2 Month Keto Diet Update – Weight Loss Plateau Struggles

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hi it's Jolene from yummy inspirations and today I'm gonna share with you my eight-week two-month keto diet update before I get to that though if you're new to my channel I share three new videos every week as I said I'm on the keto diets I share low-carb keto friendly recipes meal ideas what I eat in a day grocery hauls and updates with how I'm going and today I've got an update with how I'm going so if you're not already subscribed hit the subscribe button and join the yummy inspirations community love to have you part of the family so let me just get into today's video so this isn't scripted I literally just turned the camera on and I just wanted to pause and reflect and talk about two months of keto how I'm going but what the highs the lows the frustrations you can probably have my kids playing in the background they're chatting and shouting about and having some fun so just deepen all the background noise they're having a bit of fun while I am having a serious chat with you okay so two months of keto it has flown by I can't believe how quick the time is gone I started in the middle of September we were just approaching the middle of November and I've been going really well the last month it was a lot slow in the weight loss in the first month I'll leave a link to that a four week update down below and in the information cards for you to check out how and after one month and it was a lot slower quite frustrating to be honest I had mostly a month where I stayed the same and put on a little bit and stay the same and put on a little bit stall plateau whatever you want to call it um I continued doing what I was doing I got those lovely keto sticks and I measured I was def me and ketosis the whole time I'm tracking my macros amok my calories and everything um and it was just kind of staying the same and reading lots of other stories and experiences of people who are going through the same thing through keto that it does happen and it happened it happened quite a few times this month and it's very frustrating because you work so hard and I'm not expecting to lose a kilo a day but point one point two or stay the same but putting on it's ex credibly disheartening it's very frustrating and then I feel like I'm letting all of you down by just staying the same and putting weight on and not losing anything and it's just it's very frustrating I'm over the whole course of the month I did lose a total of one and a half two kilos so I have this saying for ages and then all of a sudden I lose point seven one day the next day point eight next day point seven and I didn't change the way I was eating I've been eating the same way the whole time I believe that's called a whoosh when weight comes off all of a sudden so over the course of two days I'd lost two three days I lost two kilos all of a sudden when it had stayed the same for us straighting ly for two weeks before that at the moment I mean one of those frustrating times when the last few days stay the same put on point one stay the same put on point one in it it just drives my head crazy but I'm doing the same I keep trucking I've been measuring my the keto sticks tell me that I'm still in ketosis so I'm just gonna keep doing what I'm doing the total weight loss is about seven seven and a half kilos it's depends on which day I've been waiting on lately and I'm hopefully expecting another whoosh any day now oh that's so seven half kilos about sixteen ish pounds and then like that which over two months I'm very happy with and the previous last year I think the whole year I was working with just eating in moderation and being careful in the whole year I lost five kilos certain lose seven and a half in two months you know that's that's great I could have put on seven kilos in two months which I haven't I feel a weight put weight loss aside for a second and actual physical changes I'm feeling amazing I've been on a shopping spree lately just burning that credit card I'm I've been behind I kind of live in dresses that's my uniform I have been buying the most beautiful dresses I'll leave a link down below to a blog post with some before and after photos and some threader's and my new pretty dresses that I've been accumulating it's just amazing to be able to go into the store when before I'd have to go to the plus-size I still am sort of in-between II plus size and regular straight size as they call it but it means I can shop I went into H&M and I actually could shop from the strict size and I bought the prettiest prettiest dress from H&M in the straight sizes and I couldn't get over it I couldn't believe it and I'm able to shop in normal shops again which for me forget about the scale just being able to buy pretty dresses and wear pretty dresses for me is just amazing and I'm still not wearing my wedding ring every time I wear it it leaves a mark I took a photo actually at the beginning of kedo of what it looks like with the mark and it still kind of leaves a mark there because my hands are still so swollen so eventually I'll be able to area my wedding ring again but we'll get there slowly and it's improving slowly I've been taking measurements those have been improving as well comparing from the beginning until now the measurements I've lost heaps in terms of Sena me and inches which is amazing as I mentioned in the previous video energy I feel so much better with energy wise I don't wake up feelings or so that I don't have that 3 p.m.

