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Hi, guys.
My name is Priya and in this video, I'll tell you
how you can lose your weight at home. Many a time, when we are fat we end up spending a lot of money
at the gym. Then we suddenly stop going. You can't lose weight
even when you're on a diet. The reason is because we're not
following a proper diet. And what is a diet?
Many people feel diet is starving. But that's not the case.
You must eat in the right proportions. People of our age like eating outside. We must avoid it as much as we can. You must try and eat your meals at home. My first point is that you
should never skip breakfast. You should have a good breakfast because if you skip it you cannot lose weight. The reason is, if you have a breakfast you won't feel hungry soon.

You won't feel like having junk food. When you're angry,
you eat whatever is available. You end up junk at that time. That's a mistake. You can have anything for your breakfast. You won't put on any weight because it's important to
have a heavy breakfast. We are active all day.
Your breakfast will get digested easily. If your stomach's digestive capacity is less you can have a medium breakfast. The second point is eat regular food. You must eat your meals
at the right time. You must have breakfast in the morning lunch in the afternoon
and dinner in the night. You must never skip these meals. If you do that, like I said you'll feel really hungry
and end up eating junk. Or walk to a restaurant. You'll have outside food. Never skip your meals.
Eat your meals at the right time. You won't get tempted to outside food. And you can control yourself. Third point, being very active. If you're busy or not the entire day you must be active. With your mind, your body
should also be active.

Try and go outside. Walk whenever you're free. Walk as much as you can. And keep doing physical exercises. Instead of taking a lift,
take the staircase. And you must brisk walk because the more the movements,
the faster your food will get digested. And it'll act as an exercise
for your body. That's one way to reduce weight. Drink lots of water. You must drink a lot of water. You must drink at least 6 liters
of water every day. But at times you can't. If you're travelling,
you might not find a washroom. So we drink less water.
If you're in an office at home or if you have a desk job you must drink lots of water. The reason is, the more water you drink the more toxins will get removed
via urine. If you urinate regularly you'll avoid getting kidney stones.

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Also, the more water you drink the more you'll sweat. You'll get rid of the salt
in the body. And this is a good sign
to lose your weight. People like having snacks in the evening. But before you eat any snack you must check the calories. If the fat content is too much avoid eating such items. You can have cookies and chips.
But avoid having fried items. Eat greens, cereals, Ragi.. Have such items in your meal.
Your strength will increase. You'll be more active and productive. When you give to your body the toxins present will get out
of your body in the form of sweat. And it'll help you in losing weight. The next point is.. You can divide your meal
into small portions. Instead of having 3 big meals in a day you can have 6 small meals.
Light breakfast and have some brunch. Then you can have a snack in the afternoon. You can do this. And keep your dinner as light as possible.

Don't have a heavy dinner.
If you're overweight have a very light dinner because you must have a heavy breakfast a medium lunch and a light dinner. Because you go to bed
about 2 hours post dinner. Your digestive system
would not be very active. The heavier dinner you eat,
the slower it'll digest. You'll get indigestion. You can be overweight. I hope you understood these points. And also, you can talk a walk
in the evening. You don't have to hit the gym. It's not compulsory. You can work out at home.
You can logon to YouTube.

Or just walk with your friends. Take the stairs frequently. You can lose weight easily
with this plan. And you don't have to spend
a lot of money. You can see the result in about 2 months. You must follow all this regularly. Thank you so much for watching this video. Please like and share this video..

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