Apple Cider Vinegar- 2 TBSP./Day, Lose Weight & Lose Fat

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Bob and Brad the two most famous physical therapist on the Internet [Music] I poke some bombs over there it's rad had any physical therapy the most famous physical therapist on the Internet in our opinion of course Bob hey the title is apple cider vinegar 2 tablespoons per day lose weight lose fat that's quite the claim yeah Bob you better come up with some good information skepticism by the way if you're new to our Channel please take a second to subscribe to us we provide videos I'll stay healthy Pippin for you and we upload everyday also you want to join us on our website Bob and Brad calm because we're always giving something away right now we're giving away a couple of these massage pillows by rent fo really cool device but if you want a massage device go to rent fall they make inexpensive stuff that really good quality that works well I like they like their stuff you go to Bob and Brad on Facebook you'll find it there you put a shorter version of us a 60-second version of our program go to Twitter Instagram or you go alright so we're not dieticians a lot of people tell us to stay in our lanes Brad like hey you guys our physical therapist why talking about nutrition not nutritionist we're not trying to be but our job is to try to keep you healthy and fit and to to do so a lot of times we're just gonna make you aware of things right I mean he'll find some information we think we can help though well we're gonna help you out so in the past there's been a lot of claims about what apple cider vinegar can do for you and some of them are a little bit nuts I mean like you know for acne and all that but our presents some information that seems to have merit and then you go ahead and do the research and decide check with your doctor well the first time I was really kind of got my attention I had a patient he was in his early 80s very fit very active very alert I like to do his homework he liked to keep himself healthy sure and he said he started this apple cider vinegar menu menu and he said it made a tremendous difference on his eggs and pains and I know he wasn't the kind of guy that was just gonna throw stuff out at me so I got my attention so then I started doing and actually well what we learned here today yeah so what I do is you know there's a couple sources I go to that I trust and you know Mayo Clinic website and some of the other websites there and but I also trust this guy Michael Greger MD he wrote the book how not to die we mentioned it several times I liked the button this is why I trust him this book has 3249 reviews well I just last look 4.8 stars strong and he also provides a free website and he goes into stuff and he looks at the research I mean he just have it like in that book is highly researched sure there's a list you know articles that you know he's pulled out of everywhere so I mean he takes also the other thing he's not doing this for money he takes all the profits from his books and lectures and he donates them to charity oh so this is a good guy right no and he seems smart seems like you know he's talking about so he I went to you know I went to you can do the same and you can he mentioned some studies about apple cider vinegar one was called vinegar intake reduces body weight body fat mass and serum triglyceride levels in obese Japanese subjects so how that's a mouthful yeah but it's getting your you started losing fat body fat people are gonna start listening up right so they had 150 subjects from Japan and over a 12 week period they had a control a control group that took nothing or took something like it but it didn't have the same effect just so they didn't they didn't know it's impossible right the most evil they had another group to have it just took one tablespoon a day and then another group that took two two tablespoons a day sure the ones that took two tablespoons a day over 12 week period they lost 5 pounds which isn't a lot but you know what that was what not doing anything besides taking 2 tablespoons okay that change in there yeah but the other thing that was amazing to me they lost an inch off their waist and they proved this by doing a CT scan before and after you know so that's the location that's the location and the the the fat was around the organs man they lost the square inch of fat each one of these people so you know you can take a tablespoon it's only you know three calories per tablespoon so you're not putting on any weight there you use it you know before your meal you can put it in water mm-hmm you can put it on a salad but it's so easy to do it's a great thing to do if you want to try to lose weight without doing any exercise or anything like that we liked a lot of people mentioned this one apple cider vinegar with the mother they call it so we'll put a link down below sure this yeah so I like it it's organic you know it's right from there's all there's no Atticus and all that alright so the other one that and this is the one that people seem to agree upon all the scientists and and all the websites it definitely helps with diabetes and also with even if you have behind blood sugars okay so this study was called vinegar ingestion at mealtime reduces blood glucose and healthy adults for type 2 d-m so they found out again that if a couple you know a couple tablespoons even teaspoons per day in water helps slow the rate of blood sugar rising so this by far but again was the most successful apple application of apple cider vinegar okay so and also i'm assuming it helps in this as i've been told if you eat foods that have vinegar in it like like pickles in the salad dressings and hassle if some coleslaw I believe Simon there sure so that can regulate regulate it right now my warnings one because this affects me i i just have a little bit of reflux just a real little bit heartburn yeah and it's not even barbara i just burp oh and i I was doing really great with it not having any effects and I took a one of these oh it flared it right off and our camera woman Liz or she says her husband has you know a terrible time with this so it is acidic if you I wouldn't recommend it for anybody who has reflux right it's alright also it could irritate your throat the same surgeon and it can also cause some tooth erosion so what the worst thing to do we brush your teeth after you you know you know after you meal yeah so was there anything about when you take it after meal before a meal empty stomach they just said they had him take it before a meal okay so uh but you know obviously it could interact with your medicines you got to talk to your doctor about this this is something you just write if you have medicate make sure you know it's like the medications you can't take grapefruit that's right blood thinner medicine right all right you know interact so you know we're not doctors and we're not nutritionist we're just trying to help make you aware yeah like the canary in the mine right oh yeah canary what happened to it listen Harry guys if there's like too much carbon dioxide or wonder what's going on like the gases coming up yeah there's a canary guys pull it out of the case time to get out of there so for your canary thanks for watching [Music] you

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