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[Music] hello welcome to my channel these are different toppings i added to my overnight oats today i will show you a simple way to make overnight oatmeal with just two ingredients old-fashioned rolled oats and milk then i will also show you how to turn the overnight oats into waffles to make the overnight oats all you have to do is mix together oats and your favorite milk in a container chia seeds are optional but highly recommended if i want to eat my overnight oats with dried or frozen fruit i usually add them in this step now mix everything together and close the lid by the way if you like this video please hit the like button and subscribe to my channel [Music] put the container in the fridge overnight the next morning add your toppings and enjoy options are endless see the description box for topping suggestions now i will show you how to turn overnight oats into waffles first heat up the waffle maker to medium low then smash a banana in a bowl this is another way to enjoy tasty oats at breakfast other than overnight oatmeal itself and oatmeal pancakes in the meantime if you are new to my channel please subscribe okay let me speed this up a little make sure you smash it well so it can mix nicely with the overnight oats then add the overnight oats and mix well with the banana if you like you can add some cinnamon powder when the waffle maker is heated up to medium low slightly grease both sides with some butter or oil i'm using oil here [Music] pour the banana oats mixture into the waffle maker make sure you spread it out evenly [Music] close the lid and bake until done when it's done check for the golden brown color bake longer if needed to achieve golden brown color the color should look like this carefully remove the waffle to a plate this is the finished product you may add any toppings of your choice here i have blueberries and some honey a new way of enjoying a healthy breakfast please subscribe to my channel for more video like this thanks for watching see you soon

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