Day 1: Is “listening to your body” the key to weight loss? // Inner & Outer Wisdom

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is diet and exercise enough for weight loss no i'll tell you why today [Music] hey welcome to the series i'm alyssia and i'm so excited you're here this is the first official episode of this series food freedom the entire month of january monday through friday we've got videos coming before we get started i want to remind you to subscribe and hit the bell so you don't miss anything and remember that this is a video course that is hosted via email even though the videos are up on youtube obviously um all of the additional downloads and materials that go along with this stuff is gonna be in the email every single day it is a free course you can sign up at food freedom to get the downloads associated with this video so today we're going to talk about a foundational concept that you need to understand for the rest of this series for the rest of this course so the course really builds on each other so you kind of have to follow along every single day or you're going to get lost and what we're talking about today is a concept that i call inner and outer wisdom and this has completely changed the way i think about food and my relationship to health so inner and outer wisdom is a mindfulness framework and tool but it's really valuable to shifting our perspective around health so what are inner and outer wisdom we really need to see this clearly here to move forward so if this is you most of what we get caught up in tends to be outer wisdom related okay so information about food nutrition exercise knowledge about what foods we should or shouldn't be eating things like calories nutrients different diets pretty much external tools and information inner wisdom so inner you know now it looks like a cross but inner wisdom is something that we have to tune into individually and most often these things are overlooked so things like how hungry we are how full we are how flavorful a food is how we use food to comfort relax celebrate knowing our eating triggers our emotions our thoughts i mean i was very much not connected to my inner wisdom and now i look back and i see how much that got in the way of my goals and health and especially with weight loss so with inner wisdom pretty much only you only you can know that inner wisdom it's like knowing if you like the taste of a food do you like cilantro you know some people love it some people hate it no one else can tell you if you like it or knowing if you walk into a room and it's 72 degrees to you it might be hot to me it might be cold only you know that's your inner wisdom so when we say or hear listen to our body we say that all the time but most of us don't really know what that means or how to do it alicia do you hear me [Music] that's because listening to our body requires a connection to that inner wisdom and most of the time we're caught up in outer wisdom we're caught up in the details of the diets and the food and you know all of the information all of the stuff the experts tell us to do rather than what's inside so i'm going to talk about this a lot this month that i'm going to give you tools and tips for how to connect more deeply to this inner wisdom and not everyone believes this to be true but what i have found on my journey and what i believe is that we need both inner and outer wisdom so we can't depend on the external information you know we can't just depend on diets and nutrition information and you know exercise routines we can't depend on experts but we also don't need to solely rely on inner wisdom they can support one another and the key is getting connected with our inner wisdom as a foundation so we have to have this first before we can take advantage of the outer wisdom tools from that space of uh clarity and intention this is really what it means to take responsibility for our health you know right now we turn to doctors and experts we're told to but we really need to turn to ourselves we can learn from doctors and experts and you know external sources we can hear what they have to say but no one can be an expert of you more than you so you have to get to know you to find the confidence to listen to your body to tune in uh to learn how to do it and how to trust yourself then if you can do that you won't feel you need to blindly listen to anyone else or have anyone else to give you an eating plan mind over munch until this last year 2020 really had focused primarily on the outer wisdom you know most of the videos were about recipes ways of eating diets nutrition and again there's use in that but i didn't personally make progress on healing my relationship with food until i stopped looking outside for all of the answers and i turned to myself and that's when i strengthened my connection to my inner wisdom once we have that foundation of the inner wisdom we can learn about our options of outer wisdom we can be flexible and considerate of how we implement the outer wisdom if we so choose it really helped me become less stressed out more patient and adaptive and my experience with food and health became a lot more peaceful and easy and even with health and weight loss so it's sort of like i've been trying to come up with an analogy for inner and outer wisdom for like months and i've i i have one that sort of works it's still not perfect and maybe you guys can help me but what i've come down to is well let's see if you can see what this is [Music] i think anyone will believe i i went to art school it's a cake but it's not just a cake it's cake with frosting okay bear with me so in your nose this is the best analogy i can come up with inner and outer wisdom inner wisdom is the cake outer wisdom is the frosting on the cake so the cake itself is what makes a cake a cake you you know the foundation of the cake is all you really need to enjoy the cake now most people are gonna say that cake tastes better with frosting i actually like i don't i'm not a huge frosting fan but i know like christian prefers frosting for instance so outer wisdom is the frosting you wouldn't for instance eat frosting usually on its own some of you might but you're not usually going to go to the store and buy a tub of frosting and just eat it maybe if you have the tub of frosting there already from frosting a cake right but usually the outer wisdom the frosting on its own it doesn't do much without the foundation of the cake what's really important for the integrity is the cake structure itself so the cake is the inner wisdom the frosting is the outer wisdom now when is it best when they're together right a cake with frosting is gonna be the best option inner and outer wisdom together are going to be your best source for support but we have to have the inner wisdom we have to have the cake foundation before we can really benefit from the frosting or else you're just spreading frosting around on nothing all right does that work i don't know the only other analogy i could come up with was like chips and dip so like you know you eat chips and you can eat them on their own but that would be the inner wisdom and then you could dip it in like guacamole or salsa that would be like the outer wisdom but you probably wouldn't need guacamole and sauce on their own i don't know if you have any other analogy ideas for this inner outer wisdom framework put them in the comments and let me know because i've been trying to crack it but that's the best i can do for now okay so ultimately this comes down to what i touched on in the first video last week which is be do have we have to you know we get caught up in and being human doings these days we're trying to get what we want to have by doing but it's be do have we have to be human beings and then do from that place of being to have so if our have the goal we want is to heal our relationships with food or to achieve weight loss or whatever it may be we can't just do we have to be the b is the inner wisdom so just think like order of operations just like it's order of operations like a math thing isn't it pemdas i have the worst handwriting this is going to be a nightmare all month but okay so you have a b do have you need inner then you need outer and then you become whole joe gonna make that better pretty much what i want you to take away from this is we have to heal from the inside out so if you're someone who thinks you need a specific diet or a way of eating if you love to try all the diets or if you think you know this worked for a while but now it's not working i totally hear you i was there and it means probably there's an imbalance you know in a higher focus on outer wisdom than inner this month i'm going to help you zoom out so that you can tune into your inner wisdom and get to know yourself a little bit better and hopefully find that confidence and ultimately i hope it can bring you more peace that's the goal but this is a process none of this is going to happen overnight or even in a week or a month i mean it's a journey and for me it's been years and i'm still learning but i hope i can share what i've learned so that you can you know cut through some of the crap that took me a while to figure out so what i ask is that you go through this journey or at least during this month you know is that you just notice notice any attachments to outer wisdom so that might look like food rules are you attached to rules about when you're supposed to eat how much you're supposed to eat what kinds of foods are allowed or not are you attached to dieting are you attached to other people's opinions on health i'm not asking you to change anything or do anything just notice and then when you notice it you know what just ask what would it mean to let go of that what would it mean you know to go out to dinner and look at a menu without your food rules what would it mean to say to yourself okay i want to lose a few pounds after the holidays and what would it mean to not do that through restrictive dieting or over exercise just get curious about it that's the first step i'm gonna talk so much more about the next steps don't worry for now just take this in share this video i ask for this whole whole series i really want to help people you know heal their relationships with food because it's brought me so much peace so if you know someone struggling with this i it would mean so much to me if you would share it with them and then we can really create this community that can go through this together and you know i hope that you'll use the comments as a space to kindly communicate you know share share today a piece of inner wisdom that you've learned about yourself just as a reminder i touched on this last week but my new course which is mind over meal prep is open this week for enrollment it's teaching meal prep through the lens of mindfulness and you know this series on youtube and email is free and if you want to support this series and you're interested in mindfulness and meal prep then you know enrolling in that course is a great way to support this free series so that's it for now this month we are getting so serious about how really for the first time i'm seeing that it's all a matter of mind over munch [Music] you

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