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what I've noticed is on days when I eat breakfast my cravings are much lesser I'm in a much better mood and it's just the most perfect start to my day hi everyone and welcome to sugar spice nice my name is Shweta and in this video I am sharing with you with seven days of breakfast now I want you to film this video as a means to get myself to become more regular with eating breakfast I realize the value of eating breakfast on days when I eat some so basically I'm in a much better space I am able to focus better on my walk my cravings for junk food for fried food for just you know random hunger cravings are much lesser because I'm eatin this good wholesome meal in the morning so most of these dishes are in the breakfast items they're all healthy and it's basically stuff that you can put together really easily so without further due let's just straight jump into day one so for the first day I was super excited and I honestly had some extra time on hand so I thought of having some rava idli stand sambar for breakfast this is a very delicious breakfast but takes a little bit of time to prepare I started by taking some rava or semolina and just roasting it first I don't add any heat or oil in this step once it's cooled off I add about half a cup of curd and some grated carrot coriander and ginger you can add other vegetables too but I personally love carrots in my idlis I also like my ADIZ to have a tempering so I heated some oil and in that I added some mustard seeds some chana dal and curry leaves and once at all is a little bit crunchy I added this to the rava mixture that I'd prepared earlier and I also add some salt mix it well and then basically leave it aside for about 20 minutes in the meantime I prepped for sambar so this is soaked or dal I soaked it just when I started roasting the semolina and now I'll wash it and put it in the cooker along with some turmeric I like to cook the dal first and then let the vegetables boil in it for that I'll start with heating oil and adding mustard chili curry leaves and some hing then tomatoes and I like to sautee the tomatoes for a few minutes and then I poured the blended dal on it and then I throw the veggies along with some salt and sambar masala the sambar masala that I use is Badshah I love the way the sambar turns out with this every single time while the veggies are cooking it's time to set the idlis so just grease the idli mold and fill them with this and then let them steep I do add a tiny bit of Eno before I let them steam so the atleast turn out soft steaming them takes about 20-25 minutes going back to the sambar so once the veggies are cooked then I add some tamarind water for that nice soft flavor and on this step I also check whether the salt and sambar masala is fine and I also just add a really tiny hint of sugar in my somewhere so this was the first day of breakfast the rava at least turned out great I love the flavor from the tempering and don't miss that in your release you can skip adding veggies but this tempering in these divided leaves is everything and I have to say that this was a supremely fulfilling breakfast now day 2 I was in a bit of a rush so I needed something really really quick easy and filling so poha is my ultimate choice for such days so for slightly in the poha wash it and keep it aside so that it's softened in the meantime and then I chopped onion and get on to the tempering I use little oil while making Mohan not too much otherwise it all out really greasy and add some mustard cumin some chili and curry leaves and then goes the onion i saute the onion till it looks like this kind of like a pinkish translucent and then I add the poha now I had some boiled potatoes which were leftover from last night so I'm just adding them in if I don't have boiled ready then I usually skip adding potatoes in my poha and I had its salt turmeric lemon and a little bit of sugar and just really mix this well and cover it up for a few minutes and that is really it for poha so use less oil and make sure Papa is moist now so that they have this really nice light texture my husband actually likes fried peanuts on his poha so I just added those to his serving day 3 I was honestly feeling lazy and reaching out for things like khakhra and biscuits as breakfast so I realized that I needed something quick and also crunchy so I decided to make masala rooty now in the whole wheat flour I basically add a bit of chili powder some crushed ad wine and salt and when I rolled this out I rolled it like a paratha so after this I basically added some ghee and I'm rolling it again you can have this soft like rotis or theplas or you can make them a bit crispy and both ways they taste amazing so this is easy tasty quick breakfast and they go amazingly well with any pickle I usually love them with chunga which is a very typical Cindy Gujarati pickle and of course some ginger tea day 4 was a very groggy morning so I needed some comfort food and I decided to make up mass so while the rava is getting roasted I chopped up some tomato ginger and capsicum and then I heated some ghee and I like to make my achma inkay I just feel it taste better in that I add a pinch of hing some mustard seeds some curry leaves and then I add the tomato ginger and some salt now I like to make the tomato a bit mushy before I add water and just before adding water I added some capsicum as well I had quite a bit of water because I like my open consistency to be a bit more moist than dry and also I like it when it's more liquid then solid if you know what I mean now once this is boiled you have to add the rubber bit by bit like so and you have to keep stirring at this point as there will be lumps in your mouth after some time the rava absorbs all of the water and then and just add some lemon and some coriander before serving so this is like my ultimate comfort breakfast I can technically eat this for not just breakfast but lunch dinner snack anything day five I wanted something tasty and so I decided to make sandwich so first I just keep these potatoes for boiling because I need potatoes in my sandwich and in the meantime I'll prep for chutney so I cleaned up the coriander for the chutney and in my chutney I add some ginger chili lemon cumin seeds and also a pinch of hing and raw peanuts and once it's completely blended I had some salt some rock salt and also a hint of sugar for my sandwich I like tomatoes onion capsicum and boiled potatoes so that is exactly what I'm doing here and you can add whatever other veggies you like like even beetroot but this is what I like to stick to you can even add cheese but I tend to skip it and this sandwich I like it toasted over the flame as compared to a griller so I'm using this sandwich toaster and this turns out to be the most drool-worthy and satisfying yet healthy breakfast on day six I was majorly craving something sweet so I got some muesli some yogurt added some raisins and chopped pista and almond to it and a bit of cinnamon powder and also chopped up a banana on the side now this combination is so good it's like a dessert bowl in itself and it not only fulfils sweet cravings but it's packed with so much fiber and you can actually add any fruit of your choice my personal favorites are banana pomegranate and mangos only 47 I wanted to eat one of my favorites which is besan cheela or gram flour pancakes so for that I took some bay Sun and I added just a little bit of water in the beginning and then just add whatever veggies you like I usually add capsicum or carrots or tomatoes so today I'm adding only capsicum and I also added some ginger and coriander and for flavoring I add some salt red chilli powder and coriander powder and you're don't get the consistency of the batter too thin it needs to be somewhere in between grease a non-stick pan and let it cook for some time I even turn it over and let it cook for a couple of minutes and this is what they look like when they were done I love eating to love with chutney and ketchup so that was it for my seven days of breakfast I hope this video helps you to start eating breakfast every day it's one meal that you must not should not skip and I hope this motivates you to get that meal going for yourself and if you like this video then make sure you hit that thumbs up share it with all your friends and family and subscribe to my channel and if you want more such videos then make sure you leave that in the comments below and I will see you in my next video bye [Music]

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