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today today we have cauliflower mac and
cheese how many people like mac and cheese I
would say every single person on the planet I mean this is the thing that's
like oh I miss it so much mac and cheese this
I've had other cauliflower mac and cheese and it's good because anything
with cheese I think is really good the texture of this is just like mac and
cheese that's because cauliflower is the new
potato cauliflower is the new potato okay alright let's try it out okay let's
try it oh my gosh mmm who needs actual macaroni when you have this so good
cauliflower is amazing yeah and the cheese in here just smothers it so it's
really cheesy and I like cheese because I'm from Wisconsin this is amazing
cheese head it's very this is really really good and I'm really glad there's
an entire casserole of it you know it's so easy to be keto is it super easy
it's super easy just the way I hope you find this recipe check it out check it

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