ASK UNMC! Can detox teas make me lose weight?

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So such teas are actually when you look
at the ingredients they usually contain a bunch of herbs and some contain
caffeine and some contain diuretics or a laxative. So essentially what you're
getting from consuming these products are loss of a little bit of water weight
which you can very easily gain back if you were to stop it or if you start
rehydrating but the downside of this is they can be expensive and these are
not FDA regulated, so that means they can put whatever they want in the product
and they can claim whatever they want and there's nobody to regulate that. And
there's a potentially some cases are actually linked to some rare cases
linked to liver side-effects.

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And so really there are no quick fixes for
weight loss and it's portion control, modification lifestyle rather than
falling to these sort of gimmicks..

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