right now there's only three of them, but later in the month,
there will be all of them. On the bottom of the screen,
there's the letter P. That's an invitation to go over to Patreon where a monthly pledge from you helps me make free workouts for
all of us and thank you, thank you so much for that. On the other side of the
screen, that is a picture of me and that's actually a subscribe button. If you are not already subscribed, make sure that you click that and click the bell notification so that YouTube will let you know every time I upload a new video. My friends, thank you so
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