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– Oh, hey guys! Welcome to iFOODreal. If you're new here, my name is Olena, this is Grizzy, and this is my healthy Instant
Pot recipes YouTube channel! So, make sure, if you're new here, to subscribe below and hit the bell icon to get notified about new videos every time we publish. We do it every Friday, 9am PST. Welcome to 2020. We took a little break,
just like everyone else over the Christmas and holidays, so we're normal.

And this is our first recipe of 2020, and I'm so excited because I am going, Instant Pot is going to make
your life so much easier. Today we will be talking about six recipes you, okay, let me show you. You, on Sunday. (snoring) You woke up and you're like (beep), what am I going to eat this week? So, six recipes. Instant Pot to the rescue. Meal prep and put in a
fridge and then you can eat healthy all week, combine them and we will show you how to use them. They're all so simple, come together. Meal prep is the best and Instant Pot for meal prep is the best.

So, let's do it. (upbeat music) Hi, guys. Hey, guys. Hey, guys. So, recipe number one. We're going to make chicken breasts, and the beauty of chicken
breasts in Instant Pot is that you can cook it
from fresh or frozen. So, Sunday morning, (beep) my chicken breasts are in the freezer. 15 minutes. 15 to 20 if they're really, really chubby chicken breasts, and you have chicken breasts! Add one cup water to instant pot, you always need at least half a cup. Then we take trivet, put it in there. Then you add your chicken. You can cook as many chicken breasts at a time as you like, and I do the same cooking time for any size of chicken breast. So, I'm just gonna sprinkle some salt, pepper and garlic powder. I'm just kind of like, gonna take one and smoosh it on top of another one, season it on the bottom.

Make sure the pressure release
valve is set to sealing. Then pressure cook on high pressure for 10 minutes. (beeping) You can keep warm on or off. So, the display will say on and Instant Pot should take about five to 10 minutes to come to pressure. Depends on the size. Six quart takes less time. And then countdown will
begin for 10 minutes. So, after 10 minutes,
your chicken is ready, instant pot will beep
and display will say off. You have to let pressure
come down naturally for five minutes and then you
can turn the pressure valve to venting and release remaining pressure, and open the lid.

So, now we're gonna cook
frozen chicken breasts. They're (banging) totally frozen. And you do exactly same thing, just cook them for fifteen minutes. So, ideas to use chicken breasts, you can refrigerate them in a
container and store like that, chop, or you can shred it, use in salad, just like,
with rice or anything, so, tons of possibilities,
because it's chicken breast. And it's lean, it's pretty low fats, and instant pot makes it
juicy, it comes out juicy, so you will not be eating
dry, rubbery chicken breast. Recipe number two is sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are high
in nutrients and vitamins and especially, we're
gonna cook them with skin, skin contains a lot of good stuff for you. To cook sweet potatoes, you add one cup of water to any size Instant Pot.

Here, I have eight quart Instant Pot Duo. Then you can put a trivet,
or I like to use this basket because it makes it easier
to take out potatoes after. So you put it in. And then the size of
sweet potatoes matters. With Instant Pot, it's
the thickness of the food, not the amount of it, so you can cook four pounds of potatoes as
long as they're all the same thickness. So, this is about two and
a half inch sweet potato. This is about three inch, the widest part. So, I'm just gonna cook all
two and a halves together. And two and a half, we will do 25 minutes with quick pressure release. Technically, I could cut this guy in half and cook it here as well, so that's what I'm gonna do. Oh, I forgot to poke the potatoes, so they don't explode. So, just poke with a fork. Anger management.

Easy peasy. Frustrated. Kids not listening. Husband not behaving. So, I cut it in half,
let's see what happens if it's cut in half. Close the lid. Press the valve to sealing. We're gonna put Henry on. This is Henry. Henry saves cupboards, and
in our case, equipment, from shooting steam right
at them and damaging them. So, if you put Henry on, it's important to put before cooking, because you cannot put him
after, it's gonna be hot and every time you touch
it's gonna (spilling sound). Because it's Duo we have
to press pressure cook or on Instant Pot Lux
it's gonna be manual. And we're doing 25. (pressure releasing) It worked! I recommend to remove Henry before. Woo! Instant Pot Duo lid. Ta-da! Trick. All right, our sweet potatoes! Let's take them out. And see, that's the beauty of the basket. (laughs) Amazing. Well, they're really cooked. Oh yeah, even the sliced
in half potato is cooked. So, you can transfer sweet
potatoes in a container and just use them throughout the week, or honestly I make them
to go as a side dish for protein and other
vegetables like greens.

