Chocolaty Vegan Healthy Valentine Dessert Recipes [Gluten-Free]

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hi again so we're in the middle of
Valentine's week and I want to show you how to make healthier but delicious
chocolaty treats that won't wreak havoc on your health.
But first let's pause for a second and think about what Valentine's Day really
means. Now, I won't dig deep into the history and legend behind the day, you
can read all about this from my blog post oat-banana cookies if you're
interested, but let's see what it has become today.

The way I see it, Valentine's
Day is about making your friends and loved one's happy, right? Now, of course I
hate how this day or any other holiday has been commercialized to trick people
into spending more money, but I think you'd agree that self-made gift or
something from the heart is something that your friends would appreciate the
most. Hmm, unless they are shallow of course… Maybe
you're wondering why I want to keep Valentine's chocolaty treats healthy
anyway? Well, I couldn't imagine myself presenting someone I care about with
something that would not benefit their well-being.

It just wouldn't make sense
to me and besides, it's so simple and easy to make those chocolaty treats
yourself with healthy whole food ingredients. Now, to show you that I'm not
just talking here, I've gathered together 15 healthy chocolaty treats in a
Valentine's roundup and you can check them all up if you go to my blog and
read the post. The link is in video description. Now, to
give you an idea of how simple and easy it really is to make your own chocolaty
treats, I will show you here and now how to make two of my favourite recipes. First,
raw chocolate, raw superfood chocolate candies and secondly oh-so-chocolatey
baked cookies. So, let's get on to it! I've already
melted here in a double boiler raw cocoa paste or liquor, as you prefer and coconut puree. Now, usually the base of any chocolate is cocoa butter, cacao powder
and refined sugar and many homemade recipes also use coconut oil.

Now, if you
know me then you must guess that I always opt for wholesome ingredients and
that's why I replace the cocoa butter with cacao liquor or paste as you prefer
as it is whole food. If you didn't know then cocoa liqueur is made from whole
cold-milled, cold-pressed cacao beans and it can be used as conventional baking
chocolate. I have here two kinds of cacao liquor.
This one is raw and it comes in these big chunks and I have to cut pieces of it
and the other one, this is actually refind cocoa liquor. I guess that's because it's
melted, the chunks are melted and then reshaped into these drops. And I will use
these in baked goods because I will heat it in anyway. Raw cocoa paste has not
been heated over 45 degrees Celsius or 114F and it is
very rich in magnesium and contains a rich supply of antioxidants. Now, what's
up, why isn't she making the recipe?! Don't worry, I will continue right now! Okay,
enough chitchat! I'll actually start adding stuff! Here, in a small bowl I
have sifted carob powder, lucuma powder and mesquite powder.

My recipe actually
contains yakon powder, but I didn't have any at home so I used mesquite instead.
Okay, I'll just sift it in and stir. Sift and stir until it's all finished up. And lastly I
add ground xylitol, Himalayan salt and cinnamon.
I grind xylitol because somehow unground (is it a word?) xylitol doesn't
dissolve in chocolate. So, here it goes! Okay, some more. And I mix it in. It's
quite thick! This is the way I like it actually.
You have more like heartier candies. Okay,
the batter turned out to be much thicker than I thought because apparently mesquite
absorbs much more liquid than yakon. Because in your original recipe I
have yakon, but no harm done — it's delicious! And I've already started pressing the
chocolate batter into silicone chocolate moulds.

Heart-shaped ones because it's
Valentine's Day! I'll just finish it up and then I will
put it into fridge like for an hour and then I will show you how the candies
look like. So, the candies have been in the fridge
for an hour and they have nicely firmed up and ready to be enjoyed or gifted to
a loved one. So, let's bite into one and let's see how they turned out! So heavenly! I also have a full recipe
video for these raw superfood candies. I will link to it at the end of the video.
So, you can check it out! And definitely go and read the blog post
as well, because there I will basically give you a step-by-step guide how to
create your own raw superfood candy recipe — which superfood powders to add,
which protein powders and other tweaks you can give to your candies. Okay, let's
move on to the oh-so-chocolatey baked cookies! I've already mixed together the
base here.

pexels photo 9502104

It has been sitting for an hour an hour and a half or so. And it
consists of oat bran, rolled oats, carob powder, cacao powder, cinnamon and oat milk.
And now comes the chocolaty part of those cookies! I melted (in a double
boiler again) some cacao paste, coconut puree and mixed in some Himalayan salt
as well. And this goes on to the batter. Okay, now I will mix it in real nice! Alternatively you can only melt 2/3 of the cacao liqueur and chop the 1/3 and mix it in at the end. So
that you'd have like this chocolatey chunks in your cookies. This is
so yummy! And now I'm shaping the cookies and put them on a baking baking sheet with
silicone mat, silicone baking mat. I really like this mat, because I usually
take parchment paper, but this is kind of, I can use it forever and just wash it and
use it again.

So, no environment waste. It's a bit messy,
your hands will be greasy, but that's totally okay. And here's the last one!
I've got sixteen cookies. I must have eaten quite a bit of
batter, who cares! And now they're going in to oven
for 16 minutes. Now, I always like to leave some batter behind so that I can
lick the bowl! I don't know why but I've always liked raw batter better than the
baked version.

Is it the same with you? Mm-hmm
So, the cookies are ready, so let's have a bite!
I've already had several bites but not with you, so let's see! Mmm, the smell! You
can really really feel the chocolate and that was the aim right? Hmm… So, the health
freak in me always wants to come out. So, I have to tell you that even though
these cookies are made of healthy whole food ingredients, they're in no way
health food like kale or spinach is. So, you shouldn't munch them mindlessly.
Everyone should know their own limit as they're quite high in fats,
especially saturated fat from cacao butter and I personally don't do very
well with high amounts of cacao, especially raw cacao. I know my symptoms —
my face turns pink or reddish and my heart starts to pound.

You must know
yours! So, if you crave those cookies right now, go ahead and make them! The
recipe is up on my blog, the link of which is in video description and you will
find all the ingredients, quantities, directions, substitution info and more
tips. And yeah, go ahead and let me know how you like them! And that's it for today! I hope
you enjoyed my two favourite chocolaty recipes and that will it will go and
check them out and try them as well! And definitely read my Valentine's Day
roundup for even more chocolatey recipes like brownies, raw cheesecake, lemon cake
with chocolate frosting, one more candy recipe and even more unconventional
treat like chocolatey sweet potato cream.

Now, in my future videos I plan to dig
deeper into sweeteners that I use for my baked treats or raw treats. As you know
I'm a former Candida overgrowth sufferer, so I only use xylitol or it stevia and I
wanted to explain more about this topic to you. So, make sure you subscribe not to
miss any of my future videos and blog posts. And also, please let me know if you
enjoyed this kind of cooking together kind of video so that I would know
whether to make them also in the future.

Mmm, how many cookies have I eaten raw? I
don't know….

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