[Awesome] Simple Rice Cooker Recipes

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Translated by Souk (someoneuknow04_ IG) Hey hey everyonee! It's going to be the end of the month in a few days, and of course, your wallet is empty again from all that impulse shopping :)) But don't worry, Nino is here to helpp :)) I'm going to instruct y'all on how to make @小穎美食 (Xiaoying Cuisine)'s recipe for Rice and Vegetables. It's super suitable for my lonely viewers :)) No more beating around the bush, I'll start making the dish right away. Start with washing your rice And then soak your rice grains for 30min While waiting, I'm going to chop up some vegetables: ¼ of a potato (50g), ⅓ of a carrot (50g) and some mushrooms (30g) I'm also gonna show off all my lovely and fresh veggies I just bought from MUJI. It looks so good and fresh right? That's bc it's delivered to the store right after being harvested And MUJI has just started to sell veggies that are grown and harvested in Viet Nam So you all should head to MUJI to explore its new and freshly harvested veggie aisles I'll dice all my veggies and wash them with my new knife and cutting board from MUJI :)) You won't be able to make the dish without these :))) /j You can also add any other veggies you like MUJI's farms follow these 3 basic rules: NO CHEMICALS, NO PERSERVATIVES and NO CHEMICAL FERTILIZERS so its vegetables still has their natural flavour and still safe to eat Anyways, I'm dicing all of these veggies up and remmeber to cut them into bigger chunks (about 1cm) so you can enjoy the texture and flavour of the veggies better I'll also chop the mushrooms like that and then add 50g of chick peas into the mix The excess vegetables will be stored in a box 🙂 I've been avoiding a lot of GM foods ever since I read and learnt about organic food.

I also choose healthy food without any insecticides and fertilizers I usually work throughout the night so my health is usually greatly affected. So I have to be very cautious about what I choose to buy and eat to strengthen my body and health Also remember to be aware of the dangers of unspecified and unchecked food. Check your food and don't just gulf everything down :)) Back to the video. After dicing all of your ingredients, take out your trusty pan and pour in an adequate amount of oil with 2 cloves of garlic After that, cut up some sausages or Chinese sausages into the pan and cook it for about 1-2min Then throw in all the veggies from earlier.

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Keep the heat at medium and put in the spices: 1tbsp of soy sauce, 1tbsp of oyster sauce, ½ tsp of salt and a bit of pepper. Cook it for about 2 min and when the veggies are almost cooked Now, pour in 300ml of water (this can change according to your rice) Keep the heat medium until it starts to boil, then turn it down to low. Pour in everything from the pan into your rice cooker Take out your rice from the beginning and strain all the water out. Also pour in all the rice into the rice cooker. Be careful not to burn yourself since y'all so clumsy and can't do anything decently :)) After that, crack in 2-4 chicken fetuses. Close the lid and flick the lever to cooking mode. When the lever flicks back to keep warm mode then it's ready Look at my super cool MUJI cooking utensils collection :)) Especially these super cool detachable scissors :)) And the silicone oven mitts Tadaaaa~ The rice has been cooked to death :)) After the rice is all cooked, all you need to do is feast :)) You can also just eat straight from the rice cooker :)) But you all know me, extra and glamorous.

I just HAVE to take it all out and show off my colorful sets of dishes and bowls :)) The smell is so amazing that you can feel it in your tongue. The rice is soft but dry and not mushy. The spices have all soaked every single grain of rice and dang does it taste good The veggies are just as amazing and tasty as I expected them to be :)) Did you know that MUJI was the shortened term for 無印良品 (mujirushi ryohin) and was found back in 1980, and in Japanese means "high-quality goods without brands" The MUJI brand is available all around the world in Europe, Asia and North America. MUJI stores can provide you with household items, clothing items and food, which includes MUJI's own items and items from other collab brands 🙂 Don't forget to visit MUJI stores to purchase safe and fresh veggies for yourself and your family! And also share this video to support me and my videoss! TYSM and bai baiiiiii~.

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