So, here is how I
usually eat sweet potato. So, you take one out. Look how soft it is, oh my goodness. So, just open it up, add a little bit of butter, because butter makes everything better. Just like this, you just
slice butter like cheese. And then a little bit of salt and pepper. Oh, that's a lot of
pepper, but I love pepper. Okay, so we will save this
for the final taste test. Recipe number three. Black beans, and this is by Instant Pot, is amazing, just like with frozen meat, you can cook beans from
dried, you don't have to soak. So, here I have one cup of black beans that I have rinsed because I don't know who's touched them and where they have been. And I'm gonna add them to Instant Pot. And then, three cups cold water. It's best to add cold
water for accurate results because if you add hot water,
it's already kind of like, starts cooking the beans.

The Instant Pot takes less time to heat up and come to pressure,
so just add cold water. Now, when it comes to black beans, it took me five or six fails to figure out what's wrong, why my black beans were
mushy and falling apart. The Instant Pot size does matter. I have tested this recipe
in six quart or eight quart. I'm using six quart Lux, and cook them, doesn't matter the
size, six or eight quart for twelve minutes on high pressure. But what matters is the pressure release. With six quart, you let
the pressure come down on its own naturally, called
natural pressure release. And with eight quart, you
let the pressure come down on its own only for ten minutes, and then you vent it. The reason is because eight
quart is larger volume so it keeps cooking the
beans while it's letting the pressure come down longer. That's it. You got it? (laughing) Let it all out, and I hope you got it. If you're not, ask me the questions and there is also a recipe link below. Whenever we have, printable
recipes, I'm gonna link below, and if not, I'm gonna write it out, in description below.

All the links, everything
that's there, and recipes. Okay. And pressing manual because it's Lux. (beeping) And actually, I wanna
cancel the keep warm. (beeping) There you go! And let me just say how
amazing it is to own two Instant Pots. Like, I have sweet potatoes going on here and I have black beans going here, like, it saves you time, twice, like, you can be done in one
hour on Sunday morning, and go to the mall, shopping. So, two Instant Pots. All right, the pressure is down, this pin is down, and we are ready to see. Ooh. Ooh, la la. Black beans! They are perfect! Look, each bean, they are not popped, they are not bursting, each bean is intact. Whole. Oh! Nailed it! So, here is what I like
to do with black beans.

I like to transfer them into a colander and rinse with cold water. And actually, now I'm
thinking you can save this liquid for a soup. That's a broth, and actually
that's what I'm gonna do. And when you do this, be
gentle, because I'm noticing the strong stream of water
is popping the beans. So, just a little bit. Here we go. Drain them. See, this basket is amazing. And you can either transfer them and work carefully with,
like, a thin metal spoon, not to break the beans. You can transfer and refrigerate them for like five to seven days. Or, you can freeze, you can make way more, and you can freeze them in sandwich bag.

pexels photo 7992683

And one can of beans is
about one and a half cups, and I love doing this
because canned beans are in BPA cans, and if you want to buy
organic and BPA free and low sodium, you're
going to pay a price, at least in Canada. You can go like that, one and a half cups, you get the drill. And just seal it and freeze. But today, I'm just
gonna refrigerate them. Actually, this works
better, just dump them. Who has time on Sunday morning
for those fancy things? Okay. To use black beans, again, you can do it with chicken breast and greens,
you can make a nice salad and you can also prep ranch dressing. Healthy one. Make easy salad. You can take the sweet potato, load it up with black beans, make kinda
like Mexican loaded potato, salsa, cheese, green onion, yum, delicious, even the chicken. So, black beans are amazing. So, we're gonna let that cool
before we put in the fridge. Okay, recipe number four are Instant Pot hard boiled eggs. I always buy, like, the two dozen pack at Costco, and just throw
one dozen in Instant Pot.

Five minutes, five minutes, and you have the easiest peeling eggs in the whole entire world. Isn't that amazing? To cook eggs, we just add a cup of water, and it can be a cup and a
half, it doesn't really matter. As long as you add water. This basket fits into
six quart Instant Pot and eight quart Instant
Pot, and how amazing it is to cook eggs and vegetables, you just take out the
whole thing and ta-da! Voila! So, that's what we're gonna do.

So just, eggs, add as many as you want, and then we cook eggs for five minutes for hard boiled eggs. So, then you just do
quick release of pressure by turning the valve
from sealing to venting. So, now I'm gonna take out the basket and I'm gonna go rinse the eggs with cold water. Let's peel an egg so you
can see, look at this. This just slides off. This is ridiculous, honestly. The eggshell, look, just pops out. This is why I love Instant Pot eggs. So, how to use eggs is I would just put them in a fridge, and actually that's what I
do, I put them in a fridge for an easy snack.

