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(upbeat music) – Hey, hey, hey, munchie
pals it's Alyssia, and I'd love to welcome you if you're new. You all get excited
for a lot of my videos, but anything that has very few ingredients is generally view worthy, so I hope you enjoy this compilation of one ingredient recipes. Some I have shared here or there, but never all in one place, and, yes, they all actually
use one ingredient. Some also do use water, and I know there is someone out there whose gonna be all worked
up about it in the comments, but get over yourself. Applesauce. ♪ What could that ingredient be yeah ♪ – [Alyssia] Apples. I add peeled and chopped apples to a pot. Cover the bottom of the pot with about a half an inch of water.

Cook for 20 minutes until fork tender, and check and toss them regularly so that they don't dry out. Let those apples cool
slightly, drain the water, and then blend them up. You can use an immersion blender if you don't want to use a
real blender or food processor. It all depends on how smooth you want it, and, voila, applesauce. Of course, if you were willing to venture into the world of two ingredients a pinch of cinnamon would be a nice touch, but it isn't necessary to
enjoy this deliciousness.

Nothing quite compares
to fresh applesauce. Great for eating plain, adding
to desserts or for cooking. Peanut butter. ♪ What could that ingredient be yeah ♪ – Peanuts. This couldn't be easier. I like to use roasted salted peanuts, but raw or unsalted work fine too. Add them to a food
processor and let her rip. Some people have used
a high-powered blender, and found success. I would not recommend a smaller
or less expensive blender. In some food processors this
can take up to 10 minutes as it goes through the
stages of crumbs to flour to dough ball to butter, but in my food processor it
only takes about two minutes, which is pretty amazing. You end up with a creamy
natural peanut butter just waiting to be added
to your favorite vessels, or eaten with a spoon. Optional delicious add-ins
for my adventurous viewers cinnamon, cocoa powder or coconut shreds. Side note, you can also make
nut butter just like this with any nut of your choice.

Okay, so we've got more to come, but I had to interrupt myself to ask you if you would subscribe hit the bell. Banana ice cream. ♪ What could that ingredient be yeah ♪ – [Alyssia] Bananas. When your bananas are starting
to get brown spots or go bad it is the perfect time to freeze them for ice cream aka nice cream. All you do is add those frozen bananas to the food processor
or blender and blend. This is actually so creamy and delicious the texture is like gelato, and it's naturally low in fat for those of you who are
my carb loving munchies. Optional add-ins to kick this up a notch peanut butter, cinnamon, cacao powder, or other frozen fruits.

I have a few videos showing
some of these options, too. Whipped cream two ways. ♪ What could that ingredient be yeah ♪ – [Alyssia] Heavy cream, or coconut cream. So regular whipped cream uses heavy whipping cream that's it. Whip it up you can use
a whisk and some muscle, but it will be a workout
or just use the hand mixer it's that easy.

I actually prefer my whipped
cream without sweetener I think it's delicious, but you can, of course,
add it if you prefer. If you're on a higher fat
diet and tolerate dairy this can be a nice treat. Same goes for the second
way, coconut whipped cream, for my non-dairy or vegan fans. I take a can of coconut cream, leave it in the fridge overnight, and then in the morning I flip it over because the cream separates
from the liquid in the cold. Then I can easily drain the liquid that's on the bottom of the can, and scoop out the coconut cream. Whip that up to a delicious fluffy cloud, and eat it with a spoon or on anything it is so freaking good. Strawberry sorbet. ♪ What could that ingredient be yeah ♪ – Strawberries, an oldie but goodie you can make sorbet with
almost any fresh fruit. I add fresh strawberries to a blender, and let it go until smooth. Then I can pour that onto a
lined baking tray and freeze.

pexels photo 6546021

Once frozen break that up into
pieces and blend once more, and reveal the perfect one
ingredient fruit sorbet. I kid you not it is so
satisfying on a hot summer day. Make this even more fun with fresh herbs like basil or mint. Can I get a thumbs up for
one ingredient recipes. Do you want more? Coconut butter. ♪ What could that ingredient be yeah ♪ – [Alyssia] Coconut. Okay, get your food processor back out. Coconut butter is made
exactly like peanut butter. Add in those coconut shreds and let it go. Again, different machines will need different amounts of time to get the oils to release
and for it to become a butter, but it will happen. Homemade coconut butter will
separate just like nut butter so give it a stir before and enjoy.

Optional add-ins for this one vanilla, dates, or a pinch of salt. Fruit leather. ♪ What could that ingredient be yeah ♪ – [Alyssia] Fruit, I use strawberries. So similar to the sorbet
we blend up those berries, but this time when we add it
to the tray with parchment we want a really thin
layer as smooth as you can without becoming a
ridiculous perfectionist. Then you're gonna easily
dehydrate it in the oven on low for a lot of hours it sort
of depends on the oven. Some will take two to three hours. Some will take six to eight, so do it on a day when you can monitor. Once it's tacky but not wet it's done. Let it cool and then you can use shears to cut into strips and pack for later. DIY fruit roll-ups so fun
and no added sugar is needed. Remember you can totally do
this with other fruit as well, or even combinations.

Last but not least corn butter. ♪ What could that ingredient be yeah ♪ – Corn, I saved the weirdest one for last, and perhaps the best. Cut the corn kernels off of your corncobs. You can use white or yellow corn. I like to use this hack
where you take a Bundt pan, and cut the kernels off
the cob over the pan so that the kernels
fall right into the pan ready for you to use
without any hassle or mess. Add those kernels to a food processor, and blend them on high
into a smooth puree. You want to let this go for
a good four to five minutes. Strain with a rubber
spatula through a sieve, and get a really uniform mixture. Heat that in a saucepan over medium heat whisking regularly until thickened.

Now this is quick, and it's seriously
going to seem like magic the way it thickens it is incredible. Once bubbling whisk
another 30 seconds or so, and then remove from the heat. Add a pinch of salt and you've
got a delicious corn butter ready to go on breads, muffins,
or even sauteed vegetables. So fun, and seriously
my new favorite thing. The corn milk, if you will, has essentially condensed down
to a sweet and smooth butter that is so satisfying and delicious. A must try and definitely
a new permanent item on my holiday menus. I hope you guys enjoy these
one ingredient recipes. Let me know your
favorites in the comments, and if you have any one ingredient recipes that you would like to share be my guest.

I have created a free recipe eBook with one and two ingredient recipes that you can download in the description. I hope you enjoy it. I'll see you next week and remember it's all a matter of mind over munch..

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