3 Healthy Weight Loss Tips – Doctor discusses How to Lose Weight Healthily

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‘Doctor, I want to lose weight,
can you help me lose weight?”
  What do you think my answer would be
  whenever patients ask me that ? In this video, I shall share the 3 things that
  I would also always emphasize to my patients
  who come to see me for help with weight loss.

  Hi guys, welcome back to my channel,
  If you are new here, I am Dr Chan,
  I am a medical doctor from Singapore.
  My passion is in helping people Unlock the power of
  Lifestyle and eating habits to prevent and combat
  diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol,   cardiovascular disease and other lifestyle-
  related chronic diseases. This is the focus of
  my medical practice, also the various training
  and coaching programmes that I conduct
  That is why The Habits Doctor is my social media handle
  and also a nickname that people give me.
  So here are The 3 things that I would always
  emphasize to my patients Who come to see me
  for help with weight-loss So if you are also embarking
  on a weight loss journey
this might be relevant for you too.
  Watch on.

No. 1 – Whatever that you choose
to do for weight loss
  Make sure it is safe and healthy
  Regardless of what your reasons are
  For wanting to or needing to
  lose weight I would strongly
  encourage you to still put your focus on
  Gaining Health instead of focusing only on losing weight. because if your primary and only goal
is losing weight
  and you focus only on
doing whatever that works
  to lose weight, then you might
  accidentally lose your health in the process But if you put your full focus on,
  your primary goal as optimising and gaining health,
  especially in making the necessary adjustments
  and improvement to your lifestyle
  and eating habits to prevent and combat
  lifestyle habits related chronic diseases,
  then not only would you gain health,
  you would also lose weight in a healthy manner.

  No. 2 – Whatever that you choose to do for weight loss
make sure it is for forever,
  What do I mean? What I am saying is that
  Whatever that you do to lose weight,
  make sure it is something that you are
  willing to, able to, and good for you to, continue doing forever
  I had quite a number of patients coming to me
With stories of
  how they had gone on some 20 day, 30 day, 90 day
  or whatever no.

Of days kind of special diet programmes
  whereby they would do things like taking only certain
  kinds of foods/supplements/ juices/shakes or meal replacement
  for a period of say 30, 60, 90 days and they would lose a bit of weight,
  quite a bit of weight during that time, but then they would gain back the weight that they lost during the programme
  and maybe more, and add on some more, just months after
  the end of their special diet programmes.
  I remember very vividly this particular patient sharing with me,
  when she came to me for help to lose weight
  at my clinic, saying, “Doctor, a year ago,
  I went on this special 90 days diet programme
  It was actually very effective …
  I lost more than 10 kg in 90 days ….”
  and I asked, “ And?
And what happened after that?”
  She replied, “Now is a year after,
  I have regained that 10 plus kilos that I lost during that programme and on top of that
  I have now gained another 10 more kilos”
  And I said to her, “Are you surprised?
  Are you surprised that that happened?
  Because whatever special diet that you went on,
  putting aside whether it was even
  safe or healthy, and just focusing on
  its effectiveness in helping you lose weight
  shouldn’t it come as no surprise to you
  that even though the special diet worked,
that it managed to help you
  shed the kilos that you wanted to lose,
  that you would regain the weight
  that you lost If you go back to
  your old lifestyle and eating habits
  once you stop doing that special diet?
  She then replied, “Yeah … doctor,
  I knew it was not healthy, nor even sustainable
  but it did work! It did help me lose weight,
  the only problem was that I could not
  maintain the weight loss after that …”

  There are many ways that one can lose weight,
  including many unsafe and unhealthy ones,
  but there is only way to maintain a healthy weight
  after successful weight loss, and that is through
  maintaining a healthy weight through practising science-based
  healthy lifestyle and dietary habits.

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That is why I would
  always emphasize to my patients who come to see me for weight loss,
  that I am not for and I would not
  put them through some kind of short-term
  special diet programmes, but instead, I would focus on
  evaluating their lifestyle and eating habits
  thoroughly and holistically, and then from that
  identify areas that needed changing
  and improving, coach and support them
  to make those changes successfully, changes to their lifestyle
  and dietary habits that will not just
  help them with weight management
  but are also good for their health
  in terms of preventing, controlling and combating
  lifestyle-related chronic diseases. Because only changes
  that are transformed into habits
  can be sustained forever. Lastly, the third thing I would say to you if you are embarking on a weight loss journey is this
  Whatever that you choose to do for weight loss
  make sure it is something that you would
  eventually enjoy doing.

Because if you don’t enjoy doing it,
  you would not be able to maintain it.
  Whatever lifestyle, exercise, or dietary habits that
  have helped you achieve your healthy weight target
  can only be sustained if you are not only
  able to do it, but you have also
  come to enjoy doing it. For example, the only way
  that a regular exercise habit or a low sugar dietary habit
  which contributed to your achieving and maintaining
  a healthy weight, can be maintained for life
  Is when they have become a part of
  your lifestyle that you actually enjoy.
  Depending on willpower and discipline to do something,
  can only bring you that far. Even when it is not so easy
  or enjoyable to do so in the beginning,
  It is only when you are able to
  eventually, learn to enjoy the new lifestyle habits
  Would you be able to maintain and sustain them for life. 
So these are the 3 things
  I would always say to my patients who want to lose weight.
  Whatever you choose to do to lose weight,
  Make sure that it is something safe, healthy
  and enjoyable to do.

And do it forever,
  I hope you have found this video useful.
  I am Dr Chan, and thank you for watching.
  Let’s unlock the power of habits
  One Habit, One Dose at a time..

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