Breakfast, kids love it,
even for school lunches. You can also add them to
salad with chicken breast and greens, like greens. If you buy boxes of baby
spinach, arugula, baby greens, they are organic, pre-washed, affordable. Easy peasy. Make a meal sized salad. And another idea is you
can make healthy egg salad. I'm gonna link the recipe below as well. And just store it in a
container for five days, and easy lunches, or dinner, like, how easy is this? Yeah! So, eggs are amazing. Okay, recipe number five, and it's one of my 100
favorite Instant Pot recipes, is frozen ground meat. Any meat. Turkey, chicken, beef,
lamb, pork, anything.

Here, I have a little bit over a pound, just a regular tray of turkey. And all you have to do
is (laughs) open it. Makes sense. Okay, look. It's completely frozen. Frozen chunk of meat. Do I have paper? Yeah. (banging) Okay, so we're gonna cook it. Trivet, inside. One cup of water. (pouring) And meat. So mine has paper. See, in order not to peel
it off now in chunks, you can cook with paper. It's paper. But, if you, oh, it's
actually peeling off. But, if yours is plastic pad, you can quickly run it under warmish water and peel it off before cooking. And you can cook up to
two and a half pounds. For the poultry, ground
turkey, it's 15 minutes, but for red meat, like pork, beef, lamb, it's 25 minutes. Okay, valve to sealing. 15 minutes. And I think it's quick release. So, after we have released the pressure, we're gonna open the pot.

It is not the most beautiful
looking piece of meat but we're gonna make it pretty. And you can just transfer it to a bowl, and now we just need to break it up. So, and I find the easiest to turn a chunk of cooked turkey meat or
any meat into ground meat is to cut it first and then break it up. And now, just using forks. Ooh, la la, beautiful! And then after you break it up, you can season it with taco seasoning, or you can even go
further and saute a onion right in Instant Pot and add
this meat in there after, and mix with taco seasoning,
and you have like, really flavored meat. Taco meat. This is Sunday morning cooking. In your pajamas. Voila! Make tacos, quick tacos, taco salad. All right, and last, but not least, recipe number six. Brown rice. Brown rice in Instant
Pot comes out perfect, because I nailed it. Just like with black beans, the secret is the different size of Instant Pot. For six quart, you let the
pressure come down naturally and for eight quart, you wait
10 minutes and then zoom! The ratio of water to rice is one to one.

It is not like on the soft, two to one, this way it comes out more
separated and fluffier and less mushy. So, here I have rinsed brown rice, so one cup rice, brown rice, one cup cold water, and I kinda like, just
like, swoosh it around, making sure it's covered by water. And a pinch of salt, no need to stir. Two pinches. All right, and we are using eight quart, so we will be releasing
pressure after 10 minutes, remember, so put the valve to sealing, put Henry on and 20 minutes, with 10 minutes
natural pressure release. If you don't know what the difference between quick release and natural release, we have video in Instant Pot Tips. The link is here. Mr. Henry to the work and remember, we are
releasing pressure because it's eight quart Instant
Pot, after 10 minutes. And see, there is not
a lot of pressure left we just need to stop the cooking process. Open. Perfect brown rice. Ooh! Each grain is separate. But look at this. Isn't this perfect? You can pick out each grain.

(laughs) So, all you have left to do is fluff it with a fork and that's it. And refrigerate in a container, and let's say if you make
stir fry during the week, all you have to do is do
the vegetables and protein and your rice is already ready. And you can actually warm
it up in Instant Pot. There's a link to video, How
to Reheat Food in Instant Pot, with just a splash of water. Okay, let me feed you dinner, honey. This is how it goes. So, here we have Instant Pot bar. All inclusive. This is sweet potato.
– Yeah. – Let me load it up. Black beans. Taco meat. See, it's like, becoming a loaded potato. Taco meat. – [Alex] Yeah. – Good? So good, so good. Okay, all right, it's fine.

– With your hand? – (laughs) With my hand! Oh, cheese. Dill? – Yeah, sure. – And we had dill. So, really, you can mix and
match whatever you want. Enjoy. – That's it? You going back to bed? (laughing) – [Olena] My job is done. – So, what is this? How you call this? – Dinner. – [Alex] Meal prep? No, seriously. – [Olena] It's your lunch and dinner. – Not really. I want to go to McDonald's. – McDonald's? – (positive eating sounds) – Isn't it good? – Yeah. – Honestly, I think it's so delicious. It looks amazing. – This is healthy though. – And it's healthy. I wanna try what I created. – That's good. – This is so good. Eh? – Yeah.
– Brilliant. – Perfect, perfect. – So, make sure to subscribe below, and click the button right there, and I'll see you next time.

– Bye. – Bye! (relaxed beat).

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