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Welcome to keto meals and recipes dot com.   Today, I'm going to show you how to make an 
amazing entree with just two ingredients. Yes,   you heard me correctly. And, in this video, I will 
show you how to make my two ingredient pulled pork.   By the way, I have to show you how 
quick and easy it is to prep this meal.   I will also show you some side dishes to make this 
bbq flavored pulled pork into a complete meal, so   please keep watching to the end. My two ingredient 
pulled pork has a macronutrient ratio of 1.5 to 1,   with 1.8 grams of total carbs, 0.6 grams of dietary 
fiber, resulting in only 1.2 grams of net carbs per   rather generous serving.

The first thing you have 
to do is to pat dry the surface of your pork roast.   This time, I'm using a pork loin roast, 
the fattier end of a very large piece,   and the leaner part I cut into pork chops. I 
find that the pork loin is a very cost effective   piece of meat and tastes really good. And, 
I can get several meals, even for my family,   out of one piece of meat,.

The second ingredient is 
to use any of my dry seasonings. I'm using my North   African dry rub today, but my fajita seasoning is 
also a great alternative because it goes really   well with the pork flavor. I'll provide links 
to everything I mentioned, including the written   recipe, in the description below. So, go check it 
out down there. Although you can buy some of these   seasonings in the store, I have always found that I 
prefer making my seasonings at home because I can   assure that my seasonings are sugar-free, gluten 
free and I know what ingredients went into it.   For the dry rubs, all you have to do is just 
gather up the ingredients for the quantities   indicated in the recipe, then stir together until 
very well combined and the mixture is homogeneous.   And then, just find a small glass container that's 
airtight and store it in that glass container.   Your homemade mixed seasonings will keep very well 
in your cupboard. After you have your seasoning,   all you have to do is to generously rub 
the seasoning all over the entire roast.   And, while you're at it, work it into 
any crevices or extra folds in the meat.

The next thing you do is place the meat, fat side 
down, into your slow cooker. I really prefer using   the slow cooker, over oven method or instapot 
method, because I find that the meat is the most   flavorful and moist with the slow cooker method. 
After placing your meat into the slow cooker, cover   with the lid and set your timer either on low for 
about eight hours or, alternatively, you can set it   to high for about four or five hours. The timing 
will depend on how thick your piece of meat is.   This time, my roast took exactly four hours. You 
will know that your pork roast is done when the   meat is fork tender and you can easily pull 
the meat apart into strips, just using a fork.   Now, it's time to transfer the roast onto 
the cutting board and, as I said, using two   forks pull apart in opposite directions, 
and just separate into thick strands.   I would highly recommend you do not remove the fat, 
because the fat adds a lot of flavor and moistness   to your pulled pork. And, after all, we are keto, 
so we want good, healthy fats.

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And, the very last   step that you have to do is just return 
all of your frayed meat back into your   slow cooker, where you've left all the juices. 
And then, just toss the meat in the juices.   And, that's all there is to making 
a two ingredient pulled pork.   As I promised, here are a few suggestions on how 
to serve the pulled pork. One of the ways that we   incorporate the pulled pork into a meal is to make 
it into a taco. And, you can use your favorite taco   seasonings. To make the tortillas, I usually use my 
pita, two-way recipe. Just roll it out a bit thinner.   Or, you can serve this barbecue pulled pork 
as a main entree, with a side salad such as   my red cabbage salad with lime vinaigrette. 
We also like to serve with a side vegetable,   such as roasted broccoli with parmesan and lemon, 
because the broccoli is a really good complement   to the pulled pork.

Or, as I'm serving it today, 
on a plate with my parmesan lemon green beans,   which I made today without the olives, and with 
some simple pan-fried cauliflower rice, a few   wedges of cucumber and some red pepper. This pulled 
pork can also be made into a sandwich by simply   putting it into either my easy keto buns and rolls, 
or my keto hamburger buns, a little bit of mayo and   lettuce, or whatever else you would like in your 
sandwich. The sandwich is also really good because   you can take it to work or school.

I hope that 
these suggestions of how to turn my two ingredient   pulled pork into full meals has been useful 
and helpful to you. Oh, before I forget, I would   suggest that you separate any of the leftovers 
into single serving portions, whether that's a   single serving for one, or for your entire family 
as a single serving. And then, place in a freezer   tight container or freezer safe zippy bag, and 
this makes a good prep ahead meal for next time.   Thank you very much for taking the time to watch 
my video. I would really appreciate it if you would   leave me a comment, like this video and, if you 
have any suggestions for future quick or easy   meals, also leave those in the comment.

Just as a 
reminder, the link for all mentioned recipe videos   and the written, two ingredient, pulled pork are 
all available as links in the description below.   Most of all, I hope you come back when I post my 
next video. Until then, have a wonderful day! Cheers!.

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