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Crash of feeling exhausted I just I just feel like normal like energy I forgot what it's like a couple of days where I had disturbed nights of children cat whatever and the next day when I feel tired I forgot how horrible that feels how I used to always feel tired I used to always feel exhausted my ankles used to always hurt so many physical improvements aside from the scale that I happened over two months it's just it's remarkable and aside from the frustration of the stole of the plateau this month I've still continued loving the few food I've been sharing recipes and things as I've gone long I am loving experimenting with the food I'm loving all the food that we're allowed it's just amazing the low-carb keto friendly food this way of eating I can see being sustainable in the beginning I wasn't sure but I can see this being sustainable long term I don't see why not it's so easy I'm finding it's so easy it is the easiest diet that I hate calling that it's a way of life it's a low carb keto way of life which I am completely in love with and I just am loving every day in the different meals and another area that I slow been experimenting with is intermittent fasting and I've done it a couple of times the way I've doesn't do it is I finish eating dinner at about 6 o'clock at night and then the next day my reading has found that women should fuss for 14 hours not 16 or 16 I've been playing around with it some days it'll be 16 and some days it'll be 14 I'd go by hanger and I won't get more than three times over the course of a week I've read up that women shouldn't really intermittent fast for more than three times in a week because it can mess with your hormones your hunger hormones so I will kind of plan if I finish dinner at 6 o'clock where the kids we eat early if we finish dinner 6 I'll plant in intimate fast the next day and if it happens it happens if it doesn't it doesn't if I wake up and I'm hungry for some reason I will eat I will have done it I think twice in the last week the week before did it three times and I just go by how I feel definitely look into it speak to a doctor if you're thinking about intermittent fasting because it it's it's a wonderful thing to do but you need to do it correctly and under supervision that is the little disclaimer over there but I've been playing with in a minute fasting and I've been enjoying it I have lately been playing with smoothies he has a little secret for you I'm working on a smoothie ebook so every single to pay the last few weeks I'm making a different smoothie and documenting it and experimenting and changing and making things a little bit better so I've been having a smoothie every single day and I am loving it there's just so many fun low-carb concoctions I just never even thought of that ebook will probably be ready for you in the next month or so I'm still playing and I want to get it perfect to share with you but speaking of ebooks haha say way into I launched an e-book the other day their Quick Start Guide to Quito after my first month of Quito I was just so inspired I wanted to share how awesome Quito is and how easy it can be to get onto the keto way so i documented their all in an e-book i'll leave a link to it down below it's on kindle and if you don't have a Kindle there's a link to a Kindle but you can use on your phone or your iPad or your computer or your laptop or any other device which you may have but that is now available to buy and yeah it just shares how much I love the kita way of life and how easy it's a QuickStart guide get you into keto so I read it or get it for a friend it's just yeah it was a labor of love putting together so yeah that side track there sorry about that um so that's 2 months of keto I feel great gonna keep key toeing on if you had plateaus or stalls yes it can be frustrating just make sure that you're counting your macros and calories and if you're feeling good and if you test in you're in ketosis then they just say keep calm and keto and just keep doing it keep doing what you're doing if you're feeling good if you're having lots of non scale victories as they call them and that things like you're fitting into your clothing better your rings are fitting you feel more energy you're able to do more than you can do before them and guess what keep doing it it's working so that is the video for today thanks so much for watching my two month keto update if you liked the video leave a like and subscribe as I said I share three new videos every week I am on the LOCOG hero diet so everything is low carb keto friendly and coming up in a couple of weeks is vlogmas where i will be sharing a video every single day for december so join in the fun subscribe love to have you part of the journey and leave a comment let me know if you have been on keto or low carb diet and you've experienced a plateau or stole what have you two have done to get out of it or what is your mental space to kind of keep going I'd love to hear from you leave a comment and we'll see you again soon bye

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