8 Morning Habits That Help You Lose Weight + Giveaway!

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bob and brad the two most famous physical therapists on the internet [Music] hi folks i'm bob schrupp physical therapist brad heineck physical therapist together we're the most famous physical therapists on the internet in our opinion of course we obviously have a high opinion of ourselves today we're going to talk about eight morning habits that help you lose weight plus we're doing a giveaway bob let's start with the giveaway absolutely if you are new to our channel please take a second to subscribe to us we provide videos on our stay healthy fit pain-free and we upload every day also go to bob and brad.com this is the big one brad this is go to the giveaway section we're giving away a sleep evasion mattress we'll talk about it in a minute go to facebook the contest will be pinned to the top of the page top of the page and go to twitter instagram tick tock if you want a 60-second version of our program and you might be listening to this on a podcast podcast so they can't see us soon no that's a good thing good for them yeah so we're giving away a sleepover mattress this is just a sample of one that's right i think you can't even look at it this way no i don't want this it's covered up with this nice thing anyways it's got seven individual mattresses hundred tiny matches and a pillow did i say seven seven hundred seven yeah time to 100.

Uh look at this pillow it looks like this on one side and this no it's a cutaway view too and it's got a unique thing that actually springs in there yeah you don't feel like you do not unless you give it good shape yeah if you cut it apart then you can but anyways so again the mattress obviously comes in many sizes yeah this is just this is like for your dog but most most comfortable mattress that brad and i individually have slept up on i don't want to say we're sleeping together why bob i have to go there all right let's wait till our wives see that episode part all right let's go on with these uh habits to keep us to get our weight loss down it's that time of year bob yeah it is that time of year where you know i ran outside this morning by the way you did 20 some almost 20 below what were you chasing yeah i had to run fast i'd have to have to do that just to give me some motivation all right let's get started we'll talk about that uh one thing the first thing you want to do is and i don't know if you do this brad but i do i weigh yourself every day no i don't so i go like it once a week several studies have shown if you weigh yourself every day you're going to be increased weight loss i don't know how you can because when i do it i i right away see if i ate too much the day before you know you can adjust right away right if you don't it might be like five days no like also you're 10 pounds up already and you didn't even realize it i know but i see that because sometimes you eat some or you don't void or whatever two pounds up it doesn't make sense i shouldn't be and then i don't worry about that but yeah if you eat a lot of carbs or pasta it seems like my weight you retain water and you right so yeah but no i could see i i've read that before that yeah re take it every day and i could see but it'd be like me looking at my you know my retirement account every day and stocks are going up nuts i don't know all right number two drink lots of water uh especially am this increases your energy expenditure expenditure and uh increases the number of calories burned i don't know the physiology behind it but i just remember reading a book on nutrition and diet and he said exactly the same thing you've got to get up you concur yeah i could current so it was uh sean stevenson he got a really nice book he's a he does a really nice job anyways yeah it's exactly you said get up and you gotta drink uh you know good 24 ounces or something you should see what i do i don't have a problem doing that no because i i try not to drink a lot at night so that i don't have to go get up and go to the bathroom right and so i get up and i drank i counted this morning these were five big glasses like over a period of about a half hour oh i mean five of them five they're really skinny or just no they're big and tall that one yeah yeah and it doesn't say ounces on them why i probably shouldn't be able to figure it out i bet you they were like 16 ounces 16.

