10 HEALTHY Air Fryer Recipes that are EASY AND Yummy!

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Looking for healthy Air Fryer recipes? I got you. Today I'm sharing 10 healthy foods, that
I made for my family this past week. You'll see some delicious lean
proteins, some healthy sides and even some savory snacks. Hey there! My name is Cathy from fabulesslyfrugal.com
and I'm so glad you are here. On this channel, my goal is to empower
you to use and love your Air Fryer. I've got more Air Fryer tips and
recipes down in the notes below. And today is all about healthier
Air Fryer recipes. Now personally, I think healthy
is the subjective term.

Everyone has a different
version of healthy. So each of these can be
modified to fit your lifestyle. Either way they taste amazing and I
can't wait to share them with you. And I would love it if you would
let me know what kind of Air Fryer recipe you
would like to see in a future video. Just let me know in the comments
down below. You ready? Let's go. All right, you have got to try frozen
broccoli roasted in the Air Fryer. I just have this big bag from Costco, that has four one pound bags of
frozen broccoli right inside of it. It is so simple and it's so much better
than microwaving or stovetop. You just dump your frozen broccoli
right in the basket, spread it out, so it's nice and even. And cook it at 300 for 10 minutes. At the halfway point, give it a
stir and then you pop back in. It's so simple. After the 10 minutes of cooking, if you
want to crisp it up just a little bit, you could spray on a little bit
of oil and salt and pepper it, and then I just blasted it
at 400 for one more minute.

And you guys, my kids gobble this up. It is so good. This is a sheet pan recipe, that
I adapted for the Air Fryer. This will serve about 8 people. So you can cut this
recipe in half. I did cook it up in both of my
Air Fryers. So Iíve got a whole red onion and then you can see, this is the size
of the squash and zucchini that I used. We chopped up those veggies and you'll
see that it made about 8 cups.

Then we added 4 cups of chopped
broccoli to it. And now it's time to make the marinade. Iíve got 3 tablespoons
of avocado oil. You could use olive oil as well. A third cup of balsamic vinegar. 1 to 2 table spoons of honey. I'm lazy and I eyeballed it here. A teaspoon of dried basil, half
teaspoon of dried oregano, a teaspoon of kosher salt and
a half teaspoon of pepper. Just whisk that up. Then I chopped up about a pound and a
half of boneless, skinless, chicken breasts and I'm adding that to all my
veggies, I've got a big bowl now. So I have room to stir it up. And then I just poured my marinade right
over the top and gave it a nice big stir. You'll notice my backdrop is different. Just FYI, we were doing a
photo shoot at the same time. So I had to pull out my props.

Just stir that marinade in. You'll definitely want that big bowl
if you're doing the whole recipe. And then give it some time to marinate
if you can. It just makes the taste
even more amazing. You'll see I have about 10 cups
of chicken and veggies here. So I used both of my Air Fryer pans. These are both nine by nine wide
and I had 4 to 5 cups in each. And I just dumped it right
there in the basket. You'll see not much
glaze was wasted. Spread it out evenly. And then we're going to start
it at 370 for 10 minutes. While that was cooking, I went ahead
and sliced up a bunch of grape or cherry tomatoes. Here we go after 10 minutes, you can
see it's almost done but not quite.

So at this point, I decided I
was going to crank up the heat. I went to 400 for 5 minutes more. And at that point, it
was perfectly done. If you want your veggies more tender,
you can cook it for a little bit longer but this was just like the
perfect tender for us. When it's done cooking, drop in your
fresh tomatoes and give it a stir. You can serve this right out of the
pan or pour it in a separate bowl. You guys, this one is
such a crowd pleaser. You could serve it over rice or
pasta or eat it all by itself. It is so delicious. So you'll need about a pound of large
shrimp that's uncooked, peeled and deveined. I'm using my cute little bag
holders today to help me out. Go ahead and put your raw shrimp
right in a quart sized Ziploc bag and then we're going to make
a nice little marinade.

You'll need a third cup of honey, a
quarter cup of low sodium soy sauce, 1 tablespoon of minced garlic and optional you could add in a
teaspoon of minced fresh ginger. So good. When you have your marinade, go ahead and just put half of the
marinade right in the bag of shrimp. So I had about a quarter
cup of marinade left. And then you're gonna let that marinate
in the fridge for at least 15 minutes, no more than 12 hours. You're going to save the rest of the
marinade for the end of the cooking.

Now you will want to preheat
your Air Fryer. Mine has a cute little
preheat button. Go ahead and place the shrimp
right into the Air Fryer basket. Make sure it's in a nice single layer. And then I just use the shrimp setting
which is 6 minutes at 370 degrees. At the halfway point, give it a
stir with your silicone spatula and then let it finish cooking. Here you can see after the six
minutes at 370, it was done. In the leftover marinade, I just popped
in the microwave for about 3 minutes and we poured it over our
shrimp and our rice.

