3 Ways To Lose Weight With Honey and Warm Water | Lemon | Green Tea | Cinnamon

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Hi guys, I am Esha. I am a mom, a blogger and a fitness enthusiast. I don’t know about you guys, but its really
difficult to lose weight. It’s so hard to start working out and then
staying consistent is impossible. There is always some extra work and responsibilities
that just keep creeping in. And before you realise you have stopped working
out altogether. So, does that mean you have to give up on
all your weight loss goals? No, you don’t. Because I have some really simple hacks that
promised to help you lose weight and the best part they are so easy that anyone can stick
to them, even you! Hack – 1
Honey & Lemon Water I actually lost so much weight just because
of my honey detox drink.

I started having a glass of warm water, with
honey and lemon every morning and it is so effective that I wanted to share it with you
guys today. All you will need is: A glass of Warm water
A bottle of Dabur honey A Lemon (optional) How I make it: Heat up water on the stove till it is warm. Pour it into a glass
Add a spoonful of honey. I prefer using Dabur as it is the most effective
in weight loss You can also add the juice of half a lemon
if you like. Ideally you should drink this first thing
in the morning on an empty stomach as it enhances its effectiveness. This simple drink has so many benefits! It helps you lose weight considerably
It flushes out the toxins from your system, boosts your energy level, acts as a diuretic
and also gives your skin a nice & soft glow! Hack 2: Replace Regular Tea with Green Tea Are you addicted to your early morning cup
of chai? Well so Was I. But all that dairy is NOT good for you if
you are trying to lose weight.

And then you also add a lot of sugar to it
to make it even more unhealthy. That’s why I switched to green tea! It is packed with antioxidants and contains
caffeine. It also has enzymes that stimulate fat loss,
which makes a perfect replacement for your regular tea. But, because lot of people can find the taste
a little strong, they end up adding sugar to it, which negates the benefits of green
tea. Instead, you should add honey! Studies have found that regular consumption
of honey can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease as well as bad cholesterol. It also has a lower glycemic index so it doesn’t
spike blood sugar levels. If you prefer drinking coffee, then replace
it with black coffee and add a spoonful of honey to it. Hack 3 Eat Cinnamon
Cinnamon is a superfood. It helps improve glucose metabolism, and insulin
functioning making you feel more full. All of these are great benefits of weight

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Cinnamon is also very versatile. What I do is add a pinch of cinnamon powder
to a glass of warm water and a teaspoon of honey. You can also add it to your oats, cereal and
even sprinkle it over fresh fruits. When combined, cinnamon and honey make a potent
weight loss tool! Honey is so great for weight management that
there are several diets based around it.

One of the famous ones suggests that it can
actually help burn fat even when you’re asleep. I would recommend everyone to go ahead with
the detox drink that I shared earlier as it was a life changing for me and I’m sure
it will work wonders for you as well! Thank you so much for watching, hope you enjoyed
the video. Don’t forget to like, share and subscribe.

There is lot more great content coming your
way! Until then B-Bye…

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