4 High Protein Breakfast Recipes l Super Healthy Protein Rich Breakfasts

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Protein Dosa or Dal Dosa Made 4 Ways! Fusion Cooking Channel Presents 1.Mixed Lentil or Mix Dal Dosa 1/4th cup of each of the lentils (list is in description below) Soak Lentils for 6 Hours or Overnight No Rice added or No Fermentation Needed for this healthy Dosa recipe It would look like this, after soaking Grind the lentil mix to a somewhat thick batter Adjust salt to taste & water for consistency! Just now you learned how to make dosa better with mixed lentils or mixed dal! Make dosa on a medium hot pan as you usually do with regular plain dosa This is also called as Mix Dal Chilla in some parts of India Roast Until Golden Brown A great recipe for kids who are picky eaters…

Also comes handy for people with special conditions like sugar or diabetes This is how to make Mix Dal Chilla or Mix Dal Dosa This low calorie dosa is a very good vegetarian breakfast Coconut chutney complements it well with this gluten free dosa 2. Moong Dal Dosa or Pesarattu Dosa Recipe Soak Mung Beans or Split Moong Dal for 3 to 4 Hours Add a piece of ginger, 1/2 Tsp Jeera or Cumin Seeds, a Green chilli & few curry leaves We've provide detailed measurements of ingredients in the description below This is one of the high Protein Indian Recipes which does not require any fermentation It's a great lunch box idea for kids and office goers as well If you're in a hurry, you can make this batter previous night and make fresh crepes in the morning! This can be a quick evening snack too! This is usually topped with grated onions and cilantro/coriander for that added aroma and crunch Keep the lid on while you cook so you don't need to turn it This is called pesarattu / pesarattu doss or pesarattu appe in south india Goes really well with Onion or Peanut Chutney or Hummus comes handy too! 3.Lobia Dosa or Black eyed Peas Dosa Recipe Soak Lobia or Black-eyed Peas with 2 Tbsp of rice To make this Dosa aromatic and colorful, we added Cilantro but it is optional Grind Rice with Green Chilli first! Fusion cooking Channel is now a 6000+ subscriber community! We're excited with our Youtube Journey! Thank you all for Subscribing and supporting our channel! Next, we're adding Coriander leaves and Black Eyed peas to the blender Find us on Facebook with this id: https://www.facebook.com/hifusioncook Share your favorite recipes and ask any questions! Look at this colorful and tasty Dosa Batter Mix for Lobia Dosa! Make crepes/ dosas on a medium hot pan like the plain dosa you do If you want to roll dosa like this, be careful, it is hot! You can make this a masala dosa if you just added potato curry on top.

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It is so simple! 4. Chickpea or Kabuli Chana Dosa Recipe Take 1/2 Cup whole Chickpeas, 1/4th cup regular raw rice and 1/2 Tsp Fenugreek Seeds We don't know what is it with Methi Dana/Seeds or Fenugreek Seeds. It goes really well with Dosa Grind it into a fine batter, somewhat thick pouring consistency This dosa batter requires fermentation for that great taste Add enough salt and water & mix it well. These 4 varieties of Dosa recipes not only easy to do , they low calorie and can be enjoyed by all That's why Dosa is so poplular across India & with Kids and elders alike! Thanks for watching this video with 4 dosa varieties recipes Follow these steps for quick and easy Dosa recipes. Onion, Tomato or Ginger chutney pairs well with this Dosa. Share this recipe with your friends, over Facebook! If you watched this far, you must have liked this video! So Please give it a like below! Share your thought by dropping a comment below! SUBSCRIBE to our Channel!.

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