It was so good. For this crustless quiche, you will
start out with some sausage. Now you can use turkey sausage. I just had some sausage
links I removed the casing and cut them up into
cute little pieces and then of course, go wash
your hands. I'm gonna start at 350 for just
3 minutes, so I can give it a stir and
check on it. And while that's cooking, I got
about 3 ounces of spinach. You can see it's a good
hefty bowl of spinach. I covered it and popped
in the microwave with about a tablespoon of
water for a couple minutes, here's the sausage.

Obviously not done yet. But I'm just breaking up
some of those larger pieces and then now I'm going to crank it up to
370 and cook it for 6 more minutes. Now here's the reminder
after three minutes. And I popped it open and
you know what? It looked done enough to me. I went ahead and got my cute
little pizza pan ready. I am giving that a light coating
of spray and then the beauty of cooking the
sausage right in the Air Fryer is that a lot of the grease
will just drain. I poured my sausage in my pan and then I decided it was a
little too much grease for me. So I grabbed some paper towels to absorb
some more of the grease out of the sausage. Then check out my steamed spinach. I did drain some of the
moisture out of that spinach and then I just laid it right
over the top of my sausage. Then I threw on a handful of some
cheddar cheese and parmesan cheese.

Then I mixed up three eggs with
about a third cup of milk. I threw in a quarter teaspoon of kosher
salt and then just a dash of pepper. Oh! And I forgot. The fun secret ingredient
just a dash of nutmeg. So, I whisk that up and then just pour
it right over the top of my sausage, spinach and cheese. And I pushed everything down in just to make sure everything's
covered with the egg mixture. And then I'm just plopping
that right into my pan. It's not preheated.

I'm going to bake it
at 350 for 12 minutes. And it came out perfect. You can tell it's done, when you pop a
little toothpick in the middle there and it comes out clean, which it did. This fed a couple of my kids and
was super, super yummy. I just used my silicone spatula
to pull it out and boom! Super yummy. Quick and easy healthy
hands off breakfast. Sweet potatoes in the Air Fryer
are amazing. If you've got larger sweet
potatoes like I do today, it's going to take a little bit
longer to cook. After you give them a nice wash, go ahead and pierce them with a
fork about 4 to 5 times and then I put them in my basket and I'm just gonna spray some
avocado oil and massage that in and then sprinkle on some kosher salt and
then close it up and get them baking.

You don't have to preheat. And you want to bake them
anywhere from 375 to 400. I went with 380 and I
gave it 40 minutes. At some point midway through cooking,
you will want to rotate those. And when they're done cooking, just give them a squeeze, if
they don't feel quite done just give them some more time. It really depends on how big
your sweet potatoes are. I tell you what, they are so amazing. This is seriously a nice healthy treat. This honey, mustard salmon
is delicious. You first want to make a foil sling because
the salmon is such a delicate meat. So my sling is about four inches wide and
it's gonna fit the width of the basket and I've got these cute little
handles to help me out.

pexels photo 9502105

And then next, you're
gonna make your sauce, which is simply a tablespoon
of Dijon mustard or 15 grams. And then 2 tablespoons of
honey, which comes to 42 grams. Blend that up and then you want
to save about a tablespoon to drizzle on the top afterwards. Now here are my salmon fillets. I got these from Costco. These are a little bit thicker. Of course the thicker your salmon,
the longer it will take to cook. Go ahead and pat them
dry with a paper towel and then I sprinkled on
some salt and pepper. And just massage that in. And then here is my glaze. I'm just going to brush it on both sides
of the salmon. Eek, now I'm getting
my hands dirty. And then since I still have
it on that foil sling, I'm just gonna lift it right
into the Air Fryer basket. Just tuck in the sling, so the foil
doesn't blow up into the fan. And I'm gonna put on a
little bit more glaze and then I'm just using
my preset button, right here for salmon, it's
350 for 8 minutes.

And there we go. I did not even have to rotate my
salmon, it is perfectly done. Use the foil sling to just
lift that out of the basket. Easy-peasy and so amazing. Get your extra glaze and you can pour
that right over the top of salmon. This one is so good. Zucchini bites. I just used 3 small zucchini
and we shredded it up. So it made about one and a half
to two cups of shredded zucchini. You'll want to be sure to get as much
moisture out of the zucchini as you can. So you can use paper
towels and squeeze it. You can use just your
hands and squeeze it. Or you could put the zucchini in
a clean towel and squeeze it. Just get as much liquid out as you can. You'll see I had a good quarter
cup of liquid there. Dump your zucchini in a bowl and
then you will add one beaten egg, a half cup of shredded sharp cheddar
cheese, a quarter cup of panko or dried bread crumbs and then
a quarter teaspoon of each.

