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hey everyone and welcome back to my
channel welcome if you're new my name is Liv and I make lots of healthy and
delicious recipes on this channel make sure to subscribe if you haven't and
today we are making three one pan meals these are all easy recipes you can have
for lunch for dinner and they only use one pan which is easy
because we don't want a lot of cleanup we're busy and if you're like me you
probably are too as always if the full recipes are going to be linked down
below so you can have them and print them out and save them these are all
delicious healthy meals that are going to taste good too so let's go ahead and
get into it so the first one pan meal we are making is this delicious taco
skillet I started off with some avocado oil in a pan and I'm adding in some
garlic garlic adds a lot of flavor as well as being an antimicrobial and
antifungal I'm adding in some red onion but you could also do a normal kitchen
onion and tossing that until it gets translucent
once that's translucent I'm adding in some ground turkey some organic one it's
important to buy your poultry organic and then I'm adding in this taco
seasoning that I also found I think this is easier than measuring out all the
separate spices and you can kind of just get everything in one just click that
until your meat is done and you can definitely do grass-fed beef instead
here as well or even ground chicken I'm adding in some broccoli rice but you can
definitely do cauliflower rice as well I've just kind of been switching it up
between broccoli rice and cauliflower rice so go ahead and stir that together
until the broccoli is cooked then we are adding in some tomato sauce this is one
of my favorites it's a bit thicker so depending on how tomatoey you like it
you might need to add a little bit of water or if your sauce is more runny you
can skip the water entirely I like it nice and thick
more kind of like Hardy so I didn't have to add water so just do it to your taste
I added about a quarter cup and that was enough for me but like I said if you
like it more tomato we feel free to add more I'm just
looking for a tomato sauce that doesn't have sugar a lot of them tend to have
added sugar so just read the label and just be cautious at that this is
optional but I'm adding on some green goddess dressing that you guys saw in my
dressings video but you could also just do plain avocado here I've just been
trying to use up dressings and it's a great way to use something other than a
salad and it adds some freshness because it has cilantro lemon and avocado finish
it off with a little bit of cilantro again on the top and you have this
delicious skillet meal I also like to put this on a bed of arugula or a bed of
lettuce kind of to make like a taco skillet salad next up we're making this
shrimp lo mein or my version of shrimp lo mein again I'm starting off with
garlic and avocado oil it's kind of just a really good staple and the more garlic
you can get into you it's really great for your immune system as well adding in
some mushrooms mushrooms are great because it gives it a nice meaty flavor
and for the sauce I'm using coconut aminos ginger which is really great for
your digestion and overall health in general
mune system perspective as well some tahini which is sesame seed paste which
really helps to give the Asian flavor because a lot of Asian dishes tend to
have either sesame oil or sesame seeds in them and the coconut aminos you guys
know is a staple for me and I would highly recommend picking that up I meant
a little bit of tapioca flour and what this does is it helps to create the
thickness of the sauce so that it really adheres to our veggies and our protein
and what we're gonna add our noodles into so then I'm adding in some baby bok
choy you can add in like the adult version I just like the baby bok choy
because there's a bit more green to it then the adult one and then I'm adding
in some wild shrimp but you could do chicken you could even do tofu I'm kind
of whatever you liking yours adding in my sauce and then just tossing that
together to heat it through and once the sauce is heated it does get a more
thicker and it's gonna adhere to your veggies in your protein for the pasta
I'm using this new pasta it's my favorite like konjac low-carb noodle you
could definitely do regular gluten-free noodles if you wanted to you could do
zoodles or spiralize sweet potato kind of whatever
one you like here even spaghetti squash would work great and then I just finish
it off with a little bit of green onion for garnish I find that using fresh
herbs or think that green onion really elevates dishes and it really makes a
good difference in the meal and then we're making this as a tart chicken so
once again you guys know the drill by now
avocado oil and garlic I start a lot of my meals this way it just gets a really
good base and a lots of flavor then I'm gonna be adding in my chicken so I use
chicken thighs because they have a little bit more flavor they're also a
little bit more filling because I do have more fat than chicken breast but
again you can change up this protein to whatever your favorite is and then I'm
using this as a tar spice which is a good like Mediterranean I believe or
Turkish one of the – I'm spiced and I just get it at Whole Foods but it has a
lot of flavor and I really encourage you to play around with the different spices
because that's what's gonna make your healthy dishes so good is all the flavor
that you add into it so then I just bought these veggies that were already
done I'm adding in some sun-dried tomatoes and this is just a good mix I
find if you buy the chopped veggies already done you don't have to like chop
them yourself so it makes for really easy quick one to pan meals I'm adding
in a squeeze of lemon which really compliments is the seasoning because the
seasoning actually has some lemon peel in it so I'm just sauteing that until
everything is wilted down and done and you have this really quick and delicious
one pan meal that is going to be good for you and filling as well so I hope
you guys enjoyed this video I'm going to leave my healthy recipes playlist right
here so you can watch more and get more inspiration I've got lots of great
dinner ideas here too and a lot of them are quick cuz I really like quick fast
easy and delicious meals that are gonna be really good for your body so go ahead
and check those out after this video I hope you guys are all having a great day
and I will see you in my next one bye guys

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