3 INGREDIENT RECIPES FOR DINNER: easy healthy paleo meals

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if you are looking for some three
ingredient meals that are easy healthy recipes then watch this video because
I'm sharing three delicious recipes that only need three ingredients and if you'd
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so let's go ahead and get started so the first three ingredient recipe we
are making our squash boats these are super easy to make and are perfect even
for a meal prep so I'm starting off by cutting a spaghetti squash which can be
difficult to cut I find if you really put your weight on top of it it helps it
really cut faster and easier spaghetti squash is great because it is loaded
with antioxidants it's high in vitamin A which is great for your eye health your
immune health and it's also good for those of you who are doing a more
low-carb option who are staying away from grains and gluten and all that
because it does make a really nice spaghetti so you cut it in half scoop
out all of these seeds on the inside and then we are going to be baking this at
425 for about 30-40 minutes until it's soft so this is definitely something
that you can prep beforehand so that it's ready to go when you come home or
if you have time the night of that's great too then in a pan either while
they're cooking or when you get home I'm adding in some grass-fed beef it's
important to use grass-fed grass-finished beef not only does it
have more like CLA and good things in it for you but you really end up consuming
what the animal consumes so if you can make this choices is better if you want
to swap this out for a ground chicken or a ground turkey or if you're vegan your
favorite ground meat substitute that will also work here to switch over one
is your favorite you can go ahead and swap that in and then the third
ingredient we are using is tomato sauce tomato sauce is one of my favorite
things to buy like pre-prepped because it's so easy I look for one that doesn't
have any sugar added and is made with olive oil you can definitely find them
at your grocery store you just have to be cautious of the ingredients
add that to the ground meat once that is browned and then just go through it
until it's nice and heated up and the great thing about tomato sauce is that
the lycopene and tomatoes is actually better absorbed when it's warm as
opposed to when it is raw so once your spaghetti squash is ready just use a
fork to make your spaghetti strands and like I said you can definitely prep this
ahead of time if you'd like so go ahead and do that to both halves
or as many as you're cooking for for your meal and then you can go ahead and
scoop your meat sauce mixture into the center of them and this is definitely
like a spaghetti and meat sauce type vibe for this three ingredient meal and
if you wanted to add a bonus fourth ingredient you could always add some
dairy free cheese on the top but this three ingredient meal is so easy to make
super delicious satisfying comforting full of great things for you and is also
really failing too so it makes for a really great either weeknight or weekend
meal the next three ingredient recipe we are making for dinner is this chicken
stir-fry so when my favorite hacks is to buy the blend of veggies at the grocery
store that already has a bunch of things that are ready and chopped for you they
have a bunch of different styles I find sometimes they know they have an Asian
style or a normal style so this way you don't need to spend time like chopping
five different things it's all ready for you in one bag you put that in a pan
with some coconut aminos coconut aminos adds so many great flavor but not only
that it's rich in an acetal which helps to balance hormones it's fermented so
it's good for your gut health and then I like to add in whatever left over a
protein I have so you can do chicken you can do ground beef you can do tofu any
of that or if your chicken is not yet cooked you just add that for five to
seven minutes before the vegetables with the coconut aminos and then add in the
vegetables and this is a really quick easy meal especially to do with leftover
protein you throw in leftover protein a little bit of coconut aminos a bag of
veggies and you have this really quick meal that especially if you're using
leftover protein honestly took less than five minutes to make but tastes super
delicious I love easy recipes like this that are just three ingredients you can
make them really quick for dinner for a meal or any kind
and that you need during the week and then you can also use leftovers for
lunch so if you do a big batch of this it can be used as a lunch the next day
and then three ingredient recipe for dinner we are making is this everything
bagel salmon which is so delicious so I'm starting off by taking the ends off
of the asparagus which are usually tougher so you're gonna want to trim
your asparagus when you get it asparagus is great because it's loaded with
chromium which really helps to keep your blood sugar stable it's also rich in
folate which supports your mood rich in vitamin K which support your bones
adding in some salmon salmon is really good to incorporate into your diet at
least one time per week just for the healthy fats in the omega-3s vitamin D
especially in the winter time we're not getting as much vitamin D and then of
course the star of the show is the everything bagel seasoning so if you
guys are familiar with this it just tastes so delicious and it makes for a
really great seasoning on top of your salmon and your asparagus you pop that
in the oven for 12 minutes at 450 and it makes such a quick easy delicious meal
you only need a few ingredients and you got the wonderful healthy fats of the
salmon the B vitamins the asparagus so much nutrition in a plate and it's only
3 ingredients so this is definitely one of my favorite meals I actually had it
twice this week already so now you have some three ingredient meals that are not
only a healthy but easy to make and super delicious if you enjoy healthy
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my healthy recipes playlist right here so you can get lots more healthy recipes
from me all super easy and delicious because who wants to eat food that isn't
delicious but it can also be really good for you which is my favorite part so
check out that playlist if you're looking for more recipes I hope you guys
are all having a great day and I will see you in my next video bye guys

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