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Yeah then you have to drink for the rest of the day right all right number three uh this is going to sound stupid but you got to make sure you get enough sleep um and you know actually if you're pain free you can sleep well that's why we want to sleep at face mattress i give a plug for them right but uh if you have sleep deprivation you it actually can cause weight gain you can have you'll have decreased leptin and that's the thing that makes you feel full sure but you're going to have increased greenland this sounds like gremlins yeah redlands and they make you feel hungry so don't want to have them so you know both of those things are are going on at the wrong rate when you when you don't get enough sleep well that sleeping is your fast time you know you go from six o'clock to you know 12 hours without eating and you can lose a lot of weight overnight sure i was amazed i lost two pounds once i thought this cannot be just from sleeping yeah but yeah you know the breakfast that's why it's called breakfast because you break the fast gotcha hey wow you're sounding intelligent okay next thing we'll talk about is this sounds like a small uh a small trick but it actually works because if you use a smaller bowl or a smaller plate or smaller cup yeah you you do eat less i i found i i ran the bowl i like to eat cereal out of yeah broke so i started using a smaller bowl i started eating less how do you break a bowl you drop it yeah oh great it got cracked somehow but so it it sounds like a stupid little trick but it really does work i've tried it with ice cream back when i used to eat more ice cream and you ate two bowls right second bowl tastes better than the first one yeah so i would just get rid of that it doesn't always work but yeah yeah no i i agree that's probably a easy easy thing to try number five and i am terrible at this um i'm just not that type of person right uh tracking your your your intake if your calories yeah if you actually track how much you're eating yeah you know you're going to be surprised you're eating more a lot of times than you think you are you're especially if you start weighing your food you're like you know yeah you're supposed to have six ounces you look yeah it looks like six thousands to me and then you weigh it and it's like 12 ounces you know so you know if you're serious about losing weight i you know i think that alone can really help you sharpen your food that's kind of a personality thing too it is you know if it doesn't make you feel comfortable it's may not be the best for you but i could see where it'd be very effective scientific i don't think you have to track it forever because i you know what i mean just track it for a while then you can start to get a sense of like yeah well you can eat plop that steak down there's a six ounce seven ounce that's a three and a half ouncer my wife and i played that game for a while where where she's like how much is this and we didn't weigh it yeah what do you got a scale yeah a little food scale oh you get a food scale kind of like a scale for your envelopes anyways yeah it doesn't yeah it's pretty sensitive so okay number six uh morning exercise is the best time to exercise because you have to me you have the greatest amount of motivation in the in the morning you know if you wait till you get home at night there may be nothing left in the in the gas tank you know what i mean you're gonna and it's really easy to put it off but if you exercise right in the morning that's why i got out in the cold weather brad yeah i mean you feel good you you it sets the tone for the day and and then you know a lot of times now my wife and i are going for walks in the afternoon you get a little bonus you know you're a little extra already so you get it out of the way especially if you've got kids yeah you got to do it before they get up get it out of the way gotta put you first yeah i mean then you come home and then all kinds of stuff pops up then you can't you don't have any time because all hell breaks loose the family show i'm glad you kept it there all right number seven uh we have found this really helps is if you plan your meals like like if you we'll make a like i'll make a bunch of salmon together right away and um that way one it's healthy you know and and two you you don't grab some junk food because you're really hungry it's all ready to go already i like a slow cooker yeah those are in the morning your vegetables your meat when you get home the house smells good you're ready to eat you don't have to deal with uh all those potential chips and sugar fun things that so happen to have them in your house for when you're going to have that social yeah we watched the super bowl yesterday or two days ago a lot of people watching sunday or yeah sunday well anyway um my wife just had a chip craving the whole time she fought it she didn't she did she was gonna make me go out at halftime and i go to the halftime show but anyway she fought it off uh number eight the final one uh this is uh you know if you eat a breakfast that is more saturating you know it's it satisfies your hunger yeah you're going to last longer throughout the day without not ease much so you know a high protein meal can often last longer and i'm you know i'm sorry for the vegans and vegetarians out there if you oh i guess you get protein from well i don't know i've been eating avocados and i'm telling you they kind of fill me up and they're just fun i've just been having a good time without good for you i like the color of them and they cut open i learned how to break them and get a grapefruit too aren't you oh every morning at least a half a grapefruit at least from november to april remember they used to have the grapefruit diet yeah i don't know what it was but you had to eat it like the atkins was except it was a diet yeah they say they burn calories just eating it or something like that i just know i feel better all right well i'm glad you feel better brad remember i think that everyone's going to have success with this if they just take it seriously but with a sense of humor you know you just can't get all wound up you get your stomach all bound up and tightened up like that you get ornery and you're hungry and you're taking out on the kids the wife so have fun with it it's called hangry when you get the hungry in your ornament well it's called when you're tired and you're angry that would be like a hangover no you're hangry you're hungry and you're angry oh sure you didn't get food yeah so we got to quit babbling remember brad and i can fix just about anything except for a broken heart but we'll work on it just like you guys can work on your diet well yeah but hope you have better success with your diet than this heart thing all right thanks for watching you

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