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hey everybody Suz here back with another keto 
dinner ideas video today is another requested   video it is all about super easy keto dairy 
free recipes all of these are easily adaptable   and perfect for throwing together for 
a weeknight meal if you're not already   a member of the crew go ahead and hit 
that subscribe button let's get into it first up we're making this super easy low carb 
crock pot chicken cacciatore this is from joy   filled eats her original recipe is linked down 
below as always so to start with in a large   crock pot i'm going to be using chicken breast 
for mine but you can use chicken thighs if you   like boneless chicken breast i have about two 
and a half pounds here in my crock pot adding   in a 28 ounce can of whole peeled tomatoes make 
sure it's no sugar added and i just poured them   in with the juice on top of that i'm adding in one 
medium sized red bell pepper that i just cut into   little slices along with some onion now she uses 
two onions for her recipe and wanted to make it   lower carb so i'm just using half a cup of sliced 
regular white onion on top of that i'm adding in   two teaspoons of minced garlic a teaspoon of 
dried oregano two teaspoons of dried parsley a teaspoon of dried basil and then a teaspoon of sea salt and then 
you can cook this low and slow all day   long if you want i'm putting my lid on and 
i cooked mine on high for five hours stir it   periodically breaking up your chicken and i kind 
of took the spoon and mashed my tomatoes down   this is what it looks like after you do that to 
serve it i steamed some zoodles in the microwave   spooned this over it because i had fresh basil in 
the fridge i went ahead and put some on there you   can throw on some dairy dairy-free parmesan cheese 
or even some nutritional yeast on top of it if you   like as you see here on mine but that's totally 
up to you this is very very easy to throw together   and very nice tasting family friendly keto dairy 
free recipe next up super duper quick and easy   other than just slicing your pork we have a keto 
sesame pork and green beans the original recipe   is by the best keto recipes i don't know if they 
just aggregate other's recipes but to start with   they're making our sauce which so have a fourth 
a cup soy you could use liquid aminos adding to   that one tablespoon brown swerve one tablespoon 
rice vinegar make sure you just get one that's   just straight vinegar no carbs 
three tablespoons of sesame oil putting in two teaspoons of grated ginger along 
with two teaspoons of minced garlic and then they   use sriracha but that has sugar in it so i prefer 
this chili garlic sauce and i like some spice   so i'm adding a teaspoon of that you want to leave 
this out if you don't want it spicy but i don't   think it'll taste as good without it honestly 
whisking that together until it is nice and   combined and that brown swerve is broken up and 
then i'm just gonna stick this to the side while   we get started on sauteing our pork so for that 
in a large skillet i added a couple tablespoons   of extra virgin olive oil over medium high heat 
you can see here i have some pork this is about a   pound in half i took center cut pork chops sliced 
them really thinly and now i'm just plopping them   in the skillet evening them out into one layer 
and i'm going to let these cook undisturbed for   about five minutes because i slice the pork 
so thinly this is gonna cook up in no time   after about five minutes i'm just going to toss 
this around get it over onto the uncooked side   and stirring it a little i'm going to continue 
cooking this for another five minutes and that   gets it nice and cooked through and once all of 
the pink is gone we're going to take our sauce   give it another little whisk here and pouring it 
in this is more of a kind of a lighter coating   than sesame sauces i've made in the past i prefer 
the saucy kind of stuff but this was good for just   a light dinner now i'm adding some green beans 
they use three cups of fresh whole green beans   i'm using two and a half cups of like flash frozen 
whole green beans some of these are broken apart   and i just sat them on the counter for a little 
while to kind of go ahead and thaw a bit and   stirring from the bottom to make sure everything 
is nice and incorporated and coated with that   flavoring now i did turn my heat down to medium 
at this point and i'm gonna just pop a lid on this   and i let it cook for about 10 minutes making sure 
that everything was nice and coated in our kind of   i hate calling it a sauce because it's so thin you 
could leave the lid off and just keep cooking and   stirring this and it would reduce this to more of 
a sauce taking the lid off after about 10 minutes   you can see here everything is nice and coated 
and like i said this was a nice change up than   doing like a sticky sesame sauce this is more of 
just like if you marinated your meat and veggies   and then cooked it very light tasting but still 
very very flavorful i did forget to add a little   additional salt and pepper to this dish which i 
normally do and because we use soy sauce that does   have a lot of salt in it already so it was fine 
but normally i would add a little bit more here it   is plated up i did top it with some sesame seeds 
this was probably my favorite of the week because   i just love the flavor that chili garlic sauce 
and sesame oil very easy dairy free keto recipe   that you can whip up you can make it as spicy or 
as mild as you like next up look at this beautiful   meal oh my gosh this is a low carb bacon and 
pork rind crusted cod so to start with i just   took an eight by eight glass dish sprayed 
it with some extra virgin olive oil i have   in this shallow bowl one egg beaten and then 
i have two uh wild caught atlantic cod fillets   and these are about seven ounces each and i'm 
doing it a little bit different from the recipe   from that slow carb that's linked down below i 
am coating both of my cod filets in our egg and   just putting them straight into the baking pan i'm 
just sprinkling each of these with probably about   an eighth to a fourth of a teaspoon of garlic 
powder on each cod fillet and then i'm putting   a couple tablespoons of crushed pork rinds on top 
of each one and using my hand to just press that   into the top of the fish i know some of you can't 
get your hands on crushed pork rinds i always just   make a whole bunch at one time in the food 
processor and store them for recipes like this you   could totally leave those off i'm sure that this 
would taste fine without it and you could just   proceed with the bacon so for this bacon i just 
fried up some bacon this is two pieces crumbled   and we're putting the equivalent of one on top of 
each piece of fish and i'm also pressing that in   and you could add additional salt if you wanted 
but there's great amount of salt in the crushed   pork rinds so i didn't add any and i didn't add 
pepper on this now i like my fish well done so   i'm popping it into the oven at 350 for 20 minutes 
most people would probably cook theirs around 15   minutes at 350.

