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Brother where is breakfast? Breakfast!! what is it?? i'm depend on water from where will i bring and give you breakfast? and after waking up in morning need to wash dishes, make breakfast instead of that better is to wake up in afternoon and do all work bring that mug you gifted him have this mug on hit on his face and today in this mug we will made viral food mug recipes and if you like the mug recipe hit LIKE to the video and SUBSCRIBE to CookWithNisha Channel Today's recipe is specially for those who don't cook food just because of they need to wash basins so take microwave safe mug, maggi and add taste maker in it now add water to the maggi's level to cook tasty maggi i added onion, tomato and oregano if you want you can also skip this now just microwave it for 2 minutes you need to take care that level of water should be equal to maggi so that it won't come out after boiling so as you see friends how easy it is to make maggi and here maggi is ready have this maggi is ready, wow di maggie is prepared!! wow di it is so tasty, yes wow di it is too tasty So let's go make this cheesy macroni for this add water and boil the macroni first now i'll add grated cheese on top of it and 1/2 cup milk now in this also i'll add.chopped onion, tomato after adding all this we need to do microwave for 2-3 minutes depends on your microwave power and after 2-3 minutes you can see that cheesy macroni is ready this cheesy macroni tastes just like pan macroni, you can also say that it is more better than pan have it danish, oh pasta maggie is also here let's taste pasta, it is just looking like his face let's taste it i don't like this our maggi is better than this brother, his taste is so bad, it is so delicious don't ask my daughter anantya love this oreo mug cake and everyday she demands that mumma make this oreo mug cake for this break oreo in microwave safe mug and now we will add milk in it after adding milk crush it and make paste of it here i took 4 to 5 oreo biscuits and we need to fill cup half otherwise our cake will come out so this paste is ready and in this we will add 1 pinch eno so that our cake will make fluffy and after mixing this we will put in microwave here i microwave it for 1 minute and you can see in.1 minute our cake is prepared this oreo mug cake is my daughter's favourite and you also see that it easy to make but this bread omelette today we will make in this mug so here add bread pieces here i took 1 bread and 3 eggs for this recipe you can take ratio of bread and eggs as per your choice and here i added fine cutted onion, tomato, green chilli and here i add 1/2 tsp milk and mix it now just put it in microwave here i set the timer for 2 minutes and you can see in 2 minutes our mug bread omelette is ready so whenever you are in hurry try this mug omelette recipe

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