Dried basil, garlic powder and salt and
then just an eighth teaspoon of pepper. And then just stir it up until
everything is nice and combined. Then get some parchment paper onto
the bottom of your Air Fryer basket. And I got my cute, little,
cookie scoop here. Which is about two tablespoons. You can either flatten them
out right in your hands or you could scoop right into the
Air Fryer and push them down so they're nice and flat. I was able to fit 9 in my basket. There is no need for oil on these because
the cheese will help crisp out the exterior and cook these babies up at 380
degrees for about 15 minutes and flip them once halfway. Give them some time to cool and
set up and then enjoy.

This Air Fryer marinated pork tenderloin
is amazing. First, I'm getting my little bag
holder again and a gallon size Ziploc for
my marinade. I'm starting with 3 tablespoons
of balsamic vinegar, two tablespoons of soy sauce,
one teaspoon of lemon juice, two tablespoons of brown sugar, one
and a half teaspoons of black pepper, one teaspoon of kosher salt,
one teaspoon of dried rosemary and then a half teaspoon of onion powder
and half teaspoon of garlic powder.

Then close up the bag and give
that a nice little shake, until it's nice and blended. And to that, I'm gonna add about a one
and a half pound pork tenderloin. This pack has two tenderloins
inside of it. I'm saving one for later and here is what the one and a
half pound tenderloin looks like. Throw it in the bag of marinade. You'll want to let it marinate for at
least 30 minutes, 2 hours if you can. Just don't go any more
than 8 to 12 hours. I sealed it up nice and tight so,
it's gonna sit and marinade nicely.

After about 45 minutes, I put the parchment paper in
the basket of my Air Fryer because this is one that will just be
kind of tough to clean up afterwards. Now with this thinner part
you'll see right here, you'll want to just kind of tuck
it under so it doesn't overcook. And then we're going to pop
it in at 400 for 10 minutes. After that, you'll see…
oh my word! Look how beautiful it looks. Rotate it. I like to flip it crosswise and flip it over and
then from here, depending on your Air Fryer, it's
going to be 6 to 10 minutes more. This is when you'e going to need
that meat thermometer.

Here we go. It is looking so gorgeous. Let it rest for at least 5 minutes
before you cut into it. Thank heavens for the
parchment paper. You guys, look at that big mess. And here we go. It's been about 5,10 ten minutes and it is juicy and beautiful. This will probably serve
about 4 people. It's incredibly easy and so good. Chickpeas are such a healthy snack. They're packed with protein and fiber
and so versatile and easy to prepare. I just have a 15 ounce can and you drain it right in your strainer,
no need to rinse it out.

Level it out and pop it in your Air Fryer. First cycle is gonna dry it up. So we're gonna just cook it for
5 minutes at 390 degrees. Now that it's dried, out I'm gonna mist
just a little bit of oil right over the top and go for another 5 minutes. Now it's time to give them a shake. If they're stuck on there, that you will want to use your
silicone spatula to stir them up and then pop it in for 5 more minutes
at 390. At this point, you're going to make
your seasoning mix. And it's just one eighth spoon of each. Garlic powder, onion powder and
then a quarter teaspoon of each.

Cinnamon and smoked paprika. That's it. Now chickpeas are so awesome because you can make up any
cool seasoning combination. If you have a seasoning combo that you
love with your chickpeas, let me know. But that little hint of cinnamon
and the smoked paprika, oh my goodness! So good. At this point, pop it out. You can stir it up and sprinkle
on about half of your seasoning and now we're going to cook it
just for 2 minutes at 390. And these babies are done. They're a little bit hot.

So put them in a bowl to cool. You'll see the cleanup
is so minimal. You just need some hot soapy water
and that's going to come right off. Sprinkle on the rest of your
seasoning and give it a stir and enjoy this scrumptious,
little healthy snack. This recipe is meant for grilled
chicken but I am adapting it for the Air Fryer. So starting out with a tablespoon of
melted butter and I'm adding 42 grams or
2 tablespoons of honey and then 2 tablespoons of Dijon
mustard or 30 grams. A half tablespoon of olive oil and
then a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice. I just used my bottled lemon juice. Throw in a little salt and pepper
and then mix that up. Just like we did for the salmon
and the shrimp, we're gonna set some
of the glaze aside and then I have my 2 chicken breasts. They're about 6 ounces each. I'm just gonna pound it down so
I can even out the thickness. That way, it will cook
a little more evenly.

Doing it right in between parchment
paper, makes it a little bit less messy. Next, just brush the glaze on
both sides of the chicken. Chicken varies because
of the thickness. So I'm gonna start at 380 for 8 minutes
and check and see how it's going. Here it is after 5 minutes, and you can see it still has some
cooking to do. I decided to flip it a little bit
earlier. And I increased the time to
6 minutes here. So I ended up at about 11 minutes at 380
because these are a little bit thicker. And here they are hitting
just about 160. If I let them rest, they
can finish cooking up. Grab that remaining glaze and
pour it over the chicken and oh my goodness! If you're looking for more simple
and easy air fry recipes, I got them for you right here.

I will see you on the next video. Thanks for watching!.

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