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Here's what it looks like when 
it comes out isn't it so pretty and while that   was cooking we just sliced up a little bit of 
veggies so steamed broccoli in the microwave to   serve it i topped it with just a tiny bit of vine 
ripened tomato fresh basil and a nice amount of   cold pressed extra virgin olive oil over all of it 
my husband this was actually his favorite meal of   the week and i'm very surprised by that if i liked 
cod better it might have been up there for me but   i'm really not that big of a fan of cod while i 
was eating it i was thinking that this would be   a great recipe with a little bit different kind of 
texture of fish like a mahi but a great new way to   throw together fish instead of just your regular 
baked or broiled basic fish recipe the last recipe   of the week was another keto dairy-free crock-pot 
meal look at this i loved this this was you know   probably my second favorite of the week it's 
called london broil is falling down original   recipe by ruled me linked down below looks very 
messy but in a crock pot i have a two pound london   broil you can see here i've already added my 
soy sauce to it i added two tablespoons of soy   one on each side and now i'm adding about i didn't 
measure about two tablespoons of unsweetened   primal kitchen ketchup about one total tablespoon 
of dijon mustard and dijon mustard is dairy free   most all of them that i've seen and then i'm just 
using a silicone basting brush to kind of mix that   together adding two teaspoons of minced garlic on 
top of that and also using the basting brush to   mix that in and then i'm just coating it you can 
see i'm sweeping off the excess on the other side   i'm going to pick my london broil up kind of 
smoosh that around on the bottom of my crock pot   put it back down this looks messy but it it 
all came together super easy and then i am   just sprinkling this with two teaspoons of onion 
powder just on top because this is all gonna cook   down together i think this is the first time 
i've ever made a linen broil in the crock pot   interesting ingredient we're adding a 
half a cup of just regular brewed coffee and i'm adding a half a cup of 
chicken broth right on top of that   and then i'm adding a fourth of a cup of just 
regular cooking white wine if you don't have that   you could totally leave it out it'll still taste 
awesome putting the lid on i cooked mine on high   for about five and a half hours you could cook 
it low and slow all day it would be even better   taking the lid off this is what it looks like i 
didn't stir it or break it apart at all while it's   cooking if you've watched me for a while you know 
i always use an electric mixer to shred any meat   but i went ahead and used two forks for this and 
i'm doing it on camera just to show you how tender   it all came out and how awesome you know messy 
going in but we're just keeping it real around   here sorry for the presentation on that shredding 
it apart look how easy so tender and if you cook   london broil a lot you know that's a pretty 
tough cut of meat and even cooking this on   high for five and a half hours in the crock pot 
nice and tender tossing it around in our sauce   in the meanwhile i steamed some cauliflower 
rice in the microwave and here it is plated   up i just served some of that beef right over the 
top of that cauliflower rice this is perfect for   doing a meal prep easy dairy-free keto recipe 
that you can just you see how messy and quickly   we threw that together i mean and you don't have 
to use london broil for this you could really use   any type you could use a chuck roast um whatever 
type of tougher cut beef that you find on sale   that you want to use there you go that's this 
week's keto dinner ideas video all about those   keto low carb dairy free recipes i know i have 
a lot of people out here that love incorporating   dairy free recipes into their ketogenic diet 
so i hope you enjoyed this video happy mother's   day to all of you moms that are celebrating 
in the states and until next time